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Cory’s Corner: Packers games are family reunions

The Packers have one of the thickest histories in pro football. This fall will mark the team’s 95th season.

Packers fans may look odd in the cold with strange headgear but they packed Lambeau Field last year to 106.9 percent capacity. There were an average of 77,947 fans a game in a season that had its ups and downs.

Packers fans may look odd in the cold with strange headgear but they packed Lambeau Field last year to 106.9 percent capacity. There were an average of 77,947 fans a game in a season that had its ups and downs.

Which is why what is going on in Buffalo is so sad. After the Bills owner and founder Ralph Wilson passed away March 25, questions have been swirling as to not only the next owner but also if the Bills will remain in Buffalo.

The Bills are a team that is very similar to the Packers. The Green Bay-Appleton TV market is 70th in the nation while Buffalo is 51st. Both are tiny compared to the rest of the league. After Jacksonville, which is 47th, the next highest market is Cincinnati at 34.

They both have rabid fan bases that welcome the arctic cold each winter with a smile and a brat and no matter how the team does, seats are always hard to find.

However, there is one major difference between Buffalo and Green Bay, and that’s ownership. The Packers are in a sense owned by everyone, which makes it absolutely impossible for the team to do anything like selling or moving. However, Buffalo is not. And depending on if Jon Bon Jovi’s group or Donald Trump’s group purchases the Bills, Toronto could be the next city to get an NFL franchise.

How weird and awful would it be if the Packers moved to a place like Los Angeles? The Packers not only have deep roots in the NFL but they also have strong roots in Green Bay and Wisconsin as well.

It’s actually pretty remarkable that in 2014, Green Bay with nearly 105,000 people, is able to not only have an NFL team but in large part does it better than the Giants, Jets, Bears, Eagles and Cowboys. Those coincidentally are four of the top five markets in the country — minus L.A.

Green Bay and Buffalo may not draw from large financial pockets to maintain constant inroads in an ever-changing NFL landscape. Both teams could make buckets more money if they were in a larger city. (It still baffles me that Portland, OR, which is 22nd for market size, is without an NFL team).



Packers Linebacker Up For Major NFL Award

Packers LB Brad Jones

The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award is given to a NFL player for his contributions off the field – Photo by Ray Rivard.

Green Bay Packers linebacker Brad Jones has been nominated for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award.  The award’s winner will be announced this coming Super Bowl weekend.

Among Jones’ charitable efforts are:

Brown County Human Services Department Pals Program

Families of Children with Cancer 

Boys and Girls Club of the Fox Valley 

Sister Bay Lions Club 

WPS Health Insurance Pro vs. G.I. Joe program 

Campbell’s Chunky Soup Click for Cans competition, which donated food to Wisconsin food pantries 

Mike and Jessica McCarthy Golf Invitational for the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison 

Packers’ Draft Day parties

Green Bay Packers Golf Invitational


Often times, the efforts of these players off the field aren’t as widely seen or known and this is a nice showing for Jones, who has become a regular in the Packers defense over the past two seasons.


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Cory’s Corner: Live sports are losing out to living rooms

Man caves like this are making fans choose between attending the game or remaining planted on the couch.

Man caves like this are making fans choose between attending the game or remaining planted on the couch.

It was only a matter of time before the living room caught up to the at-the-game experience.

And now we’re here.

When legions of Packers fans decided to turn down playoff tickets because of a myriad of things ranging from greed at 1265 Lombardi Ave., weather and the gameday experience many people around the country took notice.

If Packers fans are turning down playoff tickets, what’s next on the horizon for live sporting events?

Greed was why I turned down my playoff tickets. This was the first year the Packers opted to sit on season ticketholders’ money if the Packers failed to make the playoffs. I didn’t think it was right for the Packers to keep the money and reinvest it for themselves.

Obviously the weather has been hashed and re-hashed. But when the notice came for season ticketholders prior to Thanksgiving, weather wasn’t an issue. (Heck, at that point, the playoffs weren’t really an issue).

The last thing is what should scare the Packers and every sports team that has its games televised. High definition TV’s are commonplace now. The picture quality is clearer than ever before and it also affords angles that fans sitting in the stands cannot see.

