Dolphins 23 Packers 20, OT : First Impressions

The Green Bay Packers suffer their second straight overtime loss, this time at the hands of the Miami Dolphins at Lambeau Field.

A wide array of thoughts swirled around my brain as I watched the defense fight valiantly, and the offense fall flat. Here are some of them:



Matthews, Chillar, Tauscher, McDonald, Newhouse, Pickett, Finley and Neal.

Typing “Matthews” was quite painful there…

Perhaps the biggest influence on the game could be both Pickett and Neal being out. The Dolphins would be smart to let their running game test the Packers DL, especially CJ Wilson. That would also limit the opportunities Chad Henne will have to make bad decisions. I expect the Dolphins to run a lot.

Barring injury (oh, God…) there will be few, if any snaps off today for BJ Raji and Cullen Jenkins. The Packers offense would be wise to try to eat up minutes today, letting the DL get it’s rest that way.

Donald Lee is active for the game, so that’s one positive surprise.

Comments by Mike McCarthy on WTMJ pregame show:

MM: Losing Finley doesn’t change our approach on offense.
MM: Aaron Rodgers is 100% ready today.
MM: Because of the injuries, special teams will definitely be a challenge today.
MM: Clay Matthews wanted to play, and I appreciated that, but he wasn’t 100%, so we’re not going to take a chance.


Tom Crabtree shows some athleticism I didn’t know he had. Nice move after the catch…

On the Packers first series, Aaron Rodgers takes a couple of hits after the throw from his blind side. Looks like the Dolphins are overloading that side and hoping to beat Clifton and Colledge with speed rushes. Packers may need to provide some help.

Dolphins march down the field as Henne has plenty of time to find Brandon Marshall, who did a great job finding the open spots in the middle of the Packers’ zone.

On the Packers’ second series, the Dolphins knew exactly which running plays were coming on the first two snaps. You could see them talking and pointing to spots. Only a nice individual effort by Kuhn prevented both plays from being unsuccessful. Can we have a little imagination, please. Maybe a different look, please?

The Packers might want to keep an eye out for that Marshall guy…

Whenever the Packers bring 5 rushers, the Dolphins are having no problem getting everyone blocked…

Tramon Williams seemingly in on every play – defense and special teams…  Is it safe to say he is the most improved Packer this season?

Andrew Quarless has excellent hands, but he seems to have the most problems when he’s wide open. Either he loses concentration or is too anxious to run with the ball…

I rarely have anything bad to say about Charles Woodson, but to me, his reaction time seems a little slow, so far. I think the toe or something else is really bothering him today.

And another Packer goes down – Brady Poppinga with a knee injury…

Pat Lee is making Jordy Nelson look like Desmond Howard. At least Jordy runs in the right direction. Can we stop that Lee KR experiment now?

As the first half come to a close, Chad Henne already has 23 pass attempts in the first half. I believe they are ultimately doing the Packers a favor.

Miami with 17 minutes of possession in the first half. 13 minutes for the Packers.


Miami ups their time of possession numbers with a nice drive to start the half, resulting in a field goal. They eat up 7 minutes of the clock with a balanced pass/run attack.

After Aaron Rodgers takes a brutal hit, the next play called is a naked bootleg?  Are…  You… Kidding???

I don’t know which was worse. James Jones not fighting for the ball on the Miami interception, or not bothering to touch the player when he was on the ground. Luckily, he was ruled down, but what if he wasn’t?  Jones just stood there and let him run by him with the ball.

The Packers defense, for being on the field as long as they’ve been and with the injuries they have, are playing admirably. As well as could be expected.

I second that last comment. Packers D stops Dolphins on 4th and short (with help from a generous spot)

Green Bay actually executes a successful screen, after several woeful attempts (which is what we’ve come to expect). I’m sure Miami couldn’t believe the Packers would call another screen and were caught completely by surprise.

Thank God Mason Crosby is a former safety and can actually tackle…

With 8 minutes to go, Greg Jennings with 5 catches so far today. I feel another big one coming.

What a fabulous play by Desmond Bishop covering a wide receiver and knocking the ball down. Ball was probably thrown a bit late, but still. Just to be there…

Why is a guy standing up and a few steps back, considered to be lining up over the center? And if it really is, how can Shawn Slocum allow that to happen?

In fairness to Bulaga, I can think of at least 3 times that he “had trouble with Wake”, but only after Rodgers left the pocket to Wake’s side.

As the Packers have a 2nd and goal from the two, do we see the MM patented goal line offensive repertoire or something different?

