Packers’ Tavecchio a Class Act, Says to fans: Respect Crosby

Mason Crosby & Giorgio Tavecchio

Mason Crosby & Giorgio Tavecchio

Giorgio Tavecchio speaks with Italian writer Giovanni (John) Marino of the LaRepubblica.It  ”Playbook” blog, where he talks about his Family Night performance and his outlook on competing with Mason Crosby.

Evidently, he’s a real class act.

Here’s the interview, translated from Italian by yours truly because, as I’ve discovered, most online translators just do a bad job. If you can read Italian and wish to see the original (and test my translation abilities), you can find it here.

NFL, Green Bay, crazy about Tavecchio but he shows class and asks fans to “Respect Crosby”

In this summer where Italy and Italians look more foolish than usual (see the chronicles of the pseudo political happenings in Italy) you can find in Wisconsin a pure breath of fresh air and Italian pride. A boy from Milan, regardless of how the story finishes, is conquering the skeptical (to say the least…) great American football audience with some NFL-level performances. But, above all, and this really makes us proud, with an attitude and sportsmanship that are difficult to find.

We’re talking about Giorgio Tavecchio who in his first experience at Lambeau Field, the Temple of american football, has done well, very well. And better, much better than his direct rival for a place in the NFL: Mason Crosby. His performance triggered, on the one hand, the enthusiasm of the people of Green Bay for him and, on the other hand, fierce criticism of Packers fans against the veteran.

The Interview:

Giovanni: Hi George, you won the challenge with Crosby in the family night event that saw about 65 thousand spectators, yes,  I said 65 thousand at Lambeau Field.

Giorgio: “It was the first time I played a match in that field and I have enjoyed every single moment. The crowd. The extraordinary cheering. The atmosphere. I’m a lucky guy to be able to experience those sensations. Thank you all, of course. ”

Giovanni: Explain what this match was.

Giorgio: “Basically a friendly competition between all players currently on the roster of the Packers. It works like this: the offense plays against the second team of defense and vice versa, so that everyone has an opportunity to play. ”

Giovanni: And for the kickers?  ”

Giorgio: We were divided into two teams but they have planned some kick offs and field goals during the game, allowing us kickers to alternate.



Family Night First Impressions: Mama Mia Mason Crosby

Green Bay Packers Family Night Scrimmage 2013

Green Bay Packers Family Night Scrimmage 2013

Mason Crosby sure knows how to leave a bad taste in your mouth, doesn’t he? After a fun Family Night Scrimmage for both the fans and players, one that should have left everyone feeling good, instead, there are worries.

Overall on the night, Crosby missed five of eight field goal attempts. Two of his makes weren’t by much, either. Oy vay…

Giorgio Tavecchio made six of seven attempts. I wouldn’t exactly say he was impressive, but tonight he was better and he did make a 51 yard attempt. It’s good to know he’s capable of that distance, anyway.

Eddie Lacy looked like the real deal – he can make yardage when there’s little there to be made. And when he gets in the clear – he’s faster than you’d expect.

Johnathan Franklin seems to prefer (or need) open space to operate in. Looked best catching the ball out of the backfield. Did not show much running between the tackles.

The team’s best kickoff kicker could very well be Tim Masthay. This would help Tavecchio immensely if the Packers would seriously consider keeping him but concerned about kickoffs.

AJ Hawk – who is that skinny guy? Hawk has obviously slimmed down (or did some serious fat to lean muscle conversion) and appeared much more mobile. He was very active .

Davis Baktiari got a lot of looks at right tackle. Had my eye on him. Mostly went up against Nick Perry and I’d say Baktiari did his job. No real pressure from Perry.

Johnny Jolly was in on a few stops and seemed to be moving well (although he seemed a bit out of breath towards the end).  Thought he had a good night.

Jeremy Ross is my return guy (especially kickoffs). I’ve liked him from the first time he returned a kick last year. He has the right mentality; makes a quick decision, picks a seam and just goes.  I like him better than Cobb, actually.

BJ Coleman still has issues with touch. His strong arm is a detriment at times- hasn’t learned when a pass needs more loft than force.

The stadium addition looks awesome, as does the scoreboard atop. Noise level seemed louder. I think the plan to build a wall of sound will prove to have worked.




Packers Video: 2012 Packers Family Night Scrimmage

Full video of the scrimmage portion of the 2012 Packers Family Night (no sound):


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