Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning Killed Packers’ Chances at Trading Matt Flynn

Matt Flynn will hit the open market March 13th.

The deadline for franchising players has come and gone without the Packers tagging Matt Flynn. While Ted Thompson may have worked hard to complete a trade that would provide a team with exclusive negotiating rights to Flynn, it appears that Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning ultimately killed the market for Flynn.

The four most likely suitors for Flynn’s services are the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks. All four have also been mentioned as potential landing spots for both Griffin and Manning.

With Manning probably set to be cut later this week and the Rams officially auctioning off the second pick in the NFL Draft, it is likely that these teams were reluctant to commit trading for Flynn with decent shots at what they may consider better options. By agreeing to a trade with the Packers, the team that did so would be eliminating themselves from RGIII and Manning sweepstakes too prematurely.

It will be interesting to see which team decides to “settle” for Flynn and at what cost. Those four teams are the most quarterback-needy behind the Indianapolis Colts who will be drafting Andrew Luck with the first pick of the draft. The four teams are likely competing for the three quarterbacks, Flynn, Manning, Griffin. The market for these quarterbacks will get wild as soon as the first team makes their move, whether it be signing Manning or Flynn, or impressing the Rams enough to work out a deal pre-draft.

Many fans are upset and frustrated by the fact that the Packers didn’t tag Flynn and now the highest compensation the team could is a third rounder in 2013. These fans have been quick to blame Ted Thompson for missing an opportunity to snag more draft picks this season.

After the deadline passed, rumors circulated that the Packers were unable to work a deal with the Browns or Dolphins, forcing their decision to let Flynn hit the open market. If this is the case, it appears Thompson was working hard to get a deal done, but that the Packers didn’t feel the value they would receive was enough to take the risk of having to pay Flynn significantly more money than Aaron Rodgers.

Instead of the blame falling on Thompson, it is important to realize that the market for Flynn isn’t as strong right now in early March as it would be if it were not for the Rams offering up a chance to draft Griffin and the Colts most likely letting the NFL’s only four-time MVP go.

For Packers fans, the best case scenario for the team is Flynn signing with an AFC team (either the Dolphins or Browns) and having a ton of success. With impressive play, Flynn would likely earn the Packers the highest compensation pick, at the end of the third round.

Instead of being upset at the long-shot chance for a second-round draft pick that didn’t happen, Packers fans can take solace in the fact that they have the position solidified with the games’ best in Aaron Rodgers.



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23 Responses to “Robert Griffin III and Peyton Manning Killed Packers’ Chances at Trading Matt Flynn”

  1. Greg says:

    We should be happy Thompson used a 7th round pick and bought the team several years of insurance with a quality backup. Matt Flynn deserves his shot to get rich.

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    • JimR_in_DC says:

      Yes! Our comp pick next year will look like a decent return on our investment in Flynn.

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  2. Zack says:

    RG III is unproven and manning is on the twilight of his career coming off of major neck surgeries… I would have thought that one of the teams would have had some common sense and hedged there bets with a veteran QB who has almost a decade left and has proven himself more than capable… Not to mention probably the most inexpensive of the three. I don’t think that all 4 teams plan on getting RGIII or manning .I think it’s more likely that they didn’t really want to give up anything more than the comp pick and they’re betting they’ll out bid anyone on him in fa.

    There’s always rookie QBs who are expected to be the next huge star so I’d say Flynn is facing as good of a FA as he would any other year. There’s 3 guys that are considered a hotter commodity I’d say thats about where he’d be if he was FA last year and probably around there the year before. Yeah manning and rg III hurt his FA but he’ll still do as well as he would expect any given offseason.

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    • CSS says:

      Any drafted QB, even RGIII or luck would have a comparable contract to Newton last year which was 4 years $22 million (all guaranteed). Flynn could likely get Kolb money at $63 million for 5 years, $21 million guaranteed. Any drafted QB will be a cheaper option than what the market could bear for Flynn. So no, Flynn isn’t a cheaper option.

