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Join your three hosts from ALLGBP.com as they talk Packers preseason action with ESPN Milwaukee’s Bill Johnson, Co-Host of Green and Gold Today.

Then the No Huddle co-hosts Marques Eversoll (@MJEversoll), Thomas Hobbes and Jason Perone (@JasonPerone) hash out the ugly preseason game between the Packers and Cardinals and look ahead to this week’s matchup against the St. Louis Rams .

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Packing the Stats: Rushing to Conclusions

Packing the StatsAfter Sunday afternoon’s 30-20 victory by the Green Bay Packers over the St. Louis Rams, I listened to Jason Wilde’s weekly appearance on ESPN Wisconsin’s radio show “Pack Attack.” The conversation immediately dove into a debate between Wilde, Bill Johnson, and Homer about the effectiveness of Alex Green’s rushing attempts. While he made 20 rushing attempts the entire game, Green only netted 35 yards for a 1.8 yards per carry average. His longest run was for 15 yards.

On one side of the debate was Jason Wilde, who maintained that making the attempts to run the ball was more important than their overall yards per carry. He posited that the defense’s linemen would have to account for a run, even if it wasn’t for significant yardage. That means they couldn’t just “pin their ears back” and go after the quarterback each down.

Opposing this idea was Bill and Homer, who both insisted that Green’s yards per carry was unacceptable and would need to get better in the future to ensure offensive success. They claimed that if the running game isn’t making traction, then the defense doesn’t really have to worry about it, period. (Jason Wilde eventually called them “stubborn” in their opinions.)

So which matters more – yards per carry or total rushing attempts? This really piqued my interest from a statistical standpoint, and I decided to head over to Pro-Football-Reference.com to being my research. My sample data was all games (regular season and postseason) within the past ten years (2002-2011) that matched the rushing criteria below.

(You can download the complete Excel file here: rushing_stats.xlsx)

60-79 212 513 1 29.20% 726 30.40% 23
80-99 342 527 0 39.36% 869 68.60% 35
100-119 435 427 0 50.46% 862 61.30% 31
120-139 393 291 0 57.46% 684 75.00% 20
140-159 352 189 0 65.06% 541 61.10% 18
1.0-1.9 42 77 1 35.00% 120 33.30% 3
2.0-2.9 322 363 0 47.01% 685 65.20% 23
3.0-3.9 786 768 1 50.55% 1555 64.00% 50
4.0-4.9 746 745 1 50.00% 1492 52.50% 40


CheeseheadRadio News 08-22-12: Plus,Interview With Bill Johnson

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and C.D. Angeli (As heard on Cheesehead Radio – 08/22/12 ). Special Guest was Bill Johnson from the Green & Gold show on ESPNMilwaukee.com

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Packers News:

Al:  Well, it’s been almost a week since the Packers were spanked by the Browns and the grumbling among some fans is still going strong. As the title of this episode says, “This is just preseason people, right?” Well, to some, it doesn’t seem to matter. The chicken littles are clucking and even some Ted Thompson critics have crawled out of the cave they’ve been hiding in since the Super Bowl. The end result? Just a lot of noise.

CD:  A good amount of that noise was directed at one Graham Harrell, who did not have a good outing. Although he didn’t get much help from his teammates, Harrell made plenty of unforced bad throws on his own and had Packers fans clamoring for a trade for Colt McCoy or pretty much anyone. In a bit of an unusual move, Mike McCarthy acknowledged the public criticism and claimed Harrell graded out much higher than we might expect.

Al:  Don’t know if I’m buying that, but let’s talk about something you can buy. Seems that Lambeau Field has a new food service provider, Delaware North, and they’ve come up with some Wisconsin-themed food items you’ll be able to buy at Lambeau.. There’s the  Pac and cheese: four flavors of mac and cheese,  Wisconsin Nachos, which are waffle fries smothered in cheese, sour cream, bacon and green onions. The Big Brat, which is a foot long brat with sauerkraut and the Lambeau Heap, which is a one-pound barbeque bacon, cheese curd burger.

CD:  Things are finally improving on the injury front for the Packers. Greg Jennings returned to practice this week after sitting out two long weeks with a concussion. Joining him back on the practice field was Jermichael Finley, returning from a quadriceps injury. Their return and a few others meant that not counting players on PUP, the Packers injury list was in the single digits for the first time in quite awhile.



A Little Support For Packers MD Jennings

With the departure of former starting safety Charlie Peprah, who was released in a very similar manner to former inside linebacker Brandon Chillar for failing his physical at the start of training camp in 2010, all eyes now look towards Charles Woodson, MD Jennings and Jerron McMillian to see which ends up being the starting safety opposite Morgan Burnett.

