The Results are In: Presenting the Packers’ Elite Eight

Packers Elite Eight

Pick the Packers’ Elite Eight

After a few days of voting, the fans have had their say and the Packers’ Elite Eight players have been chosen. As a reminder this was a vote for the Packers’ BEST pure football players, not those with the most value to them.

I’m holding back the order and percentages of the top eight (for now), so as not to influence our Final Four voting. Don’t fret, when this is all over, I’ll publish all of the results at each stage for your perusal and discussion.

I will show you the order and percentages of the eight that didn’t make it. And here’s a little nugget: the last player to make the Elite Eight was a full 14% higher that Bryan Bulaga, so there was no real battle for that last spot.


These are your Packers Elite Eight ( in random order):


  • James Jones
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Casey Hayward
  • Randall Cobb
  • B.J. Raji
  • Jordy Nelson
  • Clay Matthews
  • Josh Sitton



  • Bryan Bulaga  (34.49%)
  • Sam Shields (31.02%)
  • Desmond Bishop  (26.77%)
  • Ryan Pickett  (24.20%)
  • Tim Masthay (23.42%)
  • Jermichael Finley  (23.17%)
  • Tramon Williams  (22.65%)
  • Morgan Burnett  (13.77%

The biggest surprises for me are Morgan Burnett being last (shouldn’t Masthay be last?) and Ryan Pickett not being higher on the list. Personally, I’d rate Pickett higher than Raji.

What do you think?


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14 Responses to “The Results are In: Presenting the Packers’ Elite Eight”

  1. Oppy says:

    Agree with most of the final picks.. But…

    People vote in BJ Raji over Bulaga, Bishop, Burnett, Shields, Williams and most of all, Pickett.. And people question why I ask if people actually watch the games?

    And, Casey Hayward?

    Don’t get me wrong- the kid clearly flashed.

    All I’m saying is, it’s a good thing Samkon Gado wasn’t available for the choosing.

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  2. PatMc says:

    Packers’ BEST pure football players, not those with the most value to them.

    How the hell does anyone vote RAJI over Pickett?

    I agree with Oppy, it is good that Samkon isn’t available.

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  3. Ron LC says:

    Raji needs to prove his worth. He needs to start palying on the O side of the ball and cause the havoc he is being paid for. Pickett is by far the most valuable Dlineman GB has. Ya, Ya I know about the “Gap Crap.”

    Hayward is way too young and inexperienced to pronounce him a an elite member of the Packers. He has good, no great potential, but he needs to learn a whole lot more before he is called elite.

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  4. dave kerrigfan says:

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    • Oppy says:

      I think Raji has been clearly over-rated, but I would never claim he’s out of shape. Guys that size are never on the field as much as Raji is..I’d go so far to say he might be one of the top three, if not the best conditioned D-linemen over 330lbs in the NFL.

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  5. Stroh says:

    Rodgers, Cobb, Sitton, Pickett, Matthews, Bishop IMO. After that its a crapshoot and based entirely on opinion.

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    • cow42 says:

      doesn’t look like you think there’s a whole lot of difference-making talent on this squad… i agree!

      by the way – bishop’s career is probably over. if he does play again – it’ll never be at the level he did before the injury.

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      • Stroh says:

        I think theres more young talent that are playmakers in waiting. Unlike you who thinks that if a player isn’t a superstar in year one they’ll never be.

        Shields, Hayward, House Perry, Manning, Neal, McMillan, Bulaga, Finley, Nelson, Jones, Green. All have the ability to step up and take on a playmaking role.

        Bishops career is in jeopardy no doubt about it. Tearing a hammy away from the bone has ended careers. But I’m not crossing him out already.

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  6. Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:


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  7. Lefty says:

    On a talented team, the punter wouldn’t get a vote.

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    • Oppy says:


      On a team with uneducated fans, the punter wouldn’t get a vote.

      On a team with a fan base that understands the pivotal role that field position can play in a team’s overall success (or lack thereof), you could very well see some votes for a punter.

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  8. Mojo says:

    I missed out on two of the eight. I took Bishop and Bulaga and excluded Raji and Jones. I went with Bishop because he was one of our best players pre-injury. Since none of us know how he’ll play after returning, I kept him there until he proves otherwise. Bulaga struggled at times last year, but otherwise was generally trending upwards and has the potential to be a premier RT.

    I left Raji and JJ off the list because frankly if Raji is one our best 8 we’re in trouble. And JJ had a great year last year. But he needs to do it again -then I’m a believer.

    I thought my final four would be easy, but I might struggle with the fourth guy.

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  9. Savage57 says:

    I’m surprised that Raji beat out Bishop.

    I’m not surprised that FinMe and Tramon didn’t make the list. Just goes to show how fickle the label ‘the next big thing’ can be. Remember that Casey Hayward.

    I think that back in the day, we were slower to annoint and elevate our sports stars. A longer standing body of work was required to attain that status. The immediacy, saturation and volume of coverage today allows for a much broader range of information upon which to base decisons and the shorter duration of life-cycle with a given team demands that all of this occur within a compressed time frame. But it appears that it might negatively affect the accuracy of who is deemed to be among the Elite.

    Or not. Happy Easter.

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