The result is a little of both. Two straight handoffs to Kuhn (unexpected, right?) are stopped. Then some creativity, ironically, on what is traditionally the most conservative of all plays, a quarterback sneak. Shotgun formation, Kuhn in motion, empty backfield, looks like they’ve committed to the pass (or a QB draw, is what I was thinking). Instead, Rodgers walks up to Wells, takes a quick snap, and easily carries it in over a totally fooled Miami defense.


Sad that the players have to encourage the crowd to get loud on the first play of the overtime…

Korey Hall with an awful penalty on the punt return. Way behind the play. No reason to even touch the guy…

Huge first down for the Dolphins as Henne hits Bess in the flat. Hmmm, Henne has a safety valve to go to. Hmmmm…

I wonder how many more members the “Mike McCarthy fan club” lost today. Personally, I left a few years ago…

My brain hurts…


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17 Responses to “Dolphins 23 Packers 20, OT : First Impressions”

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  2. Pete Kliman says:

    Imagine what Rogers could do if he had the time Henne had today.The off.line needed to step up today,but they fell flat on their collected faces.Well, the division is still up for grabs and we should be healthier next week.I’m getting a colonoscopy tomorrow and after watching this game I won’t need any laxatives because I threw everything up .

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    • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

      Excellent timing, Pete!

      What you say is true, however, if that is the case, why do we keep calling down field passes. Where are the simple dump-offs when there is pressure or there is nobody open down field? Did you see Henne dump off to Bess for a first down in OT? Is it Rodgers or McCarthy? Ether way, the responsibility falls on McCarthy.

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  3. Tarynfor12 Taryn says:

    I haven’t watched the game yet(NFL REWIND) but listening to it on radio it sounded as if the Fins were trying to help us by not running up the middle more than they did.

    Is our offense that out of sync or has everybody aquired a photogenic memory of our game film.

    Mental note to self before watching game:water level,water level,water level…bring a refill.

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  4. I HATE MCCARTHY says:

    He is so bad. His play calling and empty backfield sets are terrible. Injuries have killed us on defense…but BJ is not that much worse than Grant, Bulaga is better than Tauscher, and with the WR’s we have J-Mike shouldn’t hurt us that bad. OUR OFFENSE IS TERRIBLE. 1st and 10: Gain of 8 by BJ on a RUN PLAY. 2nd and 2: EMPTY BACKFIELD INCOMPLETE. 3rd and 2: EMPTY BACKFIELD INCOMPLETE. WE ARE NEVER UNDER CENTER!! IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!! MCCARTHY SUCKS!! If we won’t fire him, at least force him to relinquish play calling duties. I HATE HIM!!

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  5. Ron LC says:

    2 for 13 on third down! That says it all. Off with his head, NOW. This could be a very bad season. The next two games will tell the tale.

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  6. I HATE MCCARTHY says:

    If McCarthy is back next year…we are in danger of the Packers becoming the Dallas Cowboys. Romo was thought very highly of a few years back as being an up and coming stud at QB…BUT NEVER WON THE BIG GAMES. Rodgers is in the same boat…and Wade Phillips is very close in comparison to Mike McCarthy….both are fat and stupid. GOD I HATE MM’S PLAY CALLING!! HIS OFFENSE SUCKS!!

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  7. DUH says:

    Anthony Smith was signed today in a trade. We need depth at safety…but TT screwed up big time by releasing him last year. WHAT A BONEHEAD. I wonder if we will try to trade for Terrell Sutton as well. Hey Teddy…nice move. But seriously though…does this mean that Bigby is going to be released after he is done with the PUP?

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    • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

      I read yesterday that Harris is closer to being ready to return than Bigby, hence the move for Smith.

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    • 3rd and 2, Jordy @ RB says:

      They will not release Bigby will they? He is an idiot for waiting until August 5th to have his ankle worked on, but I would think IR at worst.

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  8. 3rd and 2, Jordy @ RB says:

    I get it MM, you are a genius and putting Jordy in the backfield when you are in shotgun on 3rd and 2 is exotic. He is our best blocking WR so he can block if there is a blitz or leak out of the backfield for a reception. STOP OVERTHINKING IT!!!

    Go under center, three wide with a TE and Jackson in the backfield. Guess what, Jackson can do the same things Jordy can do in that situation, but he also poses a threat to run the ball. Play action atleast you numskull. Do we have the most predictable offense in the NFL right now? Our formations tell you exactly what we are doing 95% of the time, and I am a moronic fan. Think about what defensive coordinators are thinking when they watch our film. LBs are calling out our plays. I do not know how to make a safety show his hand before the snap or force him to cover the slot and leave your split end open deep….but I do know that our offense is predictable. And once again I am a moron.

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    • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

      I’ve been saying this for several years. Your point is excellent. If fans like us can predict what’s happening, you know opposing DCs do.

      There’s having tendencies and then there’s being outright predictable. MM’s offense is the latter.

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