Aaron Rodgers Voted Best In The NFL By Players

Aaron Rodgers

QB Aaron Rodgers: the best player in the NFL according to his peers

The AP made it known with their MVP vote, and now other NFL players have confirmed it.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the best player in the NFL.

NFL Network over the past ten weeks has been airing a countdown of the “Top 100 Players of 2012” as voted upon by NFL players themselves.  Each week the show has counted down 10 players, with tonight’s show being the final one.

Some have said this list is silly and pointless, but I’d argue this is more important than they think because NFL players are the ones voting, not media members.  I can’t speak for the players, but if I were one this would be of some significance because it means they have the respect of their peers and I know that to someone like Rodgers that means a great deal.

This honor is just further proof of Rodgers’ incredible rise to the top of the NFL.  Four years ago he was being booed for throwing incomplete passes in a SCRIMMAGE just because he wasn’t the guy he took over for.  Now, one NFL MVP and a Super Bowl title later, Rodgers is not just the toast of Green Bay but he is the toast of the NFL including among his peers.

With a rocket arm, somehow still-underrated athleticism and lethal accuracy and at the still young age of 28, Rodgers can dominate the game for years to come and other players are beginning to recognize that.

Here’s what other NFL players had to say about the reigning MVP of the NFL:

“To make the QB position look effortless is amazing.”

“He doesn’t have a go to receiver….”

“His charisma and his passion for the game infectious”

“He’s a cool guy who is approachable and is right there playing cards with the guys in the locker room”

“All in all, it’s nothing we really haven’t heard before.”

Rodgers, on the reaction show on NFL Network, was humbled by the honor.  “I’m very humbled by the distinction form my peers. It means a lot to me. “

That said, Rodgers still doesn’t consider himself the best quarterback in the league.  Rodgers said, “I’m blessed to have this honor, but Tom (Brady) is still the watermark for the position.”



Packers Aaron Rodgers Wins 2011 NFL MVP Award

Aaron Rodgers, NFL MVP

Aaron Rodgers, NFL MVP

In a landslide vote that was no surprise to most observers, Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers was voted the NFL 2011 Most Valuable Player.

Rodgers takes home his first MVP Award after garnering 48 votes to 2 for Drew Brees, who earlier had been named NFL the Offensive Player of the Year.

For full detailed coverage of this story, check out this fine article on Rodgers’ MVP win by Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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Week 11 Packers Stock Report: Nelson and Williams Rising, Grant and Sitton Falling

If the playoffs started today, who would have the best chance of beating the Green Bay Packers in the NFC?

The 49ers? If the Packers get ahead by more than 10 points, I don’t think Alex Smith has the arm to bring them back.

The Giants? Their pass rush is scary, but not much else.

The Saints? It’d be high scoring, but the Packers would prevail.

The Lions? Puhleaze.

The Cowboys? They’re talented, but don’t have the cajones to hang with the Packers.

The Bears? They’ve got as good a shot as any.

Packers stock is at an all-time high right now, and I’m not talking about the certificates fans buy to hang on their wall and support the team. I’m talking about the ridiculous level of play we’re seeing from the Packers right now.

These first nine games have been amazing, but the ride is just getting started. We don’t truly find out who the good teams are until after Thanksgiving. Right now, nobody can touch the Packers. But there’s a long way to go.

Lets get to the stock report.


Aaron Rodgers
I’m sick of always putting Rodgers in the rising category, so lets give him a partner this week. Led by Rodgers, the Packers beat the Vikings Monday night. Led by QB Russell Wilson, the Wisconsin Badgers beat the Minnesota Gophers on Saturday. Rodgers and Wilson combined were 39-for-47 for 428 yards, eight TDs and zero INTs. Their combined passer rating was 144.2 and they threw just as many TDs as incompletions (a perfect NFL passer rating is 158.3). The two teams from Minnesota had no chance (stats courtesy of Judd Zulgad).

Tramon Williams
As Williams’ shoulder continues to improve, so does his play. The CB has interceptions in two straight games and played the sort of tight coverage against the Vikings that we got used to seeing last season.

Jordy Nelson
Which was worse: The mauling Junior Dos Santos put on Cain Velasquez during Saturday night’s UFC fight, or the mauling Nelson put on Cedric Griffin during his touchdown catch and run Monday night? I vote for Nelson.


Desmond Bishop
Bishop has sacks in his last two games and has recorded fewer than eight tackles only twice this season.

Greg Jennings
The most steady receiver in the NFL has a touchdown in all but two games in 2011.