Only a couple of problems; Woodson is desperately needed at the line of scrimmage as the slot cornerback, Jerron McMillian is a 4th round rookie who naturally shouldn’t be counted on to step in as a starting safety and actually produce and MD Jennings, who despite being a “football nerd” and making it as a undrafted rookie free agent last year “is too small and short and looks like a cornerback instead of a safety” as paraphrased by Bill Johnson during Green and Gold Today on July 25th, 2012.

Is “the doctor” really too short and too small to be a safety with the Green Bay Packers?  I think the prototypical “safety” Bill Johnson is thinking of would be someone like Taylor Mays (who despite being a physical specimen apparently isn’t a half decent safety) who stands at 6’3” weighs 230lbs.  To figure this out, I’ve compiled a list of the Packers starting safeties from the last decade as according to Pro Football Reference.



Height (inches)

Weight (lbs)

Aaron Rouse



Antuan Edwards



Atari Bigby



Charlie Peprah



Darren Sharper



LeRoy Butler



Mark Roman



Marquad Manuel



Marques Anderson



Morgan Burnett



Nick Collins












Last Day At Lambeau Premieres: Kris Burke’s Review

"Last Day At Lambeau" premiered on April 18 at the 2012 Wisconsin Film Festival in Madison, WI

It’s been nearly four years, but the memories came rushing back like they were yesterday.

That sums up what was going through my head while viewing “Last Day At Lambeau” at the Wisconsin Film Festival on April 18 at Monona Terrace in Madison. It’s a film I honestly have been looking forward to seeing since the first teaser hit the internet months ago.

To give a brief synopsis of the film, it documents the fall of Brett Favre through the eyes of a Packer fan. Director Michael Neelsen grew up in Wisconsin and was raised a Packer fan and idolized Favre like so many Wisconsin youth at the time. It’s this same personal attachment to Favre that the director had that makes the film so powerful.

The film truly had it all. At the beginning, brief highlights of Favre’s time as a Packer are shown and then the film delves right into Favre’s final game at Lambeau as a member of the Packers—the 2008 NFC Championship Game against the New York Giants.

We all know how that game ended. Favre’s final pass was intercepted and the Giants won the NFC title in overtime, slamming shut the doors on the Packers’ Cinderella season and Favre’s career in green and gold.

What the film showed at this point was something I never really considered, mainly due to my disgust (which still lingers to this day) over the loss: Cheesehead TV’s Brian Carriveau points out a photo surveying the field from behind Favre on that fateful play—every receiver had some kind of cushion as Favre dropped back….except the one he tried to throw to.

The film also raised a valid point many of us didn’t realize at the time, perhaps blinded by the good thoughts of Favre’s early career. Favre was becoming an increasingly bad quarterback in cold weather. With the NFC title game in sub-zero temperatures, perhaps it really shouldn’t be that surprising that the Packers lost.

We know what happens next. Any Packer fan old enough at the time remembers how the whole Favre retirement and then un-retirement saga played out in that spring and summer.



Tom Crabtree: The Fan-Friendly Green Bay Packer

Tom Crabtree’s green mohawk, as posted on Twitter, after getting over 10,000 followers in April 2011.

“He is notable for the large number of tattoos on his arms.”

This is about all the personal information you’ll get when you look up Tom Crabtree on Wikipedia. He’s the tattooed tight end wearing #83 for the Green Bay Packers, and he was born November 4, 1985, in Columbus, Ohio. An undrafted free agent from Miami University, he made his debut with the Packers in his second year, performing mostly as a blocking tight end, yet also managing to accumulate 4 receptions for 61 yards and a touchdown.

These are the cold, hard facts anyone can find out.

But the “plugged-in” cheeseheads know the real @TCrabtree83 as the most fan-friendly Packer to embrace the Age of Social Media.

Just this past week, Crabtree made an impromptu phone call to Bill Johnson and Jason Wilde on their “Green and Gold Today” talk show (which has been suffering from lockout depression). He appeared as a special guest on the latest episode of Cheeshead Radio, co-hosted by our own “Jersey” Al Bracco. And at 8:00 p.m. CDT on June 8th, he will be hosting a live Book Club discussion on CheeseheadTV to discuss Annie Jacobsen’s newest release, “Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base.”

Of course, aside from his gracious appearances in the world of internet radio and podcasts, Tom Crabtree is most often found “tweeting” his thoughts and interacting with his 11,000+ followers in 140 characters or less.

“I think it’s so cool today, that fans can interact with us like that and talk to celebrities and athletes,” said Crabtree in his “Tuesdays With Wilde” interview last December. “I like to interact with the fans, because I know if I was in their shoes, it’d be cool to talk to the people I look up to.”

Sometimes you will find him talking about movies or TV shows like “The Office” (one of his favorites). Other times you will see him discussing music, such as getting to see Avenged Sevenfold on his recent trip to Rock on the Range in his home city of Columbus.

And when he’s not working out, you can probably find Tom Crabtree playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on his PS3 or Xbox 360.