Green Bay Packers Post-Detroit: Crawling through the Wreckage

There will be no “Victory Monday” for the Green Bay Packers this morning. Instead, players will most likely be cruising the snow-covered streets of Green Bay, making their way to the warm confines of their practice facilities. While it will be warm in there, I wouldn’t say the feeling will be very cozy.

They will be met by a very unhappy coaching staff, upset as much at themselves as they are at the players.  Together, they will watch a B-Movie horror flick, the best description I can think of for the Packers abomination of a game in Detroit yesterday afternoon.

This brings back some memories from HS Football. I remember watching game films (on a projector – remember those?) after a bad loss. I remember my coach stopping after almost every play to ream somebody out for a bad performance.

I remember one particular film session, where I easily had the worst game of my High School career. I was a left tackle that year, and that game there was a defensive end I just could not block. No matter what I tried, the kid beat me on every play.

As the team was watching the film, the coach ran one particular play over and over, where I had failed to execute a rather simple block,  making sure to point me out to everyone, focusing their full attention on my horrible effort.  I was humiliated, and it has stayed with me after all these years, still haunting me. But one thing you can be sure of, I never again gave such a poor effort on the football field.

The players  and the coaches will be watching the film together. There will be much humiliation amongst the offensive line, but I’m sure Mike McCarthy won’t be quite as evil as my head coach was that day. After all, that was more than 30 years ago, and we’re much more “civilized” now.

The players should feel the humiliation, nonetheless. Especially on the offensive side of the ball. A team with playoff aspirations, lost a late-season division  game to a 2-10 team down to their 3rd string QB and more players on IR than the Packers.  “Super Bowl or Die” feels like so long ago, doesn’t it?