Matthews Still Recovering From Injury

Clay Matthews

Matthews says he will be ready for training camp. The Packers hope he’s right.

A recent conversation between Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews and USA Today’s Tom Pelissero revealed that Matthews is still not 100% healed from a repeat thumb injury suffered late in the 2013 season.  ESPN’s Rob Demovsky featured the conversation in a recent article at ESPN.com.

Matthews explained, in more detail, what happened with each injury and how doctors chose to address the second break in December.  Here is an excerpt:

“And unfortunately, on a sack of Roethlisberger, the tip of my thumb [hit] my teammate’s helmet. All that pressure went down the cast, broke it again. So then, to make it tighter, we took part of the tendon, turned it around, drilled some holes and they almost tied a knot through. It’s stronger than [the left one]. Now it’s super tight.”

The Packers defense is just not the same without Matthews on the field.  Since appearing in at least 15 games in his first three seasons, Matthews has missed 11 games over the past two years, including last season’s wild card playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.  Had the Packers advanced and made a serious push for a Super Bowl appearance, Matthews may have returned and played.

It still bears mentioning that a player who plays with the type of intensity as Matthews does is likely to be more vulnerable to injury.  Although Matthews says he will be ready by training camp, everyone heals differently.  The thumb can be a tricky injury with all of the bones and tendons connected to both the hand, wrist and arm.

Matthews should be able to make a return but even if he does and based on averages, he will likely miss some time this upcoming season for whatever reason.  The Packers need to prepare accordingly at the outside linebacker position.  With a healthy Matthews and Nick Perry, the possibilities are many and scary for opposing offenses.  But the “healthy” part has not come easy in the two seasons that tandem has existed.  They have appeared together in just 14 games over those two years.



QB Matt Flynn Reportedly Re-Signs with Packers

Matt Flynn led a fiery comeback for the Packers. And in some ways, the tie is a win.

Flynn will reportedly return to Green Bay in 2014

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN and via ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Green Bay Packers and quarterback Matt Flynn have reportedly come to agreement on a new contract.  Terms have not been announced and Schefter reported this after confirming with a source close to the Packers.

Flynn was signed by the Packers last season in late November after losing their first two games following the injury to starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  Flynn took over for Scott Tolzien and amassed over 1,100 yards passing with seven touchdowns and four interceptions.

More importantly, Flynn helped keep the Packers afloat until Rodgers’ return in late December.  In relief of Tolzien against the Minnesota Vikings, Flynn helped guide the Packers to a tie after the Vikes had built a 23-7 lead.  Flynn also led victories against the Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys and came within a late touchdown pass of pulling off a comeback win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Prior to Flynn’s signing, the fact that he remained unsigned by the Packers was a mystery to many.  Flynn hadn’t reportedly received any interest from other teams after the 2013 season and it was often said that Flynn’s best opportunity in the NFL was in Green Bay, where his career began in 2008.

After leaving Green Bay and signing a lucrative deal with the Seattle Seahawks in 2012, Flynn bounced around the league, spending time in Seattle, Oakland and Buffalo before he was released by the Bills and spent a few weeks on the street.  It was not that surprising that other teams weren’t beating down the door to talk to or sign Flynn.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy has said that he wants to have at least three quarterbacks in training camp and with Flynn signed, Green Bay should enter 2014 with him as well as Rodgers and Tolzien.  The Packers could also add a quarterback in next month’s draft or via free agency afterward.


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Packers Preseason Opponents Announced

Green Bay Packers

The Packers 2014 preseason opponents were announced today

The NFL announced it’s preseason schedule today, with some exact dates and times still to be finalized.

The Green Bay Packers will start off with two road games and finish up with the final two games at home this year.

The Packers lead off with a trip to Tennessee to take on the Titans.  In week two, the Packers travel to face the St. Louis Rams, as they did last season.

Week three has the Packers returning home to host the Oakland Raiders in a nationally televised game on August 22nd at 7pm.  That game will potentially mark the return of former Packers James Jones and C.J. Wilson to Lambeau Field.  The third preseason game is also most like a regular season game, as starters tend to see more game action than any of the other three contests.

