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The !$*?!#%! Kansas City Chiefs Ruined the Packers Opportunity for Perfection

Donald Driver, WR Green Bay Packers

Is this really happening?

The Packers lost to the Chiefs on Sunday in a complete trainwreck of a football game. Receivers dropped passes, the pass rush never entered Kyle Orton’s zip code and more Packers limped off the field with injuries.

It was a horrible way to end an amazing run. Just horrible.

There’s probably going to be some people that say it’s good for the Packers to lose a game. They’ll say that the ultimate goal is the Super Bowl and losing will build character and force the Packers to correct mistakes… or something like that.

Ignore those people. Tell them to go away.

Losing sucks. No team ever says, “Hey, lets lose this game today to build some character and increase our chances of going to the Super Bowl.” That’s not how it works.

If this Packers team goes 18-1 and repeats as Super Bowl champions, it’s going to be amazing. I’m going to be just as happy as I was for the other Super Bowl titles the Packers have won in my lifetime.

But there’s always going to be a small part of my green and gold brain that reminds me the Packers could have been 19-0 — undefeated — but they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs.


We’re going to have plenty of time in the coming days to break down exactly what happened, to start sounding the alarm about the Packers’ injuries, protection issues and defensive lapses. Honestly, I’m not worried about all of that. Yeah, the Packers are banged up and looked lost on Sunday, but they’re still the best team in the NFL.

If they don’t win the Super Bowl, it’d be an upset.

Right now, I just want to vent about the fact that the Packers opportunity for perfection was ruined by THE !$*?!#%! KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!!!!!! Some day my son will ask me why the Packers did not go undefeated in 2011, and I will have to tell him that they lost to the Chiefs, a team that was 5-8 and just fired its head coach.

Now don’t get me wrong. When my son gives me a quizzical look and asks how something silly like losing to the Chiefs could ruin a perfect season, I’ll spend the next two hours telling him stories about the amazing run the Packers went on in 2010-11. I’ll tell him about not losing a game for 364 days, the amazing play of Aaron Rodgers and all of the other things this team accomplished.



McCarthy: Bryan Bulaga Has Sprained Knee Cap, Unlikely to Play Sunday

Bryan Bulaga is unlikely to play Sunday with a sprained knee cap.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy said Monday that right tackle Bryan Bulaga suffered a sprained knee cap against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and will be “challenged to play” against the Chicago Bears this week.

Bulaga suffered the injury in the first half and was helped to the locker room for evaluation. He returned to the sidelines in the second half but was unable to play. McCarthy said the injury happened to the same knee he sprained earlier in the season but was a different injury. McCarthy couldn’t provide specifics on what exactly a “knee cap sprain” was, either.

If Bulaga can’t go on Sunday, it’ll likely be T.J. Lang who again plays at right tackle with Evan Dietrich-Smith shifting to left guard. The Packers lined up this way after first-round pick Derek Sherrod broke his leg in the second half. McCarthy confirmed that Sherrod already had surgery in Kansas City and is in good spirits. He’ll miss the rest of the season and it’s not unreasonable to think his playing status for early 2012 could be in question.

McCarthy also said that the Packers may make a move by Wednesday to replace Sherrod’s place on the active roster. Tackle Chris Campbell and guard/center Sampson Genus are the two offensive lineman currently on the Packers’ practice squad, but it’s possible the Packers look other places for help. Mark Tauscher’s name has been tossed around, although he’s been out of football for more than a year.

The other news from McCarthy’s press conference Monday is that Chad Clifton will begin individual drills on Wednesday of this week. That obviously doesn’t mean he’ll be ready for Sunday, but it is promising sign for his postseason playing prospects.


Zach Kruse is a 23-year-old sports journalist with a passion for the Green Bay Packers. He currently lives in Wisconsin and is working on his journalism degree, while also covering prep sports for The Dunn Co. News.

You can read more of Zach's Packers articles on AllGreenBayPackers.com.




