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Green Bay Packers Final Roster Cuts: Gurley, Borel, Levine Genus Released


The full running list of Packers Roster Cuts can be found here:


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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for



August Staff: Final 53-man Roster Predictions

Packers 53-Man Roster Predictions:

(Note: With regards to suspended player Erik Walden, our prognosticators had the option (as the Packers do) of either adding a 53rd player for week one or going with 52. If going with 52, then there can be no third year practice squad players (Anthony Levine and Graham Harrell are eligible). In either case, Walden will  not be used in our roster predictions. (nor will Mike Neal, suspended for four games to start the season)

Also, with regards to the IR exception approved today, the Packers can designate one player on IR to be eligible to come back after six weeks. If the Packers choose that person to be Desmond Bishop, then they have to temporarily put him back on the roster for the final 53 (cutting another player in the process). If they don’t designate Bishop in this way (indications are they won’t) then he does not have to be included on the 53 man roster.  Our selections will include him or not, based on that criteria.


53-Man Roster Predictions
Marques Thomas Kris Adam Chad Jersey Al
Rodgers  Rodgers Rodgers  Rodgers Rodgers Rodgers
 Harrell  Harrell Harrell Harrell Harrell Harrell
 2  2  2  2  2  2
Marques Thomas Kris Adam Chad Jersey Al
 Benson  Starks Benson Benson Benson Benson
 Green  Benson Green  Green Green Green
 Saine  Green Kuhn  Starks Starks Saine
 Kuhn Saine Saine  Saine Saine Kuhn
Kuhn  Starks  Kuhn Kuhn  Starks
 4  5 5  5  5  5
Marques Thomas Kris Adam Chad Jersey Al
 Finley  Finley  Finley Finley Finley Finley
 Crabtree Crabtree Crabtree  Crabtree Crabtree Crabtree
 Williams Williams Williams  Williams Williams  Williams
 Taylor Taylor Taylor  Taylor Taylor Taylor
5 4 4  4  4  4
Marques Thomas Kris Adam Chad Jersey Al
 Jennings Jennings Jennings Jennings Jennings Jennings
 Nelson  Nelson Nelson  Nelson Nelson Nelson
 Cobb  Driver Cobb  Driver Driver Driver
 Jones  Cobb Driver Cobb Cobb Cobb
 Driver  Jones Jones  Jones Jones Jones
 Gurley Borel
 5  5 5  5 5  6


Packers vs. Chiefs – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: GB 24 KC 3

Graham Harrel with a perfect passer rating vs Chiefs

Graham Harrel finished with a perfect passer rating vs Chiefs

Green Bay Packers vs. Kansas City Chiefs:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

Inactives tonight: Charles Woodson, Davon House, James Starks, Robert Francois, Jeff Saturday, Andrew Datko, Ryan Pickett, Donald Driver and Tom Crabtree.


The Packers have finished the preseason against the Chiefs the last three years.

Mike McCarthy started his NFL career with the Chiefs in 1993.


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Starters: Our starters will play one series, maybe 6-7 plays.

Last week’s game: We felt good coming off the field and even more so after the film study.

Roster: A lot of cometetion throughout the whole roster, not just at the bottom, but for starting jobs also.

Can someone win a job tonight: Absolutely, I’m counting on it. Ted & I have discussed this – it’s the beauty of having a 4th preseason game.

Graham Harrell: GH is just like every other football player competing – he has to play well and he has to earn that opportunity. I don’t really agree with the opinions outside the building. No need for us to address it. GH brings a lot to the table. If we were to play a game tomorrow with GH, our offense wouldn’t need to change… People need to get their facts straight.




Packers vs. Chiefs – First Impressions – First Half:

Raji hurt on the first play? Hopefully just turned an ankle.

Sean Richardson in at safety before MD Jennings…

Nice job by Nick Perry on the Richardson tackle for a loss. Got backfield penetration, forced RB wide, couldn’t follow his lead blocker.

For a second, I thought Shields was gojng to try to run that interception out like last year when he would up getting concussed…

Harrell deep to Gurley. Huge play for both of those guys…

Graham’s Law: Harrell + protection = better results.

