Cory’s Corner: The Bullseye on Aaron Rodgers’ Back Just Got a Little Bit Bigger

Aaron Rodgers - Bigger Bullseye on his back

Aaron Rodgers has a bigger bullseye on his back

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Donald Driver appeared on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” last week and tried to clear the air between the offseason schism between Greg Jennings and Rodgers.

“If a guy runs the wrong route, it’s easy for the quarterback to say, ‘Hey, I told him to run that route,’ than the guy to say, ‘Hey, I ran the wrong route.’” Which normally shouldn’t be a big deal until the 14-year Packer and three-time Pro Bowler dropped this bombshell: “Sometimes you ask Aaron to take the pressure off those guys so we don’t look bad. He didn’t want to do that. He felt like if you did something bad, you do it. That’s the difference. You want that leadership. I think sometimes you may not feel like you got it.”

Those are strong words from Driver, who was considered to be the team’s mouthpiece during his final six years in Green Bay. Everyone knows the Driver comeback story. How he lived out of a U-Haul trailer, got picked 213th overall in the 1999 NFL Draft and coupled that into a Packers Hall of Fame bust after finishing with team career highs in receptions (743) and yards (10,137).

Driver doesn’t have an ax to grind here. I completely believe him.

But that’s the point — nobody cares.

Rodgers’ predecessor enjoyed being liked by his teammates. Brett Favre was the kind of guy that loved hanging out with the guys, sharing a beer and a laugh or two.

Rodgers isn’t like that. He demands ultimate perfection each play and when it doesn’t happen he puts on his verbal boxing gloves. If you remember, he even lashed out at coach Mike McCarthy when things weren’t particularly going his way last year.

Of course, the reason no one is really concerned with what Driver said is because Rodgers produces. He is the all-time career leader in passer rating with an absurd 104.9, he won a Super Bowl in his third season as a starter and he’s got a 5-3 playoff record.

Those things trump any beef that receivers may have with their quarterback when things go wrong. I understand that Rodgers needs to own it, and often does, when the offense just cannot get on track at all.



OK – I’ve Officially Had Enough of Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings Farewell Newspaper Ad

Click for larger image.

Greg Jennings – I remember when we used to think you were  a classy guy. Why are you now trying so hard to disprove what we believed to be true?

You won a Super Bowl with the Packers and in the resulting Sound/FX video, we hear you agonizing with great emotion over the final plays of the game.  In your nervousness, you seemingly can’t stop talking, as the defense proceeded to stop the Steelers and close out the game. It seems like you haven’t stopped talking since.

Perhaps the Super Bowl was the inception of your apparent jealousy of the attention bestowed upon Aaron Rodgers.  After all, it was YOU who made the fantastic catch for a TD. It was YOU who scored two TDs in that game. Yet Rodgers got the accolades, Rodgers got the MVP, Rodgers got the car, Rodgers got the trip to Disneyland. And it burned away at you, didn’t it Greg? Think of what your next contract demands could have been with a Super Bowl MVP cred?

Oh well, at least you were “the man” among the receiving corps, right? But then 2011 happened and Jordy Nelson’s breakout year left you second on the team in receptions and yards. Even worse, Nelson became the recipient of most of the deep throws, you biggest source of glory. Damn, that hurt.

And then the fateful 2012 season. the Packers offered you more money than you eventually accepted from the Vikings, but it wasn’t enough. You felt slighted.  You kept talking back then about having to move on for the good of your family. You put your house up for sale the week the Packers season was over. You couldn’t wait to get out.

It didn’t help that there was a new kid in town stealing your targets – Randall Cobb. And that James Jones was catching all those TD passes.  You missed half the season with injuries, but when you did play, you felt you weren’t being thrown to enough. Rodgers had new favorite receivers, you thought. You never said that, but your sister went on a rant about Rodgers not throwing to you enough. We all know where she got that idea, right? You obviously had expressed those feelings to her.



Oh the Things Some Packers Fans Say…

Crazy Packers FansI like a good laugh as much as anyone. A hearty guffaw, a restrained chuckle, a snarky snicker – I like them all.

Usually, I like to laugh at things that are, you know… funny.

But there’s also this – reading things people say in all seriousness that are so ridiculous, all you can do is shake your head and smile at their ignorance.  (sorry, I don’t like calling anyone ignorant, but in this case, a better word escapes me).

If you visit a lot of Packers websites where people leave comments, you’ve surely encountered your share of knuckleheads. On some sites, they are the exception. I’ll bravely put this site in that category – after all, it took over four years before we had to ban our first idiot (Sorry Scott, but you were acting like a real dick – now hurry and go give a thumbs down to everything you see on this site).

On other sites, the mental institution escapees are rampant.

One such site is JsOnline.com, the web site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The level of knuckleheadedness (if that’s not a word, I’m claiming it) is legendary. So legendary, in fact, that some smart person at the paper even created a twitter account (@JSComments) that just tweets the ridiculous rantings of these rectal ramblers.

If you’re on twitter, just follow that account and you’ll be treated to a stream of mind-blowing lunacy. For those non-twitterians among you (what’s wrong with you, by the way?), here’s a selection for your (and my) reading pleasure:

Comments on JSOnline.com:

It will be frustrating to see Bishop sack Rodgers 10 times in the first half during the first game.

Packers have no chance of another SB in this decade because fat boy and his woeful coaching staff are not fit to field a team & gameplan

Russell Wilson is no NFL QB. Its like the ending to the Rose Bowl, Wilson just flounders and cannot deliver due to his diminutive size.

Rodgers? Fragile. Landed on the IR without being touched. A concussion waiting to happen. Not exactly G.O.A.T (Favre) tough.

Thompson’s goal is NOT to win the Super Bowl with the Packers; instead, his goal is to win the #1 overall pick.

Take away the Super Bowl victories and they haven’t won any Super Bowls! (yes, someone really wrote that)



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