Packers Training Camp 2013 – Day 1 Roundup

It’s just like being there.  Thanks to twitter and the fine cast of Packers beat writers, here is a summary of some interesting happenings at today’s Packers training camp. Let’s talk about them!












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6 Responses to “Packers Training Camp 2013 – Day 1 Roundup”

  1. DuJuanaman says:

    FYI to fans that use Vine: there are video clips from practice that Tyler Dunne posted. Maybe a few of the other tweeters above too

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  2. GBPDAN says:

    Pinch me, the 2013 season has started

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  3. Oppy says:

    Clay Matthews couldn’t catch Nick Perry in a figure-8 chase drill? I’ll bet CMIII was both irritated and felt slightly stood up in front of the crowd.

    I was thinking about Perry’s amazing closing speed last week when watching his sack of Russell Wilson. Wilson regularly makes defenders look like they are wearing concrete shoes. Russell clearly sees Perry coming, and tries to create separation and escape, but he doesn’t gain an inch and Perry makes the take down of the elusive rookie look mundane and old hat.

    Stay healthy, Nick, Packers fans and your team mates need you for 2013!

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  4. Ron LC says:

    After a long sabbatical on posting, kept reading though, I feel obligated to say:

    It’s really football season. M. Neal is already on the PUP.

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  5. Biggfootz says:

    Neal has an abdominal now? What next?

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