Cheesehead Radio News – 1/14/11 – 1/20/11, News From the Packers Twitterverse and Beyond

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps. (As heard on Cheesehead Radio 1/20/11 )

Al: There was a big to-do in CheeseheadNation this week about a scathing article Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk wrote about Aaron Rodgers. Accusing Rodgers of being a cad for not signing an autograph at the Green Bay airport, Florio got quite wholier than thou, lecturing Rodgers in his hack job piece on how Aaron needs to remember who pays his salary. Florio, of course, played up the “snubbed cancer patient” angle, essentially calling Rodgers a heel for not signing.

Holly: Soon after the initial hubub, the fan involved, Jan Cavanaugh, who is admittedly a serial autograph seeker and one that Rodgers signed for just the previous week, was aghast at the way Rodgers was being portrayed. She was not happy about it, and neither were the legions of fans on twitter who bombarded Florio with angry expressions of what they thought of him.  Surprisingly, the previously defiant Florio later did a complete turn-around and wrote a long, supposedly sincere apology to Aaron Rodgers and Jan Cavanaugh.

Al: I’m not buying that apology for a minute, Holly, but let’s not give him any more attention. The bigger news this week, was the dismantling of the #1 seed Atlanta Falcons by the lowly 6th seed Green Bay Packers. The Falcons were reportedly upset before the game about not receiving the respect they deserved as the #1 seed in the NFC. Well, I think the Packers gave them just as much respect as they were due. Seems everyone was right and the Falcons were wrong.

Holly: Well, you would be hard pressed to find anything wrong with Aaron Rodgers on Sunday. His 31- of 36, 3 TD performance is being hailed as one of the top five by a quarterback in playoff history. Rodgers was a model of calm and confidence for the Packers, always finding a way to make a play, whether by land or by air. And by the way, Aaron Rodgers has now won a playoff game.

Al: Yes, and that’s something that Matty Ice, who was voted to the Pro Bowl ahead of Rodgers, can not say. Of course, it’s just as well Rodgers wasn’t voted in – he’s going to be busy that weekend anyway.

Holly: And as far as this weekend goes, the NFL got themselves a dream matchup for the NFC Championship game. The oldest rivalry in the history of the NFL continues on Sunday, with the Packers invading Soldier Field and looking to raise the George Halas trophy and hold it high in front of all of Chicago. That would be one major dagger to the psyche of the Chicago Bears organization. Here’s hoping it happens.

“News from the Packers Twitterverse…”

Holly: Irony is such an interesting phenomenon. While Viking Brett Favre sits at home, he gets to watch his 3 former teams compete in the playoffs. But Favre was not the only person formerly part of the Packers community that might be wistfully wondering what might have been. Let’s not forget about Greg Bedard, who was reminded of this fact this week when oldbagodonuts asked him, “When you switched beats, would you have ever guessed that your old team might be playing longer than your new one?” Ouch! That had to sting…

Al: All in good fun, I’m sure, Holly. And speaking of fun,  a twitter user named GBPF127 had this to say after the Packer’s win against the Eagles:  I feel like the kid in Sixth Sense. “I see dead birds.”

Holly: Yes Al, they’re showing up everywhere the Packers play. But this week there will be no birds on the field, just bears. One Bear in particular was the subject of a tweet from @crichar3, “Jay Cutler’s one game away from the Super Bowl? That’s like Keanu Reeves being one block away from the Academy Awards.”

Al: So close and yet so far… And that’s how viewers of 60 minutes must feel whenever there’s an NFL late game on CBS. You’ve all seen the spot, with the 60 minutes clock ticking, reminding you that it will start after the game? Well zcalvelli mimicked that announcement by tweeting, “For those of you wanting to watch 60 Minutes, well, you always get screwed don’t you?”

And that folks, was your Cheesehead Radio tweet of the week…

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  2. Ron LC says:

    Al, I don’t know about you, but my Italian genisus makes me despise that crumb Florio even more than the most Packer Fans. What a complete ass he is.

    I’m busy filling in the entrance to my cave with the final rocks. There will be no communiction with the outside world until after the game. I’m thinkling this is the most important game in my life (I was 1 when the Packers and Bears played head-to-head in 41′). Even the Super Bowls didn’t have the “hate” factor. And I do hate the Bears.

    Hope to resurface Sunday talking about the Super Bowl! GO PACK!

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    • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

      Florio has been added to the list of embarrassments to Italian-Americans, headed by Nancy Pelosi.

      Make sure your cave is well stock with the necessary provisions. We’ll talk on Monday!

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  3. Ken Alli says:

    Love this site! GO PACKERS! Did you see the Aarong Rodgers cowbell video?! HILARIOUS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsKN1-w-8pM

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