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Packers Ticket Mystery Solved (Somewhat)

Green Bay Packers tickets

Although tickets still remain for this week’s wild card game, the Packers expect their current sellout streak to continue

Since 1973, the NFL has maintained a blackout policy that states that a home game cannot be televised locally if it is not sold out 72 hours prior to its start time.  As of Thursday afternoon, the Green Bay Packers still had 3,000 tickets left to sell and had been granted an extension to 4pm on Friday afternoon by which to sell them.

For those of you who are still worried that the team may not sell out, keep something in mind that has been the case for many years:  While we may never officially hear about it, most teams have sponsors lined up to buy all remaining tickets and avoid the blackout.  The Packers surely have that in place, if needed.

Still, talk of a blackout is not something the Packers faithful are used to hearing or seeing in the news.  As long as I can remember, the Packers have had a waiting list for those wanting season tickets that is said to be as long as 25 years.

With the addition of another 7,000 seats at Lambeau Field this past offseason, that list got slightly shorter and offered additional opportunities for fans to get into one of the most historic venues across pro sports.  The Packers currently own a streak of 319 consecutive sellout games, with 301 of those being regular season contests.  I’m here to tell you that the streak will continue and to have no fear.

Interestingly, the Packers have two local markets:  Green Bay and Milwaukee.  This means that a television blackout would affect a large portion of the state’s viewing audience, if it got to that point.  Again, it won’t.  When was the last time that we saw a true TV blackout in a local market?  If the Jacksonville Jaguars can tarp thousands of seats in the name of advertising and remove them from the stadium count, I think the Packers can easily fill one of the league’s few Mecca’s.

With regards to obtaining playoff tickets at Lambeau Field, typically the Packers send out an invoice to their season ticket holders to give them first option to buy playoff tickets.  It makes sense that they would get first crack at them and that is how it is done with all professional sports.  The team’s timing wasn’t the greatest this season, however, as they sent out the invoices the week following the Packers embarrassing 40-10 loss to the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.



Happy New Year In Packer Land!

Happy New Year in Packers Land

Happy New Year Packers Fans

As the Sun rises on a new year this morning, it also shines a spotlight on a rather improbable weekend taking place in Green Bay. Few could have seen this coming a month ago, and if you need evidence of that, look no further than the 40,000 season ticket holders who opted not to buy playoff tickets at that time.

Even with season ticket holders given a second chance on Monday to buy tickets and then opening sale to the public, there are still thousands of tickets available as of this writing. For the first time in forever, Packers fans in Green Bay and Milwaukee may have to worry about a possible TV blackout.

Conversely, for many fans who might never have been able to afford playoff tickets at scalper prices, the situation is a pleasant surprise, much like the Packers presence in the playoffs itself.

But as any player will tell you, just getting there, no matter how difficult a season you’ve had, is not enough. Winning in the playoffs is what it’s all about.

While the good news is that the Packers are in and playing at home, the bad news is they are playing their recent nemesis, the 49ers. The Packers have been out-played and out-coached by the 49ers in their last few meetings.

But that was LAST YEAR.

This is a NEW YEAR.

Wouldn’t sending the 49ers back to the West Coast as losers be the best way to start off 2014? Pretty safe to say for everyone who comes here it would.

Which brings me to my final thought. 2014 will mark year five for this web site. What started out as a simple diversion for me has turned into a major obsession, but in a good way.

With the plethora of news sources out there, I’m still amazed by how many of you are regular readers, coming here every day and commenting, not to mention the thousands every day that are just “passing through.” If we’ve brought you some information and entertainment over these years, that’s our primary reward (it sure isn’t money!).

I’m equally grateful for the fine collection of writers that take time out of their lives to contribute to the ALLGBP community. They all have their own reasons for doing what they do, but again, money is not one of them. These are dedicated Packers fans that simply live and breathe Green Bay Packers Football. We are all very lucky to have them.



Packers Week 17: Quick Hits

cyrstal ball

What is in store for the Packers this week and beyond?

With one game left to play in this 2013 regular season, the Packers still find themselves with a chance to win the NFC North (somehow).  They round out their schedule with a visit to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears.  The winner of this game will win the division and host a playoff game.

With that, here’s a smorgasbord of Packers-related quick hits heading into this week.

Aaron Rodgers

Yes, I know, some of you are tired of this topic and story but he is the face of the Packers franchise so this isn’t going away.  Some early reports have supposedly leaked out about Rodgers’ already being ruled out for this week’s game against the Bears.  Until the team announces it, it’s never official.  Still, I am sticking with my proclamation from Sunday which is that I don’t think Rodgers plays this week.

