Packers 2012 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers

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2012 NFL Draft

As the 2012 NFL Draft is about to begin, here are some things that have been whispered into my ear as well as some of my own opinions and predictions.

  1. Whisper: The Packers love Shea McClellin, but so do the Patriots, who pick just before them. If Ted HAS to have him, he’ll need to trade up in front of NE (unless Mercilus is there for New England, who is their first choice)
  2. Prediction: There will be no Ted Thompson head-scratchers on the first 2 days of the draft. The Packers are still burning from a 15-1 season and first round playoff loss. They have virtually the same team coming back. Ted knows if he can plug a few holes with immediate help, success will follow.
  3. Whisper: The Packers also love Casey Hayward in the second, but will have competition from the 49ers.
  4. Opinion: The only four positions I would draft an offensive player at are center, tackle, quarterback and running back.
  5. Whisper: The Packers are seriously considering some linebackers that are thought to be more suited as 4-3 LBs, but who they consider to be  ”moldable.”
  6. Prediction: The Packers will select two cornerbacks in this draft. One will have potential for a conversion to safety.
  7. Prediction: The Packers will not draft 12 players. Trade-ups will be made.
  8. Opinion: Ted should increase the weight he gives to need in this draft. The team is in a position to warrant it.
  9. Whisper: If the Packers don’t take McClellin, their next LB target could be Bobby Wagner.
  10. Whisper: The Packers are considering Austin Davis as a late-round development quarterback pick if they don’t pull the trigger on B.J. Coleman much earlier.

9:05PMEST:  Addendum: Got late word that Packers are keeping a close eye on Brockers, who some think could fall into the 20s.


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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.


9 Responses to “Packers 2012 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers”

  1. chris kk says:

    Where are these whispers coming from? somewhere reliable??

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    • Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

      Yes, same whisperer that told me the Packers loved Sherrod and Cobb last year. But things have to fall a certain way for these things to actually happen.

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  2. chris kk says:

    Good enough for me!

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  3. Ron LC says:

    The Bears have McClellin!

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  4. chris kk says:

    5. & 9. were innacurate…….

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  5. tlvincent says:

    God the Bears new GM sucks, can’t they bring back the old guy, offseason: Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush, and then they take the best 3-4 OLB prospect in the entire draft to make him play 4-3 DE, he will end up turning into Jared Allen Jr.

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  6. [...] Very early on during “draft season”, I was told told by a little birdie that Casey Hayward could be the second or third best CB in the draft and that the Packers were in love. I was also told the Packers would be willing to trade up for him, which is why I included him in my one and only mock  draft  and whispered just before the draft that the Packers loved Casey Hayward. [...]

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