Packers News: Raiders sign Brandian Ross from practice squad

Former Packers CB Brandian Ross

Former Packers CB Brandian Ross

When the Packers’ 53-man roster was released, one of the surprising “keeps” was cornerback Brandian Ross.

A second-year undrafted player out of Youngstown State, Ross put together a solid training camp and impressed the coaching staff enough to keep him on the roster as the 11th member of the secondary. However, he only lasted one week on the 53-man roster, as he was demoted to the practice squad once outside linebacker Erik Walden was reinstated by the league.

Following Walden’s reinstatement, Ross cleared waivers, which allowed the Packers to bring him back to the practice squad on Sept. 12.

Ross will join Reggie McKenzie and former Packer cornerback Pat Lee in a beat up Raiders’ secondary. Buried on the depth chart with the Packers, Ross will surely have a better opportunity at playing time in Oakland. With starters Ron Bartell and Shawtae Spencer both out with injuries, Lee and Joselio Hanson are slotted to start for the Raiders this week against the pass-happy Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Packers now have an opening on their practice squad, which currently features just one defensive player in lineman Lawrence Guy. No news has been released as to who the Packers will sign to fill Ross’s spot, but it’d be surprising if they left Guy as the only defensive player on their eight-man practice squad.

On the other hand, the Minnesota Vikings just waived wide receiver Tori Gurley from the practice squad to clear up space to sign offensive tackle Troy Kropog. But the Packers already have six wide receivers on the 53-man roster and Diondre Borel on the practice squad, so if they add gurley, Gurley would be No. 8 for the Packers.

Stay tuned for updates on Packers roster moves.


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7 Responses to “Packers News: Raiders sign Brandian Ross from practice squad”

  1. CSS says:

    Congratulations to Ross, that’s a huge promotion.

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  2. Mr. Bacon Mr. Bacon says:

    Well, it’s a shame we don’t get to see what he can improve on but hey he gets to go to the Raider organization which is slowly coming back to relevance.

    We won’t know for a while how he will turn out, but at least he gets a chance to shine.


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  3. Mojo says:

    McKenzie obviously knows this guy. Thought he had a good preseason, but the Pack finally seems to have numbers in the secondary. Good deal for Ross.

    Wouldn’t mind if they resign Gurley, even with all the WR around. Take the best talent around.

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  4. I bleed green more says:

    He was good but what we have on the roster just beat him out. I wish him luck, he played hard while with GB.

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  5. Slim11 says:

    If the Packers don’t feel they can sign Jennings to an extension, they might bring Gurley back. Signing Gurley now might be a sign the Packers believe they won’t have a chance to bring jennings back.

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  6. alex parkhurst says:

    I would like to see Gurley back. I really think he could add something.

    BUT they need other lineman – OL or DL.

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  7. aaronqb says:

    Honestly, with all of the teams in the NFL in need of CB help, I was surprised that Ross cleared waivers when Walden was activated. Congrats to him.

    Why the talk about Gurley? He was released from the Vikings practice squad. We don’t need roster fillers at WR. We may need a #2 or #3 WR next year. Gurley is not the answer.

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