The NFL knows they have a problem on its hands because it took steps to remedy the situation by offering to have cameras in the locker room moments before the teams were ready to take the field. I can’t speak for other NFL venues, but at Lambeau Field, the majority of fans will never see that. The amount of gridlock caused by the beefed up security has created a sea of people that engulf Armed Forces Dr. before whittling themselves down into smaller security lines.

One glaring problem that has arisen is the need for either better cellular service or the addition of WiFi. What’s the best way for the NFL to expand its already gargantuan brand? Let its fans flood social media with pictures and comments relishing in the product.

I know the NFL has really worked hard to crack down on this, but the language still needs to be cleaned up. I know the usual argument is that you should be able to say whatever and whenever you want. And that’s right when you’re tailgating at your car. But when you’re packed tight in a bowl on aluminum benches, a stronger vocabulary than the abundance of four-letter words as both nouns and verbs is required.



Bart Starr Award Given to Top Packers Player

Cody Monroe (right) got to hang out with his favorite player, Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers received the Bart Starr Award for outstanding leadership & contributions on and off the field

As with the end of any NFL season come the many awards that are handed out to deserving players.  Earlier this week, Eddie Lacy was voted rookie of the year by the Pro Football Writer’s Association.  Today, it was announced that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is receiving the Bart Starr Award.

The award applauds outstanding character and leadership in the home, on the field and in the community and is voted on by other NFL players.

Rodgers has been active with such causes as Raise Hope for Congo, the Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer (MACC) fund, Young Life and the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Other NFL players considered for the award were Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark and Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.  Reggie White is the only other Packers player to receive this award.

With leadership being one of the keys to being selected for this honor, this should further put to rest any questions about Rodgers’ leadership role within the Packers organization.


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Packers Barclay and McMillian Help Raise $30,000 at Levi’s Challenge

Don Barclay, Mark Mayfield, Jerron McMillian and Levi Biestle

Don Barclay, Mark Mayfield, Jerron McMillian and Levi Biestle

Once again, the Packers community has shown how it rallies around one of its own in need.

Levi Biestle is a 3 1/2 yr old young boy who was involved in a tragic lawn tractor accident. He has had 11 surgeries and three toes and part of a foot amputated. More surgeries will be needed, as will be money to help pay for these medical expenses.  (To read about this in more detail, visit

This past Saturday, Packers players Don Barclay, Jerron McMillian and a host of volunteers and local businesses got together to donate their time, money, services and raffle items in a concerted effort to raise money for this young Wisconsinite.

The Newburgh Fire department hosted the event, spearheaded by Wayne Sargent and Steve Tate of the “Ultimate Packer Fan Connection.” There were raffles, auctions, food and beverage sales with all proceeds going to the cause.

LS Limo of Appleton provided free transportation for the players. Mayfield Sports Marketing donated items for the raffles and auctions. Too many others to mention were volunteers that helped run the day-long event.

News of the event was spread via social media by the players, fans and members of the Packers Talk Radio Network and Mayfield Sports Marketing.

But of course, the biggest draw were the appearances by Packers’ players Don Barclay and Jerron McMillian, who both cleared time in their schedules to be there to support the fund raising event.

The players signed items that were then auctioned or raffled off. All event attendees received free autographs from the players, but were encouraged to make a donation if they were able to.

In all, it was a huge success; the day’s events raised close to $30,000 to help Levi and his family with the medical expenses they face.

Many thanks go to all involved, but it was the appearance of the Packers’ players that brought in the masses. The players appeared courtesy of Mayfield Sports Marketing, who has been successfully booking player appearances for fund-raisers and other events throughout Wisconsin.

If you want to make your next event a major success, you can contact Mayfield Sports Marketing here.



Packers Don Barclay to Support Levi’s Challenge: Wisconsin Toddler Needs Your Help

Levi's Challenge - Levi Beastle

Levi’s Challenge – Levi Beastle

Levi Beastle is a young Wisconsin 3-year old who was involved in a tragic lawn mower accident resulting in amputation of three toes and part of his foot. He has been through 11 surgeries in two months and more will be needed.

