Week 8 Packers Stock Report: Crosby and Jennings Rising, Walden and Low Blows Falling

Aaron Rodgers has been rising all season and has the Packers 7-0 heading into their bye week.

It was my niece’s baptism on Sunday, so I watched the Packers beat the Vikings with my parents and my brother’s family — all Vikings fans. It was a rough first half, and my parents would not stop trash talking. You know you take this silly game of football far too seriously when you start getting annoyed with your parent’s trash talk.

Anyway, at halftime my dad decided to go deer hunting and my brother went on a hike with his wife. Even though their team was beating the Super Bowl champs 17-13, they said the hell with it and went and did other things.

Those are Vikings fans in a nutshell.

On to the Week 8 stock report:


Aaron Rodgers
No further explanation needed. Just look at the box score. Then the season stats.

Mason Crosby
Crosby hasn’t missed a field goal since clanking one off the upright in week 13 last season. He’s made 21 straight since, and nailed a 58-yarder on Sunday that would’ve been good from much longer.

Greg Jennings
Jennings seems like an ideal fit for the steady category every week, but I think it’s time he’s elevated to rising. No. 85 is sometimes undervalued because he’s not a WR that routinely makes highlight-reel catches, does a dance, then demands more passes from his QB. He has three games over 100 yards receiving this season and only one below 80. Welcome to the rising category, Mr. Jennings.


Charles Woodson
Yeah, he’s not what he used to be in coverage, but didn’t you get a sense early in Sunday’s game that he had at least one interception in him against the rookie?

Clay Matthews
He has sacks in his last two games and looks like his motor is revving up again. We could see him in the rising category before long (Side note: Matthews was flagged for a horrible roughing the passer call on Sunday. The NFL needs to quit making a mockery of the game and address these ridiculous roughing calls now instead of after the season).

Scott Wells
I haven’t re-watched Sunday’s game, but I’m putting Wells in the steady category because I don’t remember the name of Vikings DT Kevin Williams being called often. I’m guessing that when I do re-watch the game, Wells will be a big reason why Williams was quiet, especially on the Packers final drive.