Packers Sign Ryan Grant

Ryan Grant

The Packers hope Grant can return to old form and help solidify the run game

It was announced by Jason Wilde at ESPNMilwaukee on Wednesday morning that running back Ryan Grant worked out for and then signed with the Green Bay Packers.  Terms have not been disclosed.

Grant was brought in after it was learned that James Starks suffered a knee injury in Sunday’s win over the Minnesota Vikings.  While the injury won’t require surgery, Grant’s signing means it’s very likely Starks’ season could be over.

Grant spent five seasons with the Packers from 2007 – 2011.  He was not re-signed in 2012.   Grant appeared in one game with the Washington Redskins earlier this season and had five carries for five yards.  He was courted by the Detroit Lions prior to the season and also had workouts with the New England Patriots earlier this summer and just recently, the New York Giants.

Grant will join the team later today and should be active for Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions.  Ironically, Sunday is also Grant’s 30th birthday.  Grant signaled the signing with the Packers this morning via his Twitter account when he tweeted “Its’ a GO” and “I’m signing”.


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23 Responses to “Packers Sign Ryan Grant”

  1. Wagszilla says:

    Dear McCarthy,

    Watch the tape from the 2007 playoff run. Checkdowns to Grant were money. More of that, please.


    P.S. Imagine how good Grant would be if he had Andrew Quarless blocking for him

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    • JimR_in_DC says:

      Wagszilla sez: “Watch the tape from the 2007 playoff run.”

      Let’s see, it’s now 2012. I wonder if Grant can still be effective. I’m hoping so.

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  2. Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

    Wow… things just keep getting more interesting around here, don’t they?

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  3. Cheezwhiz says:

    Just don’t repaint the yard lines so he won’t trip over them…

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  4. Tarynfor12 Tarynfor12 says:

    Talk about stuff coming full circle.

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  5. Mojo says:

    In 2010 Grant was injured for the season and missed the SB. He was replaced in part by Starks. Now Starks is lost for the season and replaced by Grant. Is this a sign karma is going to grant book-end SB’s?

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  6. ELo says:

    I guess Ahman Green wasn’t available.

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  7. Dan "FireMMNow" Blakley FireMMNow says:

    I do not think anyone here was a big ryan grant fan, but i am guessing the drop off from starks to grant will be minimal if at all. i worry about ball security after not playing for so long, but fresh legs this time of year may be a good thing.

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  8. Patrick Mahoney says:

    I think it’s great that they’re bringing him back. It’s about time. The guy was great when he was with the Pack in the past. Under the circumstances, why go elseware for a running back.
    Congrats’ Ryan and Happy Birthday.

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  9. Mojo says:

    I just looked at the Packers website and RB Johnny White was listed on the IR, but not Starks. Grant was also listed on the roster, so the info must be updated.

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  10. Chad Lundberg says:

    Access Granted. Welcome back Ryan.

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  11. Dan says:

    Where’s Harlan Huckleby?

    Grant got a standing O when he walked in the meeting room today, team chemistry is important. Let’s give Grant a chance. Maybe his fresh legs will be a plus.

    I don’t like the injury report for the Lions game. Lang, Wilson, Neal, Starks of coarse, Nelson, Mathews, and prob Woodson and Shields will miss the game. 7 starters, not to mention the IR crew, missing. That’s 12 starters total that are probably not playing Sunday. Any other team in the NFL would lose 95% of the time with all these injuries.

    The lions have been losing games, but they still have a good D line, QB and a megatron. The pack needs to somehow win this game , ugly or not, just win. Then the Pack will probably have at least 5-6 starters return for the show down with the bears.

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    • Wagszilla says:

      Dude. They’re playing the Lions.

      THE LIONS.

      Packers 38 Lions 16

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      • Dan says:

        Should win at home..by 4 TDs? …NO….. Pack 27 , kittys 23

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      • frozentundra91 says:

        Agree with Dan. Division games are usually close and I wouldn’t sleep on the lions. It will probably be the same as the vikings game. People will expect the packers to put up thirty-some points and it’s probably not gonna happen.

        I think this game is successful if the packers just get a win and don’t incur any more injuries. That’s what you always want, but I don’t expect much style in this game. It would be nice to see Grant and Green help open up the passing game.

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  12. marpag says:

    I’m… uh…. underwhelmed. Can’t hurt, I guess.

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  13. mark gast says:

    All I want for Christmas… OK, I want the Pack to win the Superbowl and the playoffs don’t start until after New Years. However, considering how well Grant played during the regular seasons only to get knocked out by the Giants in the playoffs twice… I would love for the Packers to get a home playoff game against the Giants and return the favor with Grant busting loose for over 100 yards and no fumbles. That’s all I want!

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    • cow42 says:

      you really want the Giants in Lambeau?
      no thanks.

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    • Dan says:

      I hope the Packers don’t play the Giants or the Niners in the playoffs, we don’t have the trenches for either team. Our best chance is Seattle or Chicago, then Atlanta…. If for some reason we end up in the SB, any team but NE, our D will not stop them, to many injuries

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    • Dan says:

      We had our revenge game against the giants this year…..we looked great

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    • Jason Perone Jason Perone says:

      That’s modest, Mark. Very do-able;). That would satisfy A LOT of holiday wish lists, believe me!

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  14. Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

    Well, the Vikings just put Percy Harvin on IR. Looks like the Packers won’t have to deal with him at all this season.

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  15. Shavager says:

    I’d trust Grant on the field with the ball more than Starks, one thing for sure-in his 4 seasons with Packers-excepting the ’10 season and broken ankle, Grant has missed only two games with injury in those 4 seasons while Starks has yet to finish a season. He knows the system, is familiar with Rodgers and was a great screen option in past.

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