How to Forget About the Packers Losing to the Giants (Hint: It Involves Beer)

Packers and Beer.

Packers and Beer.

The Packers got destroyed on Sunday night. It really wasn’t much of a game from about the middle of the second quarter on.

I’m not used to the Packers getting blown out, so I didn’t know how to react. My mind started wandering in the second half.

Instead of panicking or trying to figure out why my favorite football team just laid an egg on national TV, I started thinking about which Packers players reminded me of certain types of beer.

I like beer. I like the Packers. Thinking about beer and the Packers is a lot more fun than being depressed about the Packers losing to the Giants.

Here are my random thoughts on which Packers (and some non-Packers) remind me of certain types of beer. If you also want to take your mind off of Sunday night, use the comments section to chime in with some of your own comparisons.

Packers & Beer
Ryan Pickett: Darkness. Heavy and strong. Overwhelming if you’re not ready for it.

Tramon Williams: Grain Belt Nordeast. Punches the clock and comes ready to work every day.

Mike Neal: Michelob Golden Draft Light. Careful, the bottle breaks easily.

Donald Driver: Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss. There are better options, but it remains a Wisconsin favorite.

Clay Matthews: Size 7 IPA. A little undersized, but brings it every time you pour one.

Jermichael Finley: Ten Cent Strohs. Whenever Finley drops a pass or says something stupid, fans pound ten cent Stroh’s and this happens.

Casey Hayward: Divine Oculust. Under-the-radar, but very good and gaining popularity.

A.J. Hawk: Coors Light. Great when you were in college…

Aaron Rodgers: Abbrassive Ale. Simply amazing. Usually the best.

James Jones: Miller High Life. People are always trying to trade it for something better.

Randall Cobb: Small Axe Golden Ale. Tasty, easy-to-consume, and room to get even better.

B.J.Raji: Bad Elf. Expensive. Disappears sometimes. Hard to find. REALLY good when it bothers to show up in your fridge.

Mike McCarthy: Spotted Cow. On the surface, appears to be just another light beer. Then you take a sip and realize there’s more to it.

Mason Crosby: Grandpa’€™s Moonshine. Careful around this stuff. One sip can destroy everything.



Packers Stock Report: Divisional Playoff Round Edition

Charlie Peprah's play will be a key factor against the Giants on Sunday.

Hopefully the Packers didn’t spend their playoff bye week the same way I spent mine: Overeating, overdrinking and overtanning on the beach in Mexico. My cholesterol, blood-alcohol level and waist-line are at all-time highs right now.

If I had to play against the Giants on Sunday, they would have to hoist me into a wheelbarrow, push me onto the field, and dump me at the 50-yard line. My massive girth would probably manage to come up with at least one tackle. At the very least, the ballcarrier would be slowed by having to run around my Corona-filled belly.

But enough about me. I didn’t see any Packers players on the beach or in the bars so they were (probably) getting ready to play the Giants and win a Super Bowl.

This week’s stock report is different than the others. Since the Packers didn’t play, I’m listing five players that need to play at either a rising or steady level on Sunday. If each player does this, the Packers should win and play for the NFC championship at Lambeau Field.

Charlie Peprah
Ever since the Packers defense gave up a bunch of long passes to the Giants in Week 13, it seems like Dom Capers has instructed his CBs to give opposing WRs a huge cushion at the line of scrimmage. I think a lack of trust in Peprah plays a role in Capers’ conservative approach. Peprah was bad against the Giants and hasn’t been consistent in doing what any safety needs to do: provide coverage over the top to defend the deep pass. If Peprah has a good game on Sunday, it means the Giants aren’t connecting on long bombs. If Peprah has an outstanding game on Sunday, it also means the Giants TEs are contained and their run game is limited. I’d settle for two of the three.

Chad Clifton
Welcome back, Chad. Now go out there and block Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora. Clifton was as sturdy as ever in the playoffs last season and, if healthy,  I have no doubt he’ll hold his own against whomever the Giants line up across from him. If Clifton is good, and Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell gets frustrated and starts blitzing, Rodgers will pick it apart and the Packers will roll.



Your Dream Come True – Love of Beer Can Win You Packers Tickets. Read On…

Saint Vince and Cheese Louise

Perhaps the most recognizable of Packers fans, the one and only Saint Vince, is helping to promote 2 contests from Guinness Beer.

The first is called the “Guinness Perfect Pint Pour-Off.” St. Vince will be at 3 different bars in the Milwaukee area to help judge the “Perfect Pour”.  The winner at each establishment will win a pair of tickets to the Nov 14 Viking/Packers game at Lambeau. The bars are :

Oct 13, Champp’s in Brookfield. 262-797-6600
Oct 20, Paulie’s Pub in West Allis. 414-257-2854
October 27th, Mo’s Irish Pub in Wauwatosa. 414-774-9782

The contests run from 7-9 pm. Please call the contest location for more details.
Secondly, Guinness is running their”Boldest Fan” contest now thru the end of the month of October. You can win your very own Hall of Fame bronze bust as well as a trip to the 2012 Hall of Fame selection in Indianapolis.  Submit your entry via facebook at the Guinness US page.  All the directions and prizes are listed on the FB page.

Good luck everyone!


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