The Green Bay Packers Have “Rich White Guy Problems”

The next time Adam Carolla goes on one of his rants about “rich white guy problems,” he should find a way to work in the Green Bay Packers.

Carolla is a former carpenter and boxing coach who entered the world of mass media. His resume includes co-hosting the popular radio show Loveline, various movie and TV credits, and creating a massively popular podcast.

Carolla’s podcasts are filled with over-the-top rants and observations about politics, marriage, race and sports. One of Carolla’s more amusing rants revolves around “problems” that only he and other “rich white guys” have. Examples include having to watch a 42-inch plasma TV while the 65-inch TV gets fixed, being inconvenienced by the family maid as she cleans the mansion and deciding which $1,000 bottle of vodka to buy in the VIP room at the club.

Folks, the Packers also have rich white guy problems.

The problems don’t have anything to do with being white, but have everything to do with being rich. Only a guy who has more money than he knows what to do with gets annoyed at the in-home maid who asks you to lift your feet while she vacuums the carpet.

Only a football team as stacked as the Packers can have a veteran CB call one half of the team a “liability” when they’re 8-0. And only a fanbase as spoiled as the Packers’ faithful can get so worried about their undefeated team.

Yes, the pass defense breaks down too often.

Yes, Aaron Rodgers sometimes holds the ball too long.

Yes, the pass rush disappears for long stretches.

These are all rich white guy problems. Every single one of them.

If you’re going to blame the Packers for giving up too many passing yards, you need to credit them for forcing so many turnovers.

If you’re going to blame Rodgers for holding the ball, you need to credit him for erasing sacks through big plays.

If you’re going to get upset when the opposing QB has too much time to throw, well…..the lack of a pass rush might be more than just a rich white guy problem. But even so, I think the odds are good that Dom Capers, Clay Matthews and BJ Raji figure something out.