Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Myles White, WR Louisiana Tech

Packers UDFA WR Myles White

Packers WR Myles White

Player Information:

  • Myles White, WR Louisiana Tech
  • 6’1”/182 lbs
  • Hometown – Livonia, Michigan

Pro Day:

  • 40 yard: 4.42
  • 20 yard: 2.55
  • 10 yard: 1.53
  • Bench: 11
  • Vertical: 37.5″
  • Broad: 121”
  • Shuttle: 4.15
  • 3-cone: 6.90


White was voted Second Team All-Western Athletic Conference (Coaches selection) in 2012. He was the pass receiving sidekick to Quinton Patton in Tech’s high-powered, conference-leading offense.   White caught 56 passes for 718 yards and six touchdowns as a senior. White started his college career at Michigan State, but was involved in several off-field incidents. White decided he needed a change of scenery, so he transferred to Northwest Mississippi Community College, where he was sixth in the nation in receptions at the JUCO level. After spending a year there, White accepted Louisiana State’s offer and had a solid two seasons for the Bulldogs.

Video: (adult language warning…)


  • A legitimate deep threat that can accelerate past defensive backs.
  • Seems adept at finding the open spaces in the field.
  • Has very effective moves to pick up extra yards after the catch. Will shake and bake to create some space, then accelerate downfield.
  • Appears to have a fairly slight build. Will need to get stronger to combat NFL press coverage.
  • Initial small area burst is impressive, and backs up his fine 20yd shuttle time.
  • Sometimes catches the ball into his body when he doesn’t need to.
  • Shows very good ball awareness and uses his vertical leaping ability to his advantage.


Packers rationale:  Ted Thompson definitely had speed on his mind when he signed White and drafted Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey. The Packers are obviously looking to fill one of their open receiver spots with a legitimate deep threat who can extend the field and create open spaces underneath for the dynamic trio of Cobb, Nelson and Jones. White would seem to fit the bill, but I have concerns about his size (Randall Cobb at only 5’10″ weighs 10lbs more than White). If healthy, I expect Charles Johnson to be the guy who wins the speed wide receiver spot (I like his other attributes better), but White is the kind of guy the Packers will gladly keep on the practice squad and put him to work in the weight room.


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13 Responses to “Packers Undrafted Rookie Scouting Report: Myles White, WR Louisiana Tech”

  1. Batavia Greg says:

    White is an intriguing prospect. Too bad, though, that we didn’t pick his teammate, Patton, in the draft’s 4th round when we had the chance (Patton was eventually taken by SF. The rich get richer!). See http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1630618-quinton-patton-a-coup-for-the-san-francisco-49ers

    What intrigues me about White, as well as another UFA WR, Terrell Sinkfield, is that at least one has a legitimate chance of making the team or the PS. Sinkfield is about the same height as White, 10 pounds heavier, a great leaper and faster. He runs the 40 in the 4.3′s and was once clocked at 4.19. The fact that our two 7th round WR picks, Johnson and Dorsey, missed several OTAs is a mystery. The Packers won’t disclose why. If they have injuries or other medical or legal/personal issues, they may soon be forgotten.

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    • cow42 says:

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      • Stroh says:

        Patton has TOol or Randy Moss attitude written all over him. Dont need that in the lockerroom.

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        • cow42 says:

          This team could use some tools.

          They need some a-holes on the field.

          Need to start handing out attitude instead of absorbing it.

          Are you telling me you wouldn’t want Randy Moss? You’re crazy.

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          • Stroh says:

            Patton has the attitude of Moss or TOol. He doesn’t have anywhere near the game! Would be one thing if he was supremely talented, but he’s not he would be a backup w/ attitude problems. I don’t care if a guy talks a little, but the guy is an Ahole and his game isn’t nearly as good as Jones, Nelson or Cobb.

            His attitude is a ME first guy, he’ll be a cancer in a lockerroom. Your confusing attitude w/ toughness!

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  2. Steve Pfeifer says:

    What I like: speed, gets separation, MOSTLY catches ball in his hands and SECURES the ball before making moves and running with it, carries the ball in the correct hand, excellent concentration on the ball when in tight coverage and maintains that focus throughout the catch. What concerns me: needs to act like he’s been there before – too much of a showboat, may get offensive interference calls – tends to push off too much.

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  3. Brooklyn81 says:

    I believe we will carry six on the roster with Nelson, Jones, Cobb, Boykin, Johnson, and White being the six unless Sinkfield really shows something in trading camp. But those are my six.

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  4. Batavia Greg says:

    The Pack may want WR Jeremy Ross as a punt and kick returner. He had lots of experience at Cal and did fine last year when Cobb was injured until he muffed a punt in the SF playoff game. Hopefully, the coaching staff and fans are forgiving. IMO, the job of kick return specialist is his to lose.

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  5. James Jeffers says:

    I really liked what I saw. Granted the plays on the video show only the best plays, but he catches the ball very well. One handers, in traffic, takes the hit. He’s got a little swagger about him, very athletic for his size. A little more muscle and he reminds me of Steve Smith. If the other 2 draft picks aren’t healthy through training camp, he makes the team easy IMO.

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