Breaking News… Julius Peppers Signs With the Packers

Julius Peppers Signs with the Green Bay Packers

Julius Peppers Signs with the Green Bay Packers

No, this is not an early April Fools joke people. According to Josina Anderserson of ESPN, the Packers have signed Julius Peppers’ to a 3-year deal “for $30M max, $7.5M guaranteed & $8.5M in total in 1st yr salary.

Chicago cut Peppers this week when it became apparent his cap-heavy contract was to much for them to bear (snicker…)

By the terms of his contract with the Bears, he was going to count 18M against the cap in 2014 and over 20M in 2015.

Peppers started in every game during his time with the Bears, with 37.5 sacks in four years. 2013 was his least productive season with the Bears.

From what I’ve heard so far, it would appear the Packers will use Peppers as a rush OLB or DE/OLB hybrid to compliment Clay Matthews and setup a nice rotation of Matthews, Peppers, Neal and Perry depending on situation and assuring no one gets over worked. But make no mistake, his primary job will be to rush the passer.

Say what you want about how much Julius Peppers may or may not have left, it’s the same thing they said about Charles Woodson. There is hope for a more disruptive pass rush now…

And maybe the best part is, we no longer have to worry about THIS:


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Veterans Kuhn and Pickett Mull their Packers and NFL Futures

Packers Ryan Pickett - Free Agent

Packers Ryan Pickett – Free Agent

In this year of the free agent (20 of them) for the Green Bay Packers, there are two players in particular where difficult decisions must be made. As much for their leadership and veteran smarts as for their play on the field, John Kuhn and Ryan Pickett will make it hard for the Packers to leave them behind.

But the possibility exists that both players could be looking at very different futures than the ones they’d like to have, thus impacting the official NFL Futures of the Packers. Both have expressed a desire to remain with the Packers, but a cut in pay would surely be required for both. If given a “home town” discount, should the Packers re-sign these grisly veterans? Let’s explore…

John Kuhn has been with the Packers for seven seasons, thriving at a position that is quickly becoming cast aside in the NFL. For Kuhn, the key has been making himself valuable in as many ways as possible. Need to gain a tough yard for a first down? Need someone to lead the way for Eddie Lacy? Need an ultra-reliable pass protector? Need a receiver out of the backfield? Need help with protection calls? Kuhn is your man.

To top things off, Kuhn is a “company man,” having been quoted recently as saying “”I love it in Green Bay, and I love playing for the Packers.”

It’s the little things that all add up to Kuhn being a very good value for the Packers. Not flashy in any way, it’s easy to lose perspective on John Kuhn. This writer is guilty of the same, having recently questioned his value to the Packers on a recent CheeseheadRadio episode.

In an offseason where money must be paid out to more “impactful” players, I found myself wondering if keeping John Kuhn made sense. After all, Kuhn earned a healthy 2.5 million in 2013. Well, after more closely watching his performances against the Bears and in person against the 49ers, I have to change my tune and say YES.

Aaron Rodgers recently said there is no one he trusts more on the field than John Kuhn. If he’s good enough for Rodgers, he’s good enough for me.



Dirty Bird Steven Jackson Poops on Packers’ Plans

RB Steven Jackson

“Almost” Packers RB Steven Jackson

When free agency kicked off on Tuesday, Pro Football Talk suggested the Packers were the early favorite to sign running back Steven Jackson. Later, Bill Huber of Packer Report tweeted that Jackson will “likely” sign with Green Bay.

So much for speculation. ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Czar of inside NFL information, has just reported that Jackson has declined the Packers’ offer and signed a 3-year deal with the Falcons.

Jackson, 29, has eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark every season since taking over as the starter in 2005. But with a great deal of production comes a lot of tread on the tires; Jackson has carried the ball 2,395 times in his nine-year NFL career.

Along with the Packers, the Falcons, Bengals, Lions and Steelers showed interest in signing the veteran running back. When Sports Illustrated NFL writer Peter King told Jackson that he should sign with Green Bay, Jackson responded, “It makes a lot of sense.”

Jackson would have been a short-term fix for the Packers at running back, considering he will turn 30 before the season. Green Bay signed Cedric Benson, then 29, last offseason to shoulder the load in the ground game.  Barring other developments, Benson will surely be back.

Jackson is a three-time Pro Bowl selection, making the team in 2006, 2009 and 2010. He was the 24th overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, which is exactly where the Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers one year later. And now he’s a Falcon.

The Packers’ contract is now lining the bottom of some Dirty Bird’s cage and Ted Thompson is left looking in the air and wiping something off his jacket.


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Marques is a Journalism student, serving as the Sports Editor of UW-Green Bay\'s campus newspaper The Fourth Estate and a Packers writer at Jersey Al\'s AllGBP.com. Follow Marques on Twitter @MJEversoll.




Packers News: Goode signs three-year extension

Packers LS Brett Goode

Packers LS Brett Goode

Packers long snapper Brett Goode has signed a three-year extension to stay with the Green Bay Packers through the 2015 season. His previous contract was scheduled to expire following this season.

Goode is currently in his fifth year as the Packers’ long snapper, and he has yet to produce a single “aborted snap” on a field goal, extra point or punt.

And usually, when fans don’t hear the long snapper’s name throughout the course of a game, it’s because the player is doing his job.