Packers offensive lineman Don Barclay has thrown his support to Levi’s cause and will appear at a fund-raising event this Saturday, November 2nd at the Newburgh Fire Station in Newburgh, Wisconsin.

ALLGBP.COM will be donating $100.0o the cause and if at all possible, we hope you can make a donation of any amount. But if you can’t, all we ask is one thing: please spread the word however you can so the message hopefully reaches more people who can help with monetary donations. Share the news though social networks like Facebook and Twitter, on Packers Forums, call your wealthy friends, put a sign on your lawn, whatever you’re comfortable with. Just help us spread the word and help this family out.

You can donate or get more information on their website, If you share on Facebook or Twitter, please use the hashtag #LevisChallenge.


On September 3rd Levi was involved in a lawn mower accident at home in Town of West Bend, he was attend to by the Allenton Fire Department who subsequently sent him by Flight for Life to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. There his three small toes and a segment of the side of his right foot were amputated due to the significant amount of damage and the great concern for infection that could lead to further amputation. Five days later his great grandmother and aunt were killed in a head on collision on highway 16 near Oconomowoc Wi. Levi spent 30 days in Children’s Hospital with 11 surgeries to clean the wound sites and 1 surgery to transfer muscle from his back, skin grafts from his thigh and closure to the top of his foot.

On October 3rd he was discharged from Children’s Hospital still on IV antibiotics just in time to attend his mother and fathers wedding held on October 5. His mother, father, grandmother and grandfather were trained to attend to the IV infusions, wound dressing and pain drug administration, of which he remains on for an additional 3 weeks to date.  Subsequent known surgeries will include 3 pin removal from his foot and tendon relocation from the left side of his foot to the right side to allow straightening of the foot due to the loss of those lost in the accident, it is still unknown how much rehabilitation, prosthetics or assisting devices will be required to try to return him to his new normal state of mobility.



Vince Lombardi to be Honored by Pro Football Hall of Fame Oct 2

Vince Lombardi, Hometown Hall of Famer

Vince Lombardi, Hometown Hall of Famer

Legendary Packers football coach and Pro Football Hall of Famer, Vince Lombardi, is going to be honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Allstate Insurance on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at his H.S. alma mater in New York with a special ceremony and plaque presentation.

This event at St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, New York, is part of “Hometown Hall of Famers™,” a national program honoring the hometown roots of the sport’s greatest coaches, players, and contributors.

John Lombardi, Vince’s grandson, will be on-hand at the ceremony to accept the plaque on his grandfather’s behalf and say a few words about his legacy.

Here is the full Press Release:

National Program Recognizes Pro Football’s Greatest Legends in their Hometown Communities

Canton, Ohio – Sept. 25, 2013 – Pro football legend Vince Lombardi will be recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and Allstate Insurance Company in Queens, New York, on Wednesday, Oct. 2, as part of “Hometown Hall of Famers™,” a national program honoring the hometown roots of the sport’s greatest coaches, players, and contributors with special ceremonies and plaque dedication events in local communities.

“’Hometown Hall of Famers™’ has been warmly embraced by communities and Hall of Famers alike,” said George Veras, Pro Football Hall of Fame Enterprises president and CEO. “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Allstate to bring the Pro Football Hall of Fame to communities across the country and congratulate the late Vince Lombardi and St. Francis Preparatory School on bringing a piece of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to Queens.”

A legendary NFL coach and former high school standout at St. Francis Preparatory School, Lombardi will be honored with his “Hometown Hall of Famer™” plaque during a special ceremony at 1:25 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the school’s auditorium, located at 6100 Francis Lewis Blvd., Fresh Meadows, NY, where the plaque will live permanently to serve as an inspiration for the school’s students and athletes. John Lombardi, Vince’s grandson, will be on-hand to accept the plaque on behalf of the Lombardi family.

“To be part of a program that brings the prestige and tradition of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to communities like Queens is an honor for Allstate, our agents and employees,” said Lisa Cochrane, Allstate’s senior vice president of marketing.
The ceremony will be attended by St. Francis Preparatory School students, faculty, staff, alumni and Lombardi’s family members and close friends. Kyle Flood, Rutgers University head football coach and St. Francis alumnus, will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.