      The alternative theory as to NFL teams and ‘common sense’ could simply be Matt Flynn has hyper-inflated value on the market to Packer fans but the rest of the NFL doesn’t hold Flynn or his upside in very high regard? Count me among them. Flynn will get a huge contract which is now standard for ‘competent’ QB play in the NFL (see Fitzpatrick – Bills for that trend).

      Unfortunately, competent play can get you to the playoffs at best, not a SB run.

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      • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

        Wow – I found a fellow Packer fan willing to take the rather unpopular position on Flynn. Flynn is overvalued and despite one unbelievable performance, not a “franchise” QB. What I like most about Flynn is that he’s a gamer. He has won a National Championship, he stands in there and takes hits and thanks to MM’s tutelage, has learned to make good decisions. But the arm is still a limiting factor. I agree with you completely – he may be good enough to get you into the playoffs, but your defense will need to win playoff games with Flynn as your QB.

        Preparing for the onslaught…

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        • BTF says:

          Tend to agree with the assesment of Flynn …which makes me wonder about Miami as a destination since they have a QB in Moore who was making good decisions and managing the game well last year. Is Flynn that much better that he’s a nailed on starter in Miami? Maybe he is but I’m not sure…

          Always felt we were going to need a lot of things to fall into place to pull off a tag and trade with Flynn and if the pieces weren’t there it was right to err on the side of caution and take the comp pick.

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        • JimR_in_DC says:

          Al nailed it.

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        • Zack says:

          Might I remind you that our defense got us to and won the superbowl for us… thus the phrase “defense wins championships”. Rodgers was good durring playoff time but this year was really his break out year. He really cemented himself as elite this year. So yes the defense would need to come through to win them the SB but I can say the same thing about the Packers next year.

          Mark my words, if we don’t have at least the 15th ranked defense or our defense doesn’t hit some kind of hot streak come play off run time, we don’t go to the superbowl next year.

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        • Oppy says:

          True enough, the knock on Flynn coming out of college was that he’s got everything you want in a franchise QB except elite arm strength.

          However, he has clearly improved his arm strength in his time with the Packers. He can make all the throws. He’ll never have the velocity of Favre or Rodgers; but he’s a viable QB to build a team around, IMO.

          Heck, it’s not like he’s got Pennington-arm syndrome. (not that there’s anything wrong with that :)

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        • Steve Cheez says:

          So Flynn is perhaps the next Hasselbeck?

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      • PackersRS says:

        Hasselbeck was but a competent QB. He led the Seahawks to the SB.

        There’re other examples. It certainly helps if your QB is elite, moreso nowadays with the rule changes.

        But in the end, the requisites for a SB QB are work ethic, leadership, intelligence, and most importantly mental thoughness. A QB has to be able to perform after throwing a pick or making a bad play, and a QB HAS TO be able to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball when he’s about to get hit.

        Flynn has all that. I don’t think he’ll ever be a trully elite QB, but in the right situation he can be a SB winning QB, and can be a solution to the QB position in a franchise like Miami or Washington, that haven’t seen competent quarterbacking in the last 15 years.

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        • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

          You hit on a key point – the league has shifted dramatically over the last 5-10 years to where having an Elite QB is almost a pre-requisite to a SB win. Look at the Super Bowl winners in the last 8 years:

          Patriots(2), Steelers(2), Giants(2), Packers, Saints, Colts. What do they all have in common?

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          • PackersRS says:

            You would’ve callend Eli an elite QB before this season? I know I wouldn’t and I didn’t.

            But he had those characteristics I listed, always did. Do you think if Eli was with the Patriots he would’ve reached the SB? I don’t. The same for Roethlisberger and the Steelers.

            Eli and Big Ben are not in the same conversation as Rodgers, Peyton, Brees and Brady IMHO. They are a step above the rest, simply because being a QB in the NFL is no easy task. They’re in very good situations where they don’t have to carry their teams with their play. But, in the same vein, without them, their teams wouldn’t have won it all.

            I honestly think Flynn has what it takes to do it.

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          • Zack says:

            Agreed with PackersRS. The Steelers and Giants have given their QBs the tools they need in order to be successful. They are smart organizations that build their teams well. Not to mention you said, “…but your defense will need to win playoff games with Flynn as your QB.” That’s exactly what the Steelers and Giants and Packers did so really your statement seems to support that building a team around Flynn is achievable.

