2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Photogenic

Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, Donald Driver2011 Packers Yearbook: Most photogenic

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Adam: Donald Driver. People will always love the smile.

Al: Clay Matthews. It’s all about the hair and image. So Cal Clay can give you multiple looks, tied back in a pony tail for public  appearances, loose and flowing when he’s just chilling around town. Whatever he does with it, he takes a hell of a  picture and the women love him.

Chad: It’s hard to get past the charisma of Donald Driver. From his pearly whites to his shiny bald head and diamond earrings, there’s no bad angle one could find with a camera. (Okay, floating back down to Earth now . . .)

Kris:  Aaron Rodgers.  That s**t-eating grin of his cracks me up every time whether it is part of a photo bomb endeavor or just on TV.

Michael: Greg Jennings. While Rodgers has more fame and Driver has the unbeatable smile, Jennings shines in front a camera. You can almost see his personality bursting through. Although not the level of Driver’s, Jennings also has a pretty notable smile.

Thomas: Aaron Rodgers, he might be the most consistent quarterback in the NFL right now, but he’s even more consistent in photo bombing the captain’s pictures.

Zach: Rodgers, Jennings and Driver are all great choices, but we can’t leave out Clay Matthews, can we? He’s Hollywood because he wants to be.



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4 Responses to “2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Photogenic”

  1. Ron LC says:

    I was leaning towards Mathews. Then, I saw the depends comercial.

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  2. Oppy says:

    Personality in photos? TJ Lang, all the way. Check him out in any photo you can find from superbowl week, right up to post super bowl. That kid is awesome.

    I would also go with Jarret Bush or Desmond Bishop. Bush is all energy and personality, and Bishop has such an aura of consummate professional and all-around good guy in every photo.

    Can we vote for Kevin Green?

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  3. Bearmeat Bearmeat says:

    AJ Hawk flipping the bird at the Rams game. That was hilarious.

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  4. aussiepacker says:

    Driver has the best smile of anyone but clay’s hair and pretty boy attitude makes him the most photogenic.

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