The Packers will finish up at home against the Kansas City Chiefs on August 28th.  The two teams were in Kansas City for last preseason’s finale.

This marks the fifth straight year that the Packers close out the preseason against the Chiefs.  It also marks the third straight preseason that the Packers won’t face any of their regular season opponents.


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NFL Approves Rule Changes

NFL Owners meeting

NFL Owners voted to approve rule changes at this week’s meetings

With the NFL owner’s meetings taking place this week, one of the major topics of concern are the proposed rule changes.  I’ll delve into some of those shortly.  There have already reportedly been three rule changes that have been approved to take effect immediately starting in 2014.

The first has to do with the process of instant replay.  NFL owners voted to allow referees to communicate with the officiating command center in New York during on-field reviews.  Previously, referees were afforded several angles of a play under review and then had to make a final ruling.

Now, the command center in New York will closely monitor and begin reviewing potential reviewable plays right away.

When the official contacts them, they will likely have already viewed the play and can help guide to the correct ruling.  The final call is still the referee’s to make, but the command center will ensure that all aspects of the review and play are correctly assessed.

The next is the elimination of a “roll up block” to the side of a player’s leg.  This was a modification of a previous rule that banned roll up blocks from behind.  The biggest beneficiaries of this rule are likely to be defensive players.  Many knee injuries had occurred to players who couldn’t see such a block coming.  After many rule changes that have seemingly favored the offense, the defense scores one here.

The last is the elimination of the “slam dunk” touchdown celebration.  While the exact reasoning for the rule change hasn’t been explained, it would likely be due to the few instances where the contact with the goal posts caused them to become altered or uneven.  The process to correct this is a quick one, but I think we can all live with a little added protection to the integrity of something that affects a score.

The most famous user of this touchdown celebration ironically may have just played his last down this past season: Tony Gonzalez.  When told about the rule change, Gonzalez tweeted that he is glad he got out when he did.  Another tight end who will be coming up with a new scoring celebration is Jimmy Graham.  Graham is currently negotiating with the New Orleans Saints on a long-term contract.



Happy New Year In Packer Land!

Happy New Year in Packers Land

Happy New Year Packers Fans

As the Sun rises on a new year this morning, it also shines a spotlight on a rather improbable weekend taking place in Green Bay. Few could have seen this coming a month ago, and if you need evidence of that, look no further than the 40,000 season ticket holders who opted not to buy playoff tickets at that time.

Even with season ticket holders given a second chance on Monday to buy tickets and then opening sale to the public, there are still thousands of tickets available as of this writing. For the first time in forever, Packers fans in Green Bay and Milwaukee may have to worry about a possible TV blackout.

Conversely, for many fans who might never have been able to afford playoff tickets at scalper prices, the situation is a pleasant surprise, much like the Packers presence in the playoffs itself.

But as any player will tell you, just getting there, no matter how difficult a season you’ve had, is not enough. Winning in the playoffs is what it’s all about.

While the good news is that the Packers are in and playing at home, the bad news is they are playing their recent nemesis, the 49ers. The Packers have been out-played and out-coached by the 49ers in their last few meetings.

But that was LAST YEAR.

This is a NEW YEAR.

Wouldn’t sending the 49ers back to the West Coast as losers be the best way to start off 2014? Pretty safe to say for everyone who comes here it would.

Which brings me to my final thought. 2014 will mark year five for this web site. What started out as a simple diversion for me has turned into a major obsession, but in a good way.

With the plethora of news sources out there, I’m still amazed by how many of you are regular readers, coming here every day and commenting, not to mention the thousands every day that are just “passing through.” If we’ve brought you some information and entertainment over these years, that’s our primary reward (it sure isn’t money!).

I’m equally grateful for the fine collection of writers that take time out of their lives to contribute to the ALLGBP community. They all have their own reasons for doing what they do, but again, money is not one of them. These are dedicated Packers fans that simply live and breathe Green Bay Packers Football. We are all very lucky to have them.