Packers Fans, How do YOU Really Feel? A Packers Therapy Session

The Packers finally lost a game on Sunday. Losses always rile up the Packers fan base, but folks seem to be particularly riled up after losing to the Chiefs and seeing a chance at 19-0 disappear.

So lets just get it all out there. Take a seat on the AllGreenBayPackers.com therapy couch and open up about what’s bugging you about the Packers.

Nobody is going to judge you and nobody is going to tell you to calm down and relax because the Packers are 13-1 and still the best team in the NFL. We’re also not looking for in-depth statistics or X’s and O’s analysis.

We just want to know what’s bugging you about the Packers and what you think could trip them up in the playoffs.

I’ll start:

Offensive line
Marshall Newhouse is getting overwhelmed and many of his linemates are battling injuries. I hate watching teams with bad offensive lines. It messes up the entire offense and drives me nuts. I’m not saying the Packers offensive line is bad, but there’s only so many injuries a unit can sustain before it starts taking a toll.

Defensive line
Would it kill a defensive lineman to get a pass rush every now and then? I know 3-4 D-lineman don’t rack up big pass rushing numbers, but I doubt there’s a page in Dom Capers playbook that discourages a defensive lineman from getting in the QB’s face occasionally. And unless the Packers put about 10 guys on the line in anticipation of a running play, it seems like no defensive lineman ever makes a play on the ball carrier in the backfield.

Regression to the mean
Was the first part of the season too good to be true? Are we seeing the Packers come back to the pack (no pun intended) because things just tend to even out over time? Are the Packers a very good team that was playing like a great team and is now coming back down to Earth?


I don’t know if I feel better now that all of that’s off my chest, but it’s a start.

What’s bothering all of you? Take a seat and the therapists here at AllGreenBayPackers.com can try and help.


Adam Czech is a freelance reporter and a Packers fan living in the Twin Cities. Follow Adam on Twitter. Read more of Adam's writing on the Packers here.




Packers vs. Chiefs: 5 Observations from Green Bay’s 19-14 Loss to Kansas City

Photo: MCT

The Green Bay Packers (13-1) lost for the first time in 364 days—a stretch of 20 games—as the Kansas City Chiefs pulled off the upset of the season Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, 19-14.

Five observations from the Packers’ first taste of defeat since Week 15 of last season:

1. Playing perfect to end perfection

I said before the game that Kyle Orton would have to play a perfect game for the Chiefs to have a chance. He was about as close to perfect as you could ask for on Sunday, completing 23-of-31 passes for 299 yards. The key stat, however? Zero turnovers. Orton made all the easy throws and avoided that one game-changing giveaway.

The Chiefs offense did a fine job of hurting the Packers in the screen game early then picked apart the Packers’ zone after Dom Capers was forced to adjust. But even with the Chiefs’ offense rolling, there was anticipation for a turnover from the defense that could turn around the game. It never came. With the Packers offense struggling for the first time all season, not getting that one momentum-shifter was huge.

2. Dropping the rhythm

The issues on offense went deeper than just drops, but it was painfully obvious how those missed opportunities in the first half stymied the rhythm of the Packers’ offense. Jermichael Finley saw a couple of easy ones go right through the hands, but he also had a handful of opportunities to make game-changing catches, which admittedly were tough plays, and couldn’t convert. Aaron Rodgers called the drops a “physical mistake” after the game, but it’s mental for Finley. He’s clearly pressing, and dropping the first ball that came to him Sunday only snowballed the mistakes.

He wasn’t alone, as Donald Driver and Jordy Nelson also dropped balls which they normally catch. If those plays are made, the Packers likely score enough points to win. Greg Jennings wasn’t the one dropping those passes, either. His impact was felt in the offense, but not having him on the field had absolutely nothing with the inexcusable drops.

3. Man down

The Packers’ already aching offensive line saw both Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod suffer injuries. Bulaga left in the first half but seemed fine on the sidelines after returning from the locker room. McCarthy labeled his injury as a “knee sprain,” which again, can mean a number of things. Bulaga will have a MRI later today. Sherrod suffered a major injury, which McCarthy confirmed as a broken leg, and won’t be playing football anytime soon.