Packers Loss: Name the ONE Thing That Disturbed You the Most

Packers vs. 49ers: McCarthy - Harbaugh shake hands

An unhappy handshake for Mike McCarthy…

I’m always interested in seeing if other Packers fans are thinking the same thing I’m thinking. And always amazed about how so many people can watch the same game and see things so differently.

In any case, after watching the disappointing loss to the 49ers, there was plenty for everyone to not like. But if I had to pick just ONE thing that bothered me the most, what would it be?

What is YOUR one thing?

(yes, you only get one…)


I posted this question on twitter this afternoon and got an incredibly varied array of responses. Here are some of the replies:

- WR’s lack of ability to get open quicker

- The continued trend of MM/Rodgers inability to win close ones in the 4th quarter.

- The refs. we can fix mistakes cant fix refs

- in that the last 2 losses we’ve seen against good teams, they’ve gotten dominated.

- Secondary. Settle on the starters, nickel safety, and dime corner, and clean up the communication issues.

- Jarrett Bush as starting corner

- just one?!? I’ll say being out-coached at home.

- - weeping. OH you meant in the game…

- That Finley still hasn’t matured. His reaction to his drop and walking over the defender in endzone which got him cleated.

- the fact they view bush and M.D. Jennings as starting players

- coaching! Lack of any gameplan or making adjustments! Wake up & react.

- Bush being all cocky after 2 plays knowing the entire secondary was playing like shit all game

- I was going to go w/the late flags or no calls on both sides but I’ll go with #Packers had NO fire in them!

- playing what seemed like a prevent defense where there was a 10 yd cushion between every receiver an DB. Or so it seemed

- why  Capers was giving 10 yds cushion to receivers in 1st half. Was he afraid of a long pass by A Smith? Short pass killed

- The final score

- middle lb play… Always seemed to be step or two late

- Jarrett Bush being on the field…

- the secondary (yes, Jarrett Bush, I am looking at you) is still anemic and making the same mistakes as last year.

- I’d go w/ Rodgers’ struggles when 49ers disguised blitzes and coverages. Disciplined D’s will keep doing it.