According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Goode’s contract was actually signed Oct. 13; however, it was not announced by the team until today. The contract, according to NFL Players Association salary information, reportedly contains a $325,000 signing bonus, while his base salary for this season remains at $700,000.

Goode’s base salary will rise to $715,000 next season, $730,000 in 2014 and $870,000 in 2015.

So, get used to him Packers fans. The long snapper position is in good–er, Goode–hands.


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Marques is a Journalism student, serving as the Sports Editor of UW-Green Bay\'s campus newspaper The Fourth Estate and a Packers writer at Jersey Al\'s AllGBP.com. Follow Marques on Twitter @MJEversoll.




Waived Packers Players Claimed by Other Teams

One measure of the strength of a team’s roster is how many of their waived players are claimed by other teams. Here’s a list of cut Packers players that have found themselves a spot on other teams’ 53-man rosters.

… There were no signings.

none, nil, naught, zero, zilch, nada, bupkus.

I guess there’s an exception to every rule…

Go Pack!

P.S. Tori Gurley reportedly has joined the Vikings practice squad. He’ll certainly have a much better chance of getting called up there, but having to were a blonde wig with braids? Don’t know if that works for him…

Dale Moss tweeted Sunday morning that he’s headed to the Tampa Bay Practice Squad.









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Jersey Al Bracco is the founder and editor of AllGreenBayPackers.com, and the co-founder of Packers Talk Radio Network. He can be heard as one of the Co-Hosts on Cheesehead Radio and is the Green Bay Packers Draft Analyst for Drafttek.com.




The Uncertain Future of James “Rocksteady” Jones in Green Bay

If you’re a 20-something fan like me (and I should apologize to the readers who may have no idea what I’m talking about in the following lines), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were likely one of your favorite cartoons growing up. If that’s the case, you’ll also likely remember “Rocksteady,” one of the evil henchmen that the four turtles routinely fought against.

Naturally, I’m sure you’re thinking: What in the world does this have to do with Green Bay Packers receiver James Jones?

To be honest, there’s very little comparison between the two in either appearance or personality. Jones is neither a bi-pedal rhino or a crime-loving henchman from my own observations.

But the nickname? It’s perfect for Jones.

He’s proven to have “Rock” hands in some of the worst situations over his short career, dropping a handful of big passes in 2010 that nearly cost the Packers several games. Drops against the Jets, Eagles and Steelers are the first to come to my mind, but there has been several others.

And I think most fans will admit that they’ve grown tired of passes that have no business being dropped hitting the turf because of Jones. Honestly, who didn’t post something on Twitter in the moments after Jones’s drop against the Eagles in the Wild Card round about his long-term future in Green Bay?

In fact, I’m sure there will be commenters on this very post that say they want nothing to do with Jones because of those drops—and that’s understandable.

But to be fair to Jones, you also have to say he’s been “steady” too.

As the Packers’ third, and sometimes fourth, receiving option over the past four years, Jones has caught 149 passes for over 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. During his two best seasons (2007 and ’10), Jones caught over 45 passes for nearly 700 yards in both years. What more could you expect or want out of a guy in his role?

To that point, I think there is very few who would say Jones isn’t a talented receiver. Even if the Packers’ offense gives him favorable opportunities, you have to be able to take advantage of those mismatches—and Jones, for the most part, has done that.

Obviously, the similarities between James Jones and Rocksteady are striking.



Presenting… The Position by Position 2011 Green Bay Packers Post-Draft Roster

During the 2011 NFL Draft, the Green Bay Packers added an additional 10 players to their team roster, with six going to the offense and four going to the defense. They now have a roster of 85 players, which they must cut down to 80 by training camp. (These details are, of course, subject to change based on the labor negotiations.)

With the lockout currently prohibiting teams from signing undrafted rookies, this is currently the best picture of the players that Mike McCarthy and his coaching staff will have to work with. Also note that there are currently 14 free agents on the roster (restriction status pending for some). In the far off chance they let every single free agent leave, that would give them 9 spots to fill by camp. If they managed to keep all of them, they would have to cut 5 players by then.

So enjoy perusing the current roster, and feel free to post your thoughts below. If you would like a printable version, I have posted both Excel and PDF versions below:

Packers 2011 Post-Draft Roster (*.XLSX)
Packers 2011 Post-Draft Roster (*.PDF)

*** Players in RED are free agents.
*** Players in GREEN are drafted rookies.

# Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Age Exp. College
10 Flynn, Matt QB 6-2 225 25 4 Louisiana State
6 Harrell, Graham QB 6-2 215 25 1 Texas Tech
12 Rodgers, Aaron QB 6-2 225 27 7 California
25 Grant, Ryan RB 6-1 222 28 5 Notre Dame
  Green, Alex RB 6-0 225 22 R Hawaii
32 Jackson, Brandon RB 5-10 216 25 5 Nebraska
30 Kuhn, John RB 6-0 250 28 6 Shippensburg
23 Nance, Dimitri RB 5-10 219 23 2 Arizona State
44 Starks, James RB 6-2 218 25 2 Buffalo
35 Hall, Korey FB 6-0 236 27 5 Boise State
45 Johnson, Quinn FB 6-1 263 24 3 Louisiana State
  Cobb, Randall WR 5-10 191 20 R Kentucky
80 Driver, Donald WR 6-0 194 36 13 Alcorn State
85 Jennings, Greg WR 5-11 198 27 6 Western Michigan