I’ve been in Alex Green’s corner since day one, but right now, he’s not finding the holes (assuming there are some). Will still give him a pass for most of this season. Usually takes close to 2 years for complete ACLrecovery.



CheeseheadRadio News 08-28-12: Final 53-man Roster Edition, With Bill Huber

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Jayme Joers (As heard on Cheesehead Radio – 08/28/12 ). Special Guest was Bill Huber of Packer Report and together we analyzed the Packers roster and predicted the final 53.

The Show can be downloaded from itunes here, or just click on the play button below:

Listen to internet radio with Cheesehead Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Al: It’s that nerve-wracking time time of year in the NFL. The time when marginal NFL players are holed up in their rooms praying there isn’t a knock at the door. With each NFL team having to pare rosters from 90 players to 53 over the course of five days, that means almost 1200 players will lose their jobs on Friday.

Jayme: Coach Mike McCarthy spoke about the rigors of this week from the coaches’ perspectives. Having to evaluate so many players and choose a roster that covers all the team needs is painstaking from a workload perspective and painful from a personal perspective. McCarthy called this week the worst part of the job, specifically having to tell young men their NFL dreams are over, at least for now.

Al: For those fringe players whose dreams are still alive this week, they have one more chance to convince the coaches they are worth keeping. The Packers will face the Kansas City Chiefs this Thursday night at Lambeau Field, with starters being used for one series at most. Once the game is over, the Packers will have less than 24 hrs to make their final roster moves and get the roster down to 53.

Jayme:  One new player that is assured a spot on the Packers roster is recently signed running back Cedric Benson. Benson got his first playing time in last week’s game against Cincinnati and looked sharp, averaging over six yards per carry in 10 attempts. With Benson as a legitimate running threat in the Packers’ backfield, opposing defensive coordinators will have some tough choices to make.

Al: As will the Packers when it comes to running back James Starks, who was injured in the first preseason game and hasn’t seen the field since. Mike McCarthy bemoaned the fact that Starks’ recovery from turf toe has been slow, saying, “He hasn’t made a whole lot of progress here of late.” At the same time, the Packers are removing snap count limits from Alex Green and McCarthy said he’s looking for some real production out of Green.



Marques Eversoll: My Initial Packers 53-man Roster Prediction

Packers GM Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson has some tough decisions to make by Friday.

With the final cuts just around the corner, here are my initial predictions for how things may play out. There are a couple surprises, but overall, I think much of the roster is pretty much decided other than maybe two or three spots.

Although I assumed the Packers would keep six wide receivers all offseason, I simply no longer think that’s the case. Both Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel have been injured for part of training camp, and neither has made the same splash they made last summer at this time. I think they’ll both be let go, and the Packers will look to a different young wide receiver to stash on the practice squad.

Other than that, there aren’t too many surprises. So here goes…

Quarterback (2): Rodgers, Harrell

Although I don’t believe Graham Harrell is a No. 2 quarterback in the NFL right now, I think it’s more likely than not that the Packers will keep the position as is–with Harrell as Rodgers’s top backup. If a late-round pick could pry Colt McCoy away from the Cleveland Browns, Thompson would likely consider making that move. And despite Vince Young being an convenient punch-line for football fans, who would you rather have if you had to win a game without Rodgers: Young or Harrell? I’d take Young, and it’s not even remotely close. It’s highly unlikely that Thompson would bring in Young as a free agent, but then again, Ted hasn’t been typical “Ted” this offseason.

Running Back (5): Benson, Green, Saine, Starks, Kuhn

My oh my, how things have changed for James Starks. After choosing not to bring back veteran Ryan Grant, it appeared the Packers were set to put all their chips in on Starks. But fast forward to August, and Starks is the most likely of the four running backs to be cut. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Packers cut Starks, but I’m not confident enough to make it one of my predictions. I see Cedric Benson as the clear-cut feature back in Green Bay, I’m a believer in Alex Green, and I like Brandon Saine’s versatility. So if there’s one back the Pack will cut, it’s Starks. Kuhn will be the only full back on the roster.