I have no sources and no inside scoop.  This is just my thought and I’m done with allowing myself to wonder if Rodgers will be cleared to play and then find out, for the seventh week in a row, that he is not.  The pattern has established itself and the Packers don’t tell anybody anything when it comes to injuries.  If the bone wasn’t healed enough last week, how much is really going to change in seven days?

This also brings up a good question that was brought up by Jason Wilde during last Friday’s “Green and Gold Today” show on ESPN Milwaukee.  Wilde wondered about the possibility that the Packers have already decided that Rodgers isn’t returning this season and just have not told him yet.  That sounds like a ridiculous game plan and I’m sure Rodgers would figure it out on his own.  I hope that’s not what is happening.

Still, as long as the Packers wait to tell the world what it going on with #12 until late in the week, that gives everyone the better part of five days to theorize and debate.  If nothing else, this is keeping @JSComments alive and well on Twitter.

Mike McCarthy

McCarthy is not fun to listen to in a press conference and I don’t think many would disagree.  Beyond that, he’s a good head football coach and I hope he stays in Green Bay for some time.  I know that his play calling and clock management has come under question this season and I do agree with that.  But overall, McCarthy is more good than he is bad for the Packers.  His overall record as head coach says so.



A Tale of Two McCarthys: Packers vs. Cowboys

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy

It was the worst of times, it was the best of times.

Yes, I know that’s backwards (my apologies to Charles Dickens), but it fits the Packers Cowboys game doesn’t it?

The first half brought us as uninspired an effort as we have seen from this team. That’s saying a lot with some of the games we’ve endured this season.

My prediction for this game was that the Packers would need to score in the 30′s  on the 32nd ranked Cowboy’s defense to offset the bunch of points Dallas would put on the Packers D. I rarely get predictions right, but this one worked out.

However, never could I have predicted how this game evolved.

The first half was a symphony of horrible play by the Packers on both sides of the ball, but most shocking was the offensive ineptitude. A few people on twitter and even Troy Aikman used the line that the Packers offense were making the Cowboys defense look like the 1985 Chicago Bears.

From my perspective, Mike McCarthy’s play calling was horrendous. Both in type of play and situational play calling, he gave the Dallas defense nothing but vanilla looks and little to be concerned about.

I’ve been down this road before with McCarthy, most recently with my McCarthy did the Packers no Favors Against Giants post. The situation was even worse the first half of this game. Same old tired plays and some real head scratchers. Two yd pass route on third and nine? Four yard out route on third and ten? Keep giving the ball back to Romo and a hot Dallas offense? WHY????

I was beside myself. I lashed out on twitter. I said I’d be OK with the Packers losing out if it meant McCarthy was sent packing. Yes, I really said that.

I’n not normally the emotional lash out type of guy, but this one time I did. Next thing you know, the wrath of Packers apologists came down on me. I was a retard (not my word), an idiot, a dope. I wasn’t a true fan (guess I’ve been a poser for 45 years).

I don’t really care about what people say about me, but I tried to engage some of these people with some intelligent discussion. I suppose that part did, in fact, make me an idiot. More name calling. Then the excuses.



TODAY: Meet Gilbert Brown, William Henderson and Santana Dotson

Holidays with the Pack Autograph Session returns on Saturday, December 14th, and Saturday December 21st from 11AM – 2PM and 3PM – 5PM at the SouthRidge Mall in Greendale, Wisconsin.

On hand to sign autographs will be Packers legends and Super Bowl Champions Gilbert Brown, William Henderson and Santana Dotson. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, please stop in and tell them ALLGBP sent you.

Holidays with te Pack - Gilbert Brown, William Henderson, Santana Dotson Autograph signing,

HWTP HolidayPriceList


Mayfield Sports Marketing

Phone: 262-366-8188


Date: 12/14/2013
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Southridge Mall
5300 S 76 S Greendale, WI 53129United States

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December Fantasy Football League: Week 13 Update & Playoff Bracket Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the staff has continued their competitive league this year to pit writers against readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 13 Summary

Heisenberg thumped Breesus Christ this week to dethrone The Jolly Rodgers from the top of the league and open a one-game lead. Smoking Jay Cutlers punched their ticket into the playoffs. The Jolly Rodgers dropped the hardest this week, plunging from first place to fourth. Optimal Butt Height was a big winner, rising from fourth to second.

Matchup Results

Team blow goats 129.90, TouchedbyTedThompson 114.90

  • Team blow goats (3-10, 1,150.50) took down TouchedbyTedThompson (8-5, 1,477.60), 129.90 – 114.90, thanks to Russell Wilson, who scored 29.10 points on Monday night. Team blow goats beat their 89.26-point projection by 45.5%, the team’s highest percentage of the season.

