Packers Stock Report: Enron to Apple Edition

Clay Matthews

Packers LB Clay Matthews is rising again this week.

If you were an investor, would you invest in the Packers right now?

They’ve been a wildly up-and-down stock so far. Before the season, they were the Apple of the NFL, a juggernaut that struck gold with the iPhone and was almost guaranteed to offer a good return on your investment despite its high buy-in price.

After losing to the 49ers, they fell a bit, but bounced back quickly by rolling over Jay Cutler and the Bears.

The market didn’t know what to think after the Seahawks loss. Was it a fluke because of the replacement refs? Or did allowing eight sacks in the first half point to serious trouble?

Projections leveled again after beating the Saints and investors started buying up as much Packers stock as they could during the first half of the Colts game.

Then there was an Enron-like collapse in the second half against the Colts and investors couldn’t dump their green and gold stock certificates fast enough.

Now the Packers are coming off their biggest win of the season, a 42-24 route over the previously undefeated Texans on the road. If you were smart and bought in when the Packers stock was low after the Colts’ loss, you’re probably set to make a whole bunch of money over the next few weeks.

If you didn’t, you could still buy in if you think the Packers are on pace to return to Apple status.


Aaron Rodgers
Before Sunday’s breakout against the Texans, there were people clamoring for me to put Rodgers in the falling category. While I acknowledged that Rodgers wasn’t playing his best, he wasn’t falling. Before Sunday, Rodgers was on pace for over 4,000 yards, 30-plus touchdowns and a QB rating around 100. That’s not falling. That’s still pretty damn good. Yes, he missed a few throws he should have made and threw a few bad interceptions, but he wasn’t falling. He was human. Any talk of Rodgers falling was put to rest on Sunday…at least until his next good-but-not-great game.