Packers Jarrett Bush: 2012 Player Evaluation and Report Card

Jarrett Bush

Jarrett Bush

1) Introduction: There probably isn’t anyone on the Packers roster right now more infuriating to fans than Jarrett Bush. Coming onto the team as an undrafted free agent in 2006, his performance as a cornerback/safety has been frustrating, to say the least. With an uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (and generally doing the wrong thing), Bush was never a welcome sight on the defense. His only redeeming qualities have been a highly improved special teams play and a timely interception against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

2) Profile:

Jarrett Lee Bush

  • Age: 28
  • Born: 05/21/1984, in Vacaville, CA
  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 200
  • College: Utah State
  • Rookie Year: 2006
  • NFL Experience: 7 years

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3) Expectations coming into the season: Much to the chagrin of Packers fans, Jarrett Bush ended training camp as the starting cornerback opposite Tramon Williams. Had Davon House not injured his shoulder, there was a good chance he would have been supplanted. Despite good reports from coaches and beat writers during camp, Bush’s performance as a cornerback would always be doubted among fans. His abilities as a gunner on special teams would make him a core player in 2012 once again, but that’s the most we wanted to see from him.

4) Player’s highlights/low-lights: Jarrett Bush’s speed and improved technique have made him a gunner that consistently gets downfield on punts, either forcing a fair catch or downing the ball at ideal field position. This year, Bush had the highlight of recovering a muffed punt by the Arizona Cardinals. While it was in the final minutes of a lopsided game, it deal seal the victory for the Packers. Bush’s low-light in 2012 was his starting cornerback performance in the opener against San Francisco. It didn’t take fans long to tell the Packers coaching staff: “I told you so.”

5) Player’s contribution to the overall team success: On defense, Jarrett Bush was the usual suspect. He was miserable against the 49ers, and luckily that game made up about half of his total defensive snaps on the year. During his time at cornerback, he allowed seven receptions on 10 targets for 98 yards and two touchdowns. His biggest impact, as was to be expected, came on special teams. Even then, he was responsible for eight penalties on the year.