Former Packers DE Johnny Jolly Gets Early Release From Prison

Johnny Jolly released from prison

Johnny Jolly has been released from prison on "shock" probation.

Johnny Jolly, a former defensive end for the Green Bay Packers, has been released from prison and given 10 years of “shock” probation by a judge in Houston, Texas.  This comes after serving only six months of a six-year sentence for numerous charges related to the controlled substance Codeine.

While I’m no legal expert, “shock” probation is given to first-time offenders who have been “shocked” by their prison experience, which would then hopefully bring about a change. Jolly gets 10 years of shock probation along with 200 hours of community service.

Jolly was originally drafted by the Packers in the sixth round of the 2006 NFL draft.  The two years before Jolly was suspended indefinitely by the NFL in 2010, he played in all 32 games and was a key contributor to the defense.

The chances of Jolly ever returning to the NFL or Green Bay are slim to none, but it is always encouraging when a human being makes a genuine change in their life.  Hopefully, this is just the beginning to a new life for Jolly.


11 Responses to “Former Packers DE Johnny Jolly Gets Early Release From Prison”

  1. Chad Lundberg says:

    I fail to understand why people are so convinced Jolly will never return to the NFL. He’s still 29 years old, and he’s a good player.

    He’s a little out of shape, what of it? Get that guy to camp and he’ll be ready by mid-season.

    If you think there’s no chance he’ll return because Goodell will never lift the suspension, then how do you explain Michael Vick? Goodell’s not blind, he can see if Jolly’s learned his lesson.

    It’s possible that he’ll be coming back folks, and I think he should: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1185132-johnny-jolly-misjudged-player-should-be-taken-back-by-the-packers

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    • Tarynfor12 Tarynfor12 says:

      I may be wrong here but,Jolly got arrested AGAIN while on probation and he hadn’t even started his suspension yet.This ‘shock’ release will not induce Goodell to cancel his suspension nor should it.This 6 months served is less than the one year he was given by Goodell and not to defend Vick but he served his time and still served a suspension.
      The video of him crying in jail helped him get out but it won’t help him get back in football.

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      • Chad Lundberg says:

        What I read was that he was arrested multiple times while on probation, but just before he went to prison, he came clean.

        It’s not about the time he’s served, it’s about whether or not he’s learned his lesson. WE may not know if he has or not, if he has then Goodell should let him back in.

        Vick hurt animals, Jolly didn’t hurt anyone or anything.

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  2. Nostrodomus says:

    Yep, not even I can see how this one turns out. I CAN see, that he needs to get the hell outta Houston, some how, some way (probation permitting). Although you probably haven’t been able to decifer it, I’ve written that, “if you want to be a garbage man, you need to hang out with garbage men.”

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  3. Ron LC says:

    I hope Jolly gets his life straightened out before all else. That is critical to his LIFE. I know that for a lot of us here football is viewed as LIFE. Before football is ever an option, he must have demonstrated his own personal responsibilty. The NFL and/or the Packers will have done him no favors throwing him into the same combative environment that only provided the resources that enabled him to feed his and the hange-ons’ who surrounded him their true motivation – DRUGS. Help him get into an effective rehab program and come back again in a year or two.

    That’s probably not going to happen either. So where’s his agent in all this? Like any good vulture, he’s circling the next carrion on his client list.

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    • Chad Lundberg says:

      One way he can help straighten his life is hang out with the right people in the right locker room. Just my opinion though, I’m not psychiatrist or councilor.

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  4. ELong says:

    Too early to call. Addiction is a wicked thing and he needs to get some more clean time under his belt.

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  5. Dan says:

    Jolly was a mess for a few years before he went to prison. I’m not sure that 6 mo in the can makes that all go away, but I hope so.

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  6. Big T says:

    give him repeated shocks to his ballsack and then put him in a packer uniform, he is desperately needed……….

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  7. John Zoul says:

    He’s a drug addict. This is an example of where the NFL and the Packers should do everything they can to help this man. He needs to stay out of Texas, especially Houston, where all or most of his drug “buddies” live…Good fortune Johnny. Keep your nose clean and stay away from codeine…

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  8. PissedoffinAZ says:

    Codeine? CODEINE? Back in the 60′s you could buy cough syrup with codeine over the counter. Yes it’s a drug, and yes it’s addicting, but it’s not meth, or the new face-chewing zombie drug.Perspetive! And this is Texas, where one poor guy got 20 years for a joint!

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