Packers Activate TE Andrew Quarless; Place LB Nick Perry on IR

Nick Perry

Green Bay Packers rookie LB Nick Perry is out for the rest of the 2012 season with a wrist injury.

The Green Bay Packers have announced that the team hasactivated tight end Andrew Quarless from the physically unable to perform (PUP) list and have placed rookie linebacker Nick Perry on season-ending injured reserve for a wrist injury.

Perry reportedly sought a second opinion on the wrist he injured earlier this season and apparently opted for surgery that will cost him the remainder of what was a promising rookie campaign.   With D.J. Smith and Desmond Bishop already out for the season and Clay Matthews dealing with a hamstring injury that could keep him out for a few weeks, the Packers find themselves dangerously thin at linebacker.   Rookie Dezman Moses will likely get a chance to prove that fans’ excitement over his potential is warranted.

As for Quarless, this is a moment many have been waiting for since he went down last December with a knee injury.  He was not ready for training camp so the Packers put him on the PUP list until this week.  It’s unclear how large of a role Quarless will immediately have, but if Jermichael Finley continues to struggle then it’s possible Quarless could earn some playing time along with Tom Crabtree.



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16 Responses to “Packers Activate TE Andrew Quarless; Place LB Nick Perry on IR”

  1. Chad Lundberg says:

    Well since I’m in blissful ignorance land right now, I don’t believe a word of it.

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  2. Oppy says:

    In unrelated news, it’s been reported by the JSO that the Packers let Diondre Borel go from the PS as well. They must really like that other young WR they signed to the squad recently, or Borel’s injury was a career-changer.

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  3. Oppy says:

    Oh, obligatory video clip of Andrew Quarless absolutely DEMOLISHING Jarred Allen with a crack-block pancake, then going on to get open and make a big reception as Rodgers scrambles out of the pocket.

    This is Quarless’ most outstanding highlight of his career, IMO.. And the guys calling the game completely miss it! haha..


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    • Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

      Too much love for “Big Daddy” with those commentators…

      And yeah, I’ll never forget that play.

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    • Elo says:

      I love that clip. Great timing to put AQ in motion and then clobber Allen like that.

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  4. Brian says:

    I like Quarless. Hes not afraid to play like a man. The packers offence needs to get more physical. Talyor, Wiliams, Crabtree and Quarless would work out well starting in the Super Bowl this year. Hopefully Perry will get recovered next year. I expect Zombo to be playing with a little bit of an Edge for having to be out so long. He is a football player.

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  5. Dan says:

    Can Quarless play OLB? If so, he could fill in for creampuff Perry

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  6. Ron LC says:

    Another delay in getting an injured player properly treated. This is happening more than it should. A new philosophy is needed in the Medical Staff and trainers. I just don’t have any confidence left in McKensie.

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    • Oppy says:

      What delay? Quarless’ knee was destroyed. The Packers knew right away he was done for the season, in fact, they were concerned it could have been a career-ending injury.

      I think you might be confusing this injury with someone else’s.

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    • Oppy says:

      Second read through, I get it now, Ron- you’re talking about Perry’s wrist. Sorry for the confusion.

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  7. Dan "FireMMNow" Blakley FireMMNow says:

    Quarless came in to the league as kind of a finesse guy. He really turned that around last year before his injury. He was effective on special teams and got after it in the run game. He is not going to be a game changer for this team, but he should help set the edge for the RBs a little better than the other guys.

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    • Oppy says:

      He was doing it ALOT better than the other guys before his injury.

      Quarless’ knee injury was considered “catastrophc”- I believe he completely shredded both his ACL and his MCL all in one go. Unfortunately, I would tend to think that he will not be much more than a shadow of his pre-injury self for quite some time.

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  8. Big T says:

    Difference between Quarless and Finley… Quarless can catch the ball and can keep his mouth shut… Bye bye fumble fingers Finley, see ya wouldn’t want to be ya…

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