Optimal Butt Height 147.88, The Jolly Rodgers 112.78

  • Optimal Butt Height (9-4, 1,513.66) led the league in scoring this week and beat The Jolly Rodgers (9-4, 1,408.84), 147.88 – 112.78.

Team Brainwash 93.20, Smoking Jay Cutlers 92.96

  • Although they were projected to lose by 11.00 points, Team Brainwash (5-8, 1,255.12) got past Smoking Jay Cutlers (7-6, 1,343.80), 93.20 – 92.96. The 93.20 points put up by Team Brainwash was the team’s lowest winning score of the season.

Lost in Minnesota 97.52, SuperYooper 61.04

  • Cam Newton scored 29.32 points to help Lost in Minnesota (3-10, 1,006.44) blow out SuperYooper (5-8, 1,186.74), 97.52 – 61.04. It was the biggest margin of victory of the season for Lost in Minnesota.

St. Cecilia’s HS 142.94, The Hoshmazodes 80.32

  • Eric Decker scored 43.00 points, the league’s highest score of the week, to help St. Cecilia’s HS (5-8, 1,366.78) wax The Hoshmazodes (6-7, 1,191.50), 142.94 – 80.32. St. Cecilia’s HS beat their 83.48-point projection by 71.2%, the team’s highest percentage of the season.

Heisenberg 136.98, Breesus Christ 83.48

  • Thanks to 23.68 points from Nick Foles, Heisenberg (10-3, 1,429.40) blew out Breesus Christ (6-7, 1,206.90), 136.98 – 83.48.

Pigskin Perfection 118.50, VanellopeDevoGorilla 92.84

  • Pigskin Perfection (9-4, 1,506.50) benefited from 28.20 points from Ben Tate and defeated VanellopeDevoGorilla (6-7, 1,391.04), 118.50 – 92.84.

November Fantasy Football League: Week 12 Update & Power Rankings Fantasy Football LeagueWelcome to our weekly update for the Fantasy Football League! For those that are unaware, the staff has continued their competitive league this year to pit writers against readers. Please continue to check back each week as the drama unfolds, and don’t at all hesitate to throw around the smack talk! Who knows . . . maybe you could be throwing down the gauntlet with us next season.

Week 12 Summary

The Jolly Rodgers destroyed The Hoshmazodes this week to claim first place in AllGBP Official, knocking out Optimal Butt Height. Five teams secured their spot in the playoffs, including The Jolly Rodgers, Heisenberg, and Pigskin Perfection. The Jolly Rodgers gained the most ground, exploding from fourth place to first. Optimal Butt Height was the big loser, plummeting from first to fourth. The Jolly Rodgers has won four consecutive matchups.

Matchup Results

TouchedbyTedThompson 91.32, VanellopeDevoGorilla 89.46

  • Facing a 1.74-point deficit on Monday night, TouchedbyTedThompson (8-4, 1,362.70) scored 3.60 points to come back and slip by VanellopeDevoGorilla (6-6, 1,298.20), 91.32 – 89.46. The 91.32 points put up by TouchedbyTedThompson was the team’s lowest winning score of the season.

Heisenberg 132.10, Team blow goats 75.88

  • Colin Kaepernick scored 23.40 points to help Heisenberg (9-3, 1,292.42) pound Team blow goats (2-10, 1,020.60), 132.10 – 75.88. It was the biggest margin of victory of the season for Heisenberg.

Smoking Jay Cutlers 118.68, Optimal Butt Height 101.48

  • Smoking Jay Cutlers (7-5, 1,250.84) got 24.80 points from Julian Edelman on Sunday night to defeat Optimal Butt Height (8-4, 1,365.64), 118.68 – 101.48. Smoking Jay Cutlers scored 20.0% more points than projected (98.94), the highest percentage in the league this week.

SuperYooper 104.40, Pigskin Perfection 90.38

  • SuperYooper (5-7, 1,125.70) took down Pigskin Perfection (8-4, 1,388.00), 104.40 – 90.38, thanks to Anquan Boldin, who scored 22.40 points on Monday night.

St. Cecilia’s HS 88.92, Lost in Minnesota 73.76

  • On Sunday night, Knowshon Moreno scored 29.20 points to help St. Cecilia’s HS (4-8, 1,223.84) defeat Lost in Minnesota (2-10, 908.92), 88.92 – 73.76.

The Jolly Rodgers 122.48, The Hoshmazodes 71.80

  • The Jolly Rodgers (9-3, 1,296.06) blew out The Hoshmazodes (6-6, 1,109.18), 122.48 – 71.80, behind 27.78 points from Philip Rivers. The Jolly Rodgers scored 10.8% more points than projected (110.58) and has now beaten expectations for five straight weeks.

Breesus Christ 71.12, Team Brainwash 69.16