Cory’s Corner: Live sports are losing out to living rooms

Man caves like this are making fans choose between attending the game or remaining planted on the couch.

Man caves like this are making fans choose between attending the game or remaining planted on the couch.

It was only a matter of time before the living room caught up to the at-the-game experience.

And now we’re here.

When legions of Packers fans decided to turn down playoff tickets because of a myriad of things ranging from greed at 1265 Lombardi Ave., weather and the gameday experience many people around the country took notice.

If Packers fans are turning down playoff tickets, what’s next on the horizon for live sporting events?

Greed was why I turned down my playoff tickets. This was the first year the Packers opted to sit on season ticketholders’ money if the Packers failed to make the playoffs. I didn’t think it was right for the Packers to keep the money and reinvest it for themselves.

Obviously the weather has been hashed and re-hashed. But when the notice came for season ticketholders prior to Thanksgiving, weather wasn’t an issue. (Heck, at that point, the playoffs weren’t really an issue).

The last thing is what should scare the Packers and every sports team that has its games televised. High definition TV’s are commonplace now. The picture quality is clearer than ever before and it also affords angles that fans sitting in the stands cannot see.

The NFL knows they have a problem on its hands because it took steps to remedy the situation by offering to have cameras in the locker room moments before the teams were ready to take the field. I can’t speak for other NFL venues, but at Lambeau Field, the majority of fans will never see that. The amount of gridlock caused by the beefed up security has created a sea of people that engulf Armed Forces Dr. before whittling themselves down into smaller security lines.

One glaring problem that has arisen is the need for either better cellular service or the addition of WiFi. What’s the best way for the NFL to expand its already gargantuan brand? Let its fans flood social media with pictures and comments relishing in the product.

I know the NFL has really worked hard to crack down on this, but the language still needs to be cleaned up. I know the usual argument is that you should be able to say whatever and whenever you want. And that’s right when you’re tailgating at your car. But when you’re packed tight in a bowl on aluminum benches, a stronger vocabulary than the abundance of four-letter words as both nouns and verbs is required.