Week 16 Packers Stock Report: Masthay and Grant Rising, Neal and Walden Falling

Packers Marshall Newhouse Fumble Recovery

Marshall Newhouse auditioning for 3rd RB role

Welcome to the Week 16 Packers Stock Report.

Those of you familiar with the stock report here on AllGreenBayPackers.com may notice that this week’s report looks different than all the others from this season.

Changes include:

  • No Aaron Rodgers in the rising category. Last week I left Rodgers out because I was sick of trying to think of new ways to highlight how great he is. This week I left him out because he played poorly. That hasn’t happened before.
  • There are three Packers in the falling category. When the Packers win, I reserve the final spot in the falling category to mock and ridicule a player or coach from the opposing team. Since the Chiefs outplayed the Packers on Sunday, there is no mocking and ridiculing this week.
  • Only two players in the rising category. Normally I have to whittle down a long list of rising players to only three. Not this week. I suppose I could have bumped up Scott Wells from the steady category to rising, but I chose not to.
  • This is the first stock report following a Packers loss. The comments section could get a little negative. Remember Packers fans: Your team is 13-1. The Packers chances of winning the Super Bowl are still rising.


Tim Masthay
Nothing against Masthay, but you know it was a rough week when the punter is the first one listed in the rising category. Masthay averaged 53 yards on five punts Sunday. Two weeks ago against the Giants he averaged 44 on five punts. Hopefully the Packers don’t have to punt often in the playoffs, but it’s nice to have Masthay rising right now.

Ryan Grant
Who would’ve thought we’d see Grant in this category heading into Week 16? Grant probably should’ve gotten more carries on Sunday, but I’m guessing McCarthy was hesitant to use him too much because he was the only real halfback active. Either that or McCarthy was going to stubbornly stick to the gameplan of chucking it downfield no matter what. Probably the latter.


Scott Wells
Like a pitcher that takes the ball every fifth day and gives you seven solid innings, Wells takes the field every week and gives a reliable performance. It might seem weird putting an offensive lineman in this category given the Packers struggles to keep pass rushers off Rodgers, but Wells has been consistent while his linemates have struggled to remain healthy and effective (honorable mention goes to T.J. Lang).



McCarthy: Josh Sitton Likely Out vs. Giants, Erik Walden Arrested

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had a long injury list to go through Friday, and one of his defensive players found himself on the wrong side of the law early this morning.

The biggest injury news McCarthy announced was that right guard Josh Sitton, who left Thursday’s win over the Detroit Lions, would be “hard-pressed” to play next Sunday against the New York Giants. He said Sitton’s knee sprain was “new,” and that it occurred on a running play in the second half. Over the past few weeks, Sitton has been dealing with a nagging knee injury.

Evan Dietrich-Smith filled in for Sitton on Thursday and played reasonably well considering the circumstances, but McCarthy didn’t commit to a starter at right guard for the Giants game.

If Sitton’s injury news wasn’t bad enough, the Packers got more disturbing news Friday.

Shortly after McCarthy’s press conference, a report from the Green Bay Press Gazette came out which stated outside linebacker Erik Walden had spent the morning in Brown County Jail because of a domestic battery charge. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Walden will spend the rest of the weekend in jail.

According to the Journal Sentinel, the Packers released this statement:

“The Packers organization is aware of the situation involving Erik Walden. We are in the process of gathering more information and will refrain from making any further comment.”

More information needs to come out on the issue, but Walden’s arrest certainly sounds like something the Packers will have to deal with from a suspension standpoint. Chris Cook’s incident in Minnesota several weeks comes to mind, and Cook hasn’t played since his arrest. Walden has started all 11 games for the Packers at outside linebacker this season.

McCarthy had more on the injury front, however. Both Desmond Bishop and A.J. Hawk suffered calf injuries but have a chance to play next Sunday. Backups D.J. Smith and Robert Francois each received game balls for their performances against the Lions, and McCarthy also said that the Packers had to hand signal plays in because of the loss of Hawk.  Running back James Starks tweaked his ankle early on and the Packers weren’t interested in maxing him out while hurt. It sounded like he should be ready to play against the Giants.