Green Bay Packers Start Cutting Down to 75

As was recently reported, Green Bay Packers backup QB Graham Harrell became the first victim of The Turk today; however, it hasn’t stopped with him. Rob Demovsky just reported on Twitter that two more players have been cut: WR Justin Wilson and WR Omarius Hines. This makes three out of fifteen players that the Packers must cut before the deadline on Tuesday, August 27th, in order to get to a 75-man roster.

We will continue to update this post as news breaks of player releases. Here are the cuts so far, per media sources:


Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for AllGreenBayPackers.com. You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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18 Responses to “Green Bay Packers Start Cutting Down to 75”

  1. Mojo says:

    I get the feeling if the Packers want to get back into the Graham Harrell business later this season he would be available. Too bad cause he seemed like a good guy, but it had to be done. I remember when he was living in one of his teammates basement, sleeping on an air mattress. Cruel business this NFL. At least he got a few bucks last year. Wonder if GB will bring any of the other veteran QB retreads in for a look.

    A lot of WR’s released today which bodes well for Ross even though he hasn’t done much as a receiver. Boykin’s already got a spot and Walker is a good bet.

    Boy did Starks get into the doghouse quickly. Wonder if he’ll be cut pretty soon. Probably not since Harris is injured again. I don’t think anyone is going to trade for him.

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  2. jt says:

    Not sure what they saw in Starks when they drafted him. Mediocre speed and from weak competition in college. Combine that with history of injuries and you really don’t have much. Extremely inconsistent in every aspect. They need to put Harris on PUP and let him really fully recover. I’d like to see Angelo Pease get a lot of touches in the last game. Not too hot on Green or Franklin.

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    • Nick Perry says:

      You saw glimpses of it in the 2010 wildcard game and even in SB. Just enough to keep you interested.

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    • Stroh says:

      Starks IIRC ran in the 4.4′s at his pro day/combine. Problem IMO was his ht. Being 6’2 and running too upright opens his to a lot of hits that other RB might be able to avoid or get under. Just too much area to hit him, and he was always an injury risk coming from college.

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      • jt says:

        He ran 4.5 and that is not so fast in this day and age for a thin frame guy. Other numbers were so so. Whatever. He’s done.

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        • Stroh says:

          I guess Lacy at 4.6 should be released to then?… 4.5 is plenty fast enough for a RB. CB not so much. Hell even James Jones ran worse than 4.5. His speed wasn’t an issue. Being on the field was…

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    • J says:

      Harris cannot be put on PUP since he was activated and played. Either they keep him on the roster, put him on IR, or release him. Depending on how serious it is, he will make the 53.

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      • Lucas says:

        They saw a 6th round pick with potential should the injury bug avoid him. It didn’t and we still got help from him on the SB run. All in all, we got more from him than we paid for. It’s not like we really expected a pick that late to be the next version of Denver’s T. Davis…or are we disappointed in ourselves for believing he would be?

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        • Stroh says:

          Agree. The fact he helped us get a SB win makes him a good value pick. Had some talent but just couldn’t stay healthy.

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  3. Stroh says:

    Hallelujah, I’ll never have to force myself to have to root for Harrell again! Never liked him, before or since he joined the Packers. Good riddance.

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  4. Stroh says:

    LMAO… Carpender just had a 25 yd FG blocked for the Cards. Yeah I can see why he’s such a better kicker than Crosby. Nothing wrong w/ the snap or hold, he simply didn’t get enough air on the kick. And when your 25 yds away that’s the ONLY thing you have to do is get it up.

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  5. jt says:

    VY still has a long ways to go with throwing the ball. He can run but is so poor with medium to long passes. Maybe AR can help him out a little and teach him how to throw with more precision. I think he will be well used as Kaepernik and RGIII simulation in prepping for those games during regular season.

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  6. jt says:

    TE competition is still a mess except for DJ Williams. I think he’s really done here. Should be cut soon. AQ is made of glass but may still make it due to being able to block and can run some routes. Bostick is really intriguing with his athleticism but he can barely block. Ryan Taylor is pretty balanced but needs to stay healthy. Stoneburner might have killed his chances with fumble in Seattle game. He can catch though.

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    • Stroh says:

      Bostick is like Finley. He’s not going to be asked to be a good blocker. TE’s like them shouldn’t be put in position and mostly aren’t asked to block. Their value is in their receiving ability. Quarless, Mulligan and Taylor since they don’t have the receiving ability must be able to block. The days of starting TE’s being able to block are gone.

      DJ Williams has proven what I’ve been saying. Great practice player, who can’t seem to perform on the field. Quarless having a major knee injury hardly makes him injury prone, neither does the hamstring he pulled due to it.

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  7. Why is 53 the limit for teams? Why not let the teams be 3 deep in each position?

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