            4 of the last 8 superbowls were won by teams with QB’s that weren’t elite and 5 of the last 8 if you didn’t consider Rodgers elite until this year.

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      • Zack says:

        He would have been a cheaper option had another team agreed to a tag and trade. Now they’ll get in a bidding war with another team when he hits FA. I wouldn’t have expected him to get more than 8mil/yr in a tag and trade after restructuring his contract. Or they could have just kept the tag number to see if he’d work out. Now he’ll probably exceed that number by a lot because there’s going to be at least 2 teams desperate for a QB. So yes, Flynn was the cheaper option. Not now, but he definitely was.

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  3. Elle says:

    I don’t know if anyone “killed” the chances unless by “killed”, you mean the chance going from 3% to 0.1%.

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  4. Ron LC says:

    Flynn and his agent were totally in charge of the decison. They always were. This is why GB was prevented from making a trade. And, franchise was never an option at $14.1 million.

    That’s why teams will always have a hard time keeping all key players. There will always be the need to bring in lower cost players who can perform adequatly. This is what TT and MM do so well.

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    • Thomas Hobbes Thomas Hobbes says:

      I would argue the economics of the NFL was more of a factor than either Thompson or Flynn. Simply put no one is going to pay for Flynn when there is higher upside in Manning (it’s freaking Manning) and the top two rookie quarterbacks (higher potential at lower cost). Thompson undoubtedly knows this, and Flynn’s camp probably does too.

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  5. Manitou says:

    John Schneider (former Packer now with Seattle) talked about the Flynn and Kolb situation. He said it’s about money AND draft choices. A high round draft choice would have meant much less money for Flynn so I suspect his agent balked at any deal. With a big increase in salary cap in 2014 (new TV contract) most clubs would covet their draft choices and spend some more dollars. I think Flynn will hit it big.

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  6. Tarynfor12 Tarynfor 12 says:

    The new rookie salary cap makes it more worthwhile to convince oneself that your Franchise QB is being drafted.The miss doesn’t cost you as the oft injured Stafford was burning on the souls in Detroit could’ve… and could still somewhat.

    Is Flynn a Messiah no,but he isn’t Kolb either and Ari bit too hard on that deal.

    After Luck,Rg3 and Manning are settled in,would you NOT take Flynn over any other QB coming out.Really,Tannehill in the 1st is like Ponder,Gabbert.

    “Thats more stupider than I’m used too”

    Yes,just watched Invincible with Marky Mark.LOL

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  7. Manitou says:

    When you compare Manning and Flynn, Manning is old and there are still unknowns about his ability and susceptibility to injury.

    When you compare Flynn to RG3, RG3 comes with a big salary AND Draft choices that makes Flynn more attractive.

    I’m not saying Flynn is without risk, but it is not as bad as the author of this article makes it out to be.

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    • Mojo says:

      Right Manitou, the best thing about Flynn for those teams considering drafting Luck, RG3 or Tannehill, is if you take Flynn instead, you get to keep and spend your draft choices on someone else. Outside of a larger $ commitment, Flynn looks very attractive as of does Manning for the same reasons. Plus Flynn and Manning both have some real NFL experience. This is why I believe that Manning on the market had by far the most to do with TT’s inability to make a deal for Flynn. Because a number of teams which need QB’s will kick the tires on Manning first, it made it impossible for TT to trust anyone on a handshake deal.

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  8. Bearmeat Bearmeat says:

    The ‘winner’ of this whole thing will be the Seahawks or Dolphins or maybe the Jets. They have the rosters that Peyton would be looking for to compete now. My money would be on the Seahawks, because IMO Peyton won’t want to be under Rex Ryan, and Miami would put him in even more competition with Brady.

    I’d bet Miami lands Flynn.

    Cleveland has the most ammo to get RG3, but IMO Holmgren won’t give up both first round picks. He’ll let Snyder and Shanny murder the poor Redskins for an additional 5 years by throwing in the kitchen sink for RG3.

    The Browns will stick with McCoy and draft a QB in round 2/3 to compete with him.

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