Jersey Al: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

It’s that time of year again. The time when all of us amateur GMs try make our predictions of how Ted Thompson will shape the 53-man roster.

Here are my initial picks;  my final selections will come after the final preseason game.

Quarterback -3: Rodgers, Flynn, Harrell

Running Back -4: Grant, Starks, Green, Kuhn,

Wide Receiver -6: Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Jones, Cobb, West/Gurley

Tight End -4: Finley, Crabtree, Quarless, Taylor

Offensive Line -9: Wells, Sitton, Clifton, Bulaga, Lang, Newhouse, Sherrod, Smith, McDonald

Defensive Line – 6: Raji, Pickett, Neal, Green, Wynn, Wilson

Linebacker – 9: Matthews, Hawk, Bishop, Walden, Francious, Smith, Jones, Zombo, So’oto

Defensive Back – 9: Woodson, Williams, Shields,  Bush,  House, Collins, Burnett, Peprah, Underwood

Specialist -3: Crosby, Masthay, Goode

Practice Squad: Saine, West/Gurley/Taylor, Campbell, Schlauderaff,  Guy, Lattimore, Gordy, Levine/Jennings,

I hate to have to leave DJ Williams off, but if I’m going to go with 6 wide receivers, I have little option. My thinking could very well change after the Chiefs game. As for going with a sixth WR, I have a few different scenarios, so I’m going to hold off a final decision on that one. I’m also not sold on keeping Harrell, Packers have had no problems rolling the dice with only 2 QBs. Question is, do they like him enough to use a roster spot so they still have him when Flynn leaves via free agency next season?

Then there’s issue of Zombo being injured. That forces me to keep Jones, reducing my DBs to 9 (Pat Lee was the casualty). I do think the Packers will keep 10 DBs, so I may find a way to rework this for my final predictions.

And only keeping four running backs? Kind of risky, and the Packers like Nance, so what to do there?

I read something interesting yesterday:

Packers have never kept less than 2 fullbacks.

Packers have never kept more than 5 wide receivers.

Packers have never kept five tight ends.

I’m really bucking the odds here, aren’t I?



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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.


16 Responses to “Jersey Al: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction”

  1. Mojo says:

    I’m starting to think they keep 6 WR’s also because of the nagging injuries to the top 5 plus I think they like the Gurley/West potential.

    I’d still be surprised if they let D.J. Williams go. Hate to say this Crabtree lovers, but he might go before DJW. They probably like Taylor as a blocking TE who could fill Crabs role.

    I’d be interested to see who ends up on your PS.

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  2. Jay says:

    If they put Harrell on the practice squad and paid him more than the practice squad minimum, wouldn’t that secure him?

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  3. aaronqb says:

    Of all of the lists posted so far, this one looks the closest to me. I think Gurley makes the team (not West). I would substitute Williams for Crabtree (his contract goes for 4 years and Taylor can be the blocking tight end), and I would replace Jones (LB) with Gordy (DB).

    TT has some very difficult decisions to make. And, opinions may change after tonight’s game.

    Practice squad: Schlauderaff, Campbell, Saine, Borel (West signs elsewhere), Guy, Lattimore, MD Jennings, Levine

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  4. Thomas Hobbes Thomas Hobbes says:

    “Packers have never kept less than 2 fullbacks.

    Packers have never kept five tight ends.”

    Pencil in Ryan Taylor as a fullback and you’re good to go. That’s what I’m predicting Taylor ends up being in the future anyways, he has the right body type to block and he seems to be the new Korey Hall.

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    • Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

      I would actually notch Crabtree as the pseudo-FB. He is used less in the passing game than Taylor and motions to the FB position more often.

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    • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

      Thomas, that goes without saying. The only way to risk going with one FB is if you are confident that either Taylor or Crabtree could do the job in a pinch. Personally, I think Taylor is better suited… And they can always go back to using Raji for goal-line blocking.

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  5. Mojo says:

    I think you’re right Thomas about Taylor. I don’t think the Pack worry too much about tying new guys at different positions. I believe Hall was a LB in college for example.

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  6. BubbaOne says:

    Remember it wasn’t that long ago TT kept 10 D-Line when 8 was the standard for a 4-3 D. He’ll keep the best 53 so I think he keeps 6 WR’s (probably Gurley) and 5 TE’s including DJ Williams. If he goes 4, I think Crabtree is boiled.
    I also think B. Jones is toast and Lattimore needs a year on PS so TT will either trade for or sign an OLB. Maybe Lee is the trade bait or TT uses the plethora of draft picks he’ll have.

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  7. PackEyedOptimist says:

    I completely agree with Aaronqb and BubbaOne. I also think Underwood is on thin ice. The extra WR or TE could cost HIM.

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  8. GalaxyM81 says:

    Personal opinion: TT will look for the best O-lineman off of another team that gets cut. The o-line truly scares me.

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  9. Chad Lundberg says:

    Looks like you all made your predicitions too soon. So’oto is DEFINITELY going to make the roster.

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