Picking the Packers’ Elite Eight Players – Vote Now

Packers Elite Eight

Pick the Packers’ Elite Eight

Last weekend, we picked our “Packers Players Sweet Sixteen.” As March Madness continues, we will parallel the NCAA Basketball tournament and have you vote for the eight best Packers on the roster; the “Packers Players Elite Eight.”

If you recall, we gave you the first 12 players last time and had you vote for the last four spots. The players you selected to include in the Sweet Sixteen were Casey Hayward, Bryan Bulaga, Jermichael Finley and Tim Masthay (just missing out was T.J. Lang).

This time around, you get to vote for the Elite Eight. So select who you think are the Packers’ BEST eight football players from the list. As a reminder, this isn’t a vote for the player’s value to the Packers, but rather who are the BEST football players on the roster.

The poll will be up through Friday Night and the results will be posted on Saturday.  Enjoy!


Select the Packers “Elite Eight” Players

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13 Responses to “Picking the Packers’ Elite Eight Players – Vote Now”

  1. Ron LC says:

    That excercise was harder than I thought it would be. So much depends on whether key players can return from injury or the very young players continue to increase their skill level each year.

    In short it’s a crap shoot!

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  2. Big T says:

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    • Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

      What, so last week all 16 players were “sweet”?

      Come on, man…

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  3. Jersey Al Jersey Al says:

    So far, two people did not vote for Aaron Rodgers and three did not vote for Clay Matthews.

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  4. Will Foster says:

    how did tramont williams even make the list????? soft!!!

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  5. John Rehor John Rehor says:

    That was tougher than I thought it would be.

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  6. Oppy says:

    My last spot was very hard to pick between Burnett, Bishop, and Bulaga.

    I went with Burnett. Bishop might not ever be the same, and Bulaga has not been dominant by any means. Burnett has play making ability that occasionally flashed and is consistent.

    I feel remorse I did not include Tramon.

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  7. Nick Perry says:

    Don’t feel bad oppy. After watching T. Williams against the Queens and actually get out of Adrian Pertersons way more than once, I’ve lost that loving feeling from 2010. That was 34 games ago and a lot of yards given up later.

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    • Oppy says:

      NP, that actually does make me feel better.

      That said, I’m of the opinion that he hasn’t been the playmaker he was two seasons ago- and he’s giving WR’s such a large bubble in coverage- because he doesn’t have faith his back end will be where it is supposed to be.

      When Collins was back there, he knew that he could play as tight and aggressive as he liked, and if the WR got over on him, Collins was where he was supposed to be for clean up duty. Williams looks like he plays extra cautious and safe now, as though he is the last line of defense, and that doesn’t allow him to risk nearly as much.

      Still hope he rebounds, but you’re right, his run support was ABYSMAL.

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