Wide Receiver (5): G. Jennings, Nelson, Cobb, J. Jones, Driver



Green Bay Packers Players Eligible for the 2012 Practice Squad

Packers Practice Squad

Practice Squad Players will be doing a lot of this


2012 Packers Practice Squad Eligible Players:


3rd year players:

Anthony Levine (On Packers practice squad 16 games in 2010 and 8 games in 2011)
Graham Harrell (on practice squad 13 games and active for 3 games in 2010 and on practice squad 12 games, 53-man roster 4 games, active roster 1 game in 2011)


2nd year players:

Alex Green (4 games on Packers’ active list last year)
Brandon Saine (On Packers practice squad for 8 games, then on active roster for 8 games)
Brandian Ross (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Davon House  (4 games on Packers’ active list last year)
DeMarco Cosby (1 week on Rams practice squad last year)
Diondre Borel (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
John Hoese (On Packers’ practice squad last year – 4 games)
Johnny Jones (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Lawrence Guy (On Packers’ injured reserve last year)
Ray Dominguez (On Packers practice squad for 5 games, then on 53-man roster for 11 games. Was only active for 6 games)
Tori Gurley (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Sampson Genus (On Packers’ practice squad last year)
Shaky Smithson ((On Packers’ injured reserve last year)
Vic So ‘oto (7 games on Packers’ active list last year)


1st year players:

Andrew Datko
Brandon Bostick
BJ Coleman
Casey Hayward
Curenski Gilleylen
Dale Moss
Dezman Moses
Don Barclay
Du ‘ane Bennett
Greg Van Roten
Jarrett Boykin
Jerron McMillian
Marc Tyler
Mike Daniels
Nic Cooper
Otis Merrill
Nick Perry
Sean Richardson
Jerel Worthy
Shea Allard
Terrell Manning
Tommie Draheim


Not Eligible (in case you were wondering):

Derrick Sherrod (active for 11 games last season, although only played in 5)
Jamari Lattimore (active and played in nine games last season)
MD Jennings (active and played in eleven games last season)


If you missed it:  Our post giving you a plain English explanation of the NFL Practice Squad rules






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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for




Green Bay Packers 2012 Roster Cuts

Green Bay Packers Roster Cuts Announcements

The Turk visited the Green Bay Packers today

4PM EST today is the deadline for the Green Bay Packers to pare their roster down to 75 players. Here are the cuts and/or roster moves as we hear them:

Jarius Wynn – Reported by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This isn’t the first time Wynn has been cut by the Packers. Wynn was a sixth round pick for the Packers in 2009 and surprisingly made the team that season. The next year he was cut and then brought back onto the practice squad when Justin Harrell went down again and then eventually onto the 53-man roster. Wynn played in every game last season, even starting four. But DL improvement was obviously a priority for the Packers this year with all the new additions, so the handwriting was on the wall for Wynn. Evidently, he didn’t do enough this camp to keep his spot.

Jon Hoese – The former Minnesota fullback was sidelined for much of training camp with injuries, and the team ultimately cut him Monday afternoon. Reserve fullback Nic Cooper was a much better runner than Hoese, which made the Packers’ decision relatively easy.

DeMarco CosbyPlaced on Injured Reserve. The tight end from Central Missouri had a very brief stint with the Packers and was never a serious threat to make the roster. He was consistently outperformed by fellow tight end Brandon Bostick–whom also will likely not make the 53-man roster.

Ray DominguezPlaced on Injured Reserve. Dominguez spent the final 11 games of last season on the Packers’ practice squad, but he will not see the field this season after being placed on the season-ending I.R. A four-time letter winner at Arkansas, Dominguez showed promise when he was on the field–but he was sidelined for much of training camp due to injury.

Shaky SmithsonPlaced on Injured Reserve. After joining the Packers as an undrafted free agent last season, Smithson was placed on I.R. for the second consecutive season. A solid return man and mediocre receiver, Smithson would have had to blow the Packers away with his return ability in order to make the 53-man roster. That was a longshot.