AllGreenBayPackers.com Fantasy Football League: Week 6 Update & Power Rankings

AllGBP.com Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the AllGreenBayPackers.com Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the AllGBP.com staff has continued their competitive league this year to pit writers against readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 6 Summary

SuperYooper left the ranks of winless teams in AllGBP Official, picking up a victory this week and improving to 1-4. Heisenberg remained undefeated and in the league lead with a win over Sitton your Head. Optimal Butt Height dropped the most this week, falling from third place to sixth. The Jolly Rodgers went in the other direction, rising from fifth to third. Four teams in the league are on winning streaks.

Matchup Results

Heisenberg 90.98, TouchedbyTedThompson 75.08

  • Heisenberg (6-0, 659.44) earned a 90.98 – 75.08 win over TouchedbyTedThompson (4-2, 649.74), thanks in part to Jordy Nelson, who led the team with 18.10 points.

SuperYooper 114.48, Sitton your Head 56.32

  • SuperYooper (2-4, 551.20) waxed Sitton your Head (0-6, 490.60), 114.48 – 56.32, behind 26.18 points from Andy Dalton. The 58.16-point margin was the largest of the season for SuperYooper.

The Hoshmazodes 90.80, Optimal Butt Height 88.34

  • Arian Foster scored a team-leading 20.60 points to help The Hoshmazodes (6-0, 656.36) get past Optimal Butt Height (3-3, 646.72), 90.80 – 88.34. At 2.46 points, the margin of victory was the smallest in the league this week.

Smoking Jay Cutlers 125.24, The Jolly Rodgers 98.98

  • With 31.60 points, Vernon Davis recorded the highest score of the week and led Smoking Jay Cutlers to a 125.24 – 98.98 win over The Jolly Rodgers (4-2, 673.82). The 26.26-point margin was the largest of the season for Smoking Jay Cutlers.

Pigskin Perfection 122.22, St. Cecilia’s HS 108.30

  • Matthew Stafford scored a team-leading 25.52 points to help Pigskin Perfection (3-3, 674.58) take down St. Cecilia’s HS (1-5, 706.66), 122.22 – 108.30.

Lost in Minnesota 82.78, Team Brainwash 64.80

  • Lost in Minnesota (1-5, 550.48) overcame a 24.34-point spread to upset Team Brainwash (2-4, 584.78), 82.78 – 64.80. The 82.78 points put up by Lost in Minnesota was the lowest winning score of the week.

Chico’s Bail Bonds 108.86, Breesus Christ 87.14

  • Chico’s Bail Bonds (4-2, 729.60) benefited from 28.30 points from Marshawn Lynch and knocked off Breesus Christ (2-4, 564.72), 108.86 – 87.14. The 108.86 points put up by Chico’s Bail Bonds was the team’s lowest winning score of the season and the loss was the third straight for Breesus Christ.

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Optimal Butt Height had the worst drop this week, releasing Carson Palmer, who scored 17.92 points.

Weekly Power Rankings

  1. Heisenberg (Marcos), 6-0, 659.44
  2. The Hoshmazodes (Jason), 6-0, 656.36
  3. Chico’s Bail Bonds (Cow), 4-2, 729.60
  4. The Jolly Rodgers (Chad), 4-2, 673.82
  5. Smoking Jay Cutlers (Adam), 4-2, 666.50
  6. TouchedbyTedThompson (Ian), 4-2, 649.74
  7. Pigskin Perfection (Basil), 3-3, 674.58
  8. Optimal Butt Height (Thomas), 3-3, 646.72
  9. Team Brainwash (Marques), 2-4, 584.78
  10. Breesus Christ (Jeremey), 2-4, 564.72
  11. SuperYooper (Bmorerasta), 2-4, 551.20
  12. St. Cecilia’s HS (“Jersey” Al), 1-5, 706.66
  13. Lost in Minnesota (Kris), 1-5, 550.48
  14. Sitton Your Head (Jesse), 0-6, 490.60

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for AllGreenBayPackers.com. You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


4 Responses to “AllGreenBayPackers.com Fantasy Football League: Week 6 Update & Power Rankings”

  1. Bearmeat Bearmeat says:

    I’m growing to loathe our league. I HAVE to get off the schneid soon!

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    • Chad Toporski Chad Toporski says:

      At least you know your team sucks… I think it’s rather interesting that Al has the second highest points scored in the league, but he’s sitting 12th with a 1-5 record.

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      • Jason Perone Jason Perone says:

        It truly is all about the schedule. I have 2 barely wins, both with under 100 points. This may be the week it all ends.. . to Al.

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  2. Adam Czech says:

    The Smoking Jay Cutlers continue to overcome the media bias shown toward their team by this site and win games.

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