After Further Review: Fail Mary Full Of Disgrace

Lancy Easley book "Making the Call"

Former NFL replacement referee Lance Easley’s book hits the stands on August 1st

Just when we had moved on to the 2013 NFL season and were inching further away from the disaster that was dubbed “Fail Mary” last season, shock waves hit Twitter this past weekend.  OK, maybe shock waves is a bit of an exaggeration-unless you’re a Green Bay Packers fan.

It was announced that NFL replacement referee Lance Easley, who infamously awarded a game-winning touchdown to Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate at the end of last year’s Monday Night Football contest against the Packers, has written a book entitled “Making the Call” and it goes on sale starting August 1st.

While Easley’s blown call was what ultimately led to the end of the NFL’s lockout of the regular refs, it obviously came at a cost to both the Packers and the NFL.  Who knows what would have become of Green Bay’s 2012 season had the right call been made and had the Packers left Seattle with the win.

As we know, Easley had no previous experience as a professional referee prior to that game.  He had done some high school and lower division college games and no one knew who he was.  That all changed in the blink of an eye and apparently Easley intends to ride the wave of that fame (infamy, really) all the way to the bank.  Ironically, his day job is as an Executive with Bank of America.  I’m sure many are hoping that he won’t have the luxury of quitting that job and living off of the royalties from the sale of his book.

The book has caused some blood-boiling, judging by the reaction on Twitter from fans and media alike.  While there is uproar among Packers fans and around the NFL, it seems to be another story in Seattle.  A while back, there were rumors that Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had invited Easley to be a guest at his celebrity softball game, which took place this past Sunday.  Those rumors were proven true when images of Easley posing with Seahawks players surfaced after the event.  Here is one in particular that ESPN tweeted:



Packers Beer Mug Perspective: Seattle at home, or the Georgia Dome?

After the "Fail Mary" in September, the Packers could play the Seahawks again in the playoffs.

After the “Fail Mary” in September, the Packers could play the Seahawks again in the playoffs.

After defeating the Minnesota Vikings last week, the Green Bay Packers are two wins away from Super Bowl XLVII.

If the Packers defeat the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday night, they’ll move on to the NFC Championship. Who and where they’d play would be determined Sunday afternoon when the Falcons and Seahawks square off in Atlanta.

If the No. 1 seed Atlanta Falcons win, they’ll host the NFC Championship at the Georgia Dome. But if the Seahawks win, then the winner of Saturday’s Packers-49ers game will host the NFC Championship.

(Now would be a good time to mention that I fully expect this Saturday’s game against the 49ers to be a hard-fought, down-to-the-wire matchup that could go either way. The purpose of this post is not to overlook a good 49ers team, but rather, to look at (what could be) the next game on the Packers’ schedule.)

A rematch with Seattle would surely result in an amped-up Lambeau Field crowd, hungry for revenge after what happened on Sept. 24. But a rematch with Atlanta would mean the Packers, a team built for a fast track, would be playing indoors with a chance to punch their ticket to the Super Bowl.

This begs the question…

Would you, as a fan, rather see the Packers host the Seahawks at Lambeau Field or have them play the Falcons in the Georgia Dome?

In the format of the Packers Beer Mug Perspective, let’s look at the issue from both angles, then determine whether our mug is really “half full” or “half empty.”

1) Seahawks at Packers. Lambeau Field.

Why it sounds good: It all comes full circle.

After the infamous “Fail Mary” play earlier this season, the Packers receive an opportunity for revenge against the Seattle Seahawks. It’s Pete Carroll, Golden Tate and Russell Wilson back on the other sideline, only this time, it’s in Green Bay with a trip to Super Bowl XLVII on the line.

The Seahawks are as hot as anyone in the league right now, but they’re still a team without much experience in the playoffs. Wilson has been sensational as a rookie, but the postseason can be a whole different animal for young quarterbacks. Then again, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has yet to win a playoff game, and he’s currently in his fifth NFL season.



Ranting and Raving About the Packers Loss to the (Refs) Seahawks

M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate

M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate

No fancy intro to this post. I’m getting straight to the anger and I invite Packers fans to do the same in the comments section.

What pissed you off about last night’s Packers loss to the Seahawks? I’m not looking for one or two things. I’m looking for a laundry list. Let it fly, people.

Here we go:

  • I’m pissed at the NFL. My favorite sport is turning into a reality TV show. Joke refs. Labor disputes. Tebowmania. Programming overkill. Putting clown analysts on the air instead of insightful commentators. Joke refs (did I mention that already?). A commissioner that now has less credibility than Bud Selig. Greedy and whiny owners and players. Pete Carroll. Imposter officials (have I mentioned that yet?). That’s pretty much all the elements of a reality TV show that appeals to the lowest common denominator of society instead of positioning itself for long-term sustainability and success by actually caring about its product.
  • I’m pissed at people who utter the following sentence (Beavis and Butthead voice): “Yeah, uh, uh, the calls were bad, but uh, uh, the Packers shouldn’t have put themselves in that situation, uh, uh, they should’ve put the game away earlier.” Shut up. What situation are you talking about? The one where the Packers intercepted Russell Wilson on the last drive, only to have it overturned on a phantom roughing the passer call? The one where the Packers had Seattle at 1st and forever on the final drive, only to see it all blown up on a ridiculous pass interference call that should’ve gone against the offense? The one where M.D. Jennings intercepted the final pass, only to  have it called a Seahawks touchdown? Are those the situations you’re talking about? The Seahawks are a helluva team. At this point of the season, no team is going to waltz into their stadium and blow them away. People that use the “Packers should not have been in that situation line” have no idea how difficult it is to win on the road against a tough defense in the NFL.
  • I’m pissed at Jay Cutler. He didn’t do anything wrong last night. I’m just always mad at Jay Cutler.
  • I’m pissed at Pete Carroll and Golden Tate. You’re enabling this farce to continue by not at least subtly acknowledging that this win is tainted. Show a little common sense.