Packers News: Dave Robinson nominated for HOF, Jerry Kramer not

Former Packers LB Dave Robinson

Former Packers LB Dave Robinson

The Pro Football Hall of Fame announced its two senior nominees for 2013 on Wednesday. The class of 2013 will not be elected until February, but Wednesday’s news elicited two very different reactions from fans of the Green Bay Packers.

The good news–linebacker Dave Robinson was named as a finalist for enshrinement.

Robinson was selected to three Pro Bowls, while playing on three Championship teams under Vince Lombardi. The former Penn State standout played ten seasons with the Packers from 1963 until 1972 before finishing his career with a two-year run with the Washington Redskins.

But the bad news–offensive guard Jerry Kramer was left off the list.

It’d be a mistake to let the disappointing news about Kramer overshadow Robinson’s big day, but it’s hard to overlook the travesty of Kramer being left out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Kramer was the subject of a well-organized and persistent campaign by his daughter, Alicia. Although Kramer, a ten-time finalist for Canton, appreciated the support, he told his daugther that if he would not want to see another campaign if he were not chosen this year.

However, the fight for Kramer’s inclusion in Canton is not yet over. There may not be a formal movement for Kramer next year, but regardless, Packers fans can nominate him on their own by going to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Website. With the unrivaled support you can expect from Packers fans, Kramer is sure to be considered again next summer.


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CheeseheadRadio News 08-02-12: Plus,Interview With Alicia Kramer

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Jayme Joers (As heard on Cheesehead Radio – 08/02/12 ). Special Guest was Alicia Kramer, daughter of Packers legend Jerry Kramer, who is leading a campaign to get her dad nominated for induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The Show can be downloaded from itunes here, or just click on the play button below:

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Packers News:

Al: As we hit the air tonight, Packers training camp is in full swing and the first week is in the books. The biggest story has been the play of the re-invigorated secondary, with young players Devon House and Casey Hayward making big impressions on teammates and coaches alike. Both may have already passed Sam Shields on the depth chart, but it’s still early to conclude anything.

Jayme:  On the other side of the ball, the wide receiver battle is going to force some tough choices for the Packers, as no one appears to be playing themselves out of a spot. Jennings, Nelson and Cobb are the only sure things. James Jones and Donald Driver have had very good camps so far, but are being pushed hard by Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel. Could the Packers possibly keep 7 receivers? Stay tuned.

The inimitable NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell dropped in on Packers practice Wednesday morning and fortunately managed to avoid any late hits from Anthony Hargrove. Goodell expressed confidence in the replacement referees the league has been training in case their labor dispute is not resolved in time. Then when asked about Johnny Jolly by reporters, Goodell claimed to not even know if the league had received his reinstatement application. That doesn’t sound promising for Jolly.

While on the subject of suspensions, the Packers have a new member of their “not allowed to play” team. Erik Walden was suspended for the first game of the season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. This stems from the Thanksgiving incident in which Walden was charged with disorderly conduct. Of course, as JSOnline’s Ty Dunne cleverly pointed out, Walden would have to first make the team to serve that suspension.

Tomorrow night is the Packers’ annual Family Night event. The parking lots and Atrium open at 11:00 AM with ongoing events in the Tundra tailgate zone. Fans with tickets to the scrimmage will be allowed into the stadium starting at 5:30PM to enjoy the scrimmage and the entertainment, which includes youth football, jersey giveaways, Oneida Nation dance performances and a fireworks display finale at 9:30.



Jerry Kramer, The Pro Football Hall Of Fame And The NFL Generation Gap

Former Packers Guard Jerry Kramer

Jerry Kramer leading the famous "Packers Sweep"

It’s one of the biggest travesties ever committed against a member of the Green Bay Packers.

For a player who was a foundational part of the “Packers Sweep,” a play that revolutionized the running game in the NFL, I can think of no greater offense given to him.  As a key player in the great Packers teams of the 1960s, not giving him his proper due is an insult to all those already in the Hall of Fame who have played against him.

I’m talking about the former Packer great and guard Jerry Kramer.  If you’re reading this, chances are you are a Packers fan and by default are already knowledgeable in Packers history.  You know how much Kramer has meant and still means to this franchise, the greatest in all of professional sports.

The fact that he is not included in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is utterly insane.  In fact, I’d even argue it stains the reputation of the Selection Committee itself.

It’s clear where I (and countless other Packer fans) stand on the issue.  I’m not going to fire off a laundry list of reasons why Kramer should be in the hall of fame.  It’s the same list we recite every year.  We are always countered with the argument that there are “too many” of Lombardi’s players in already.  TOO MANY? There is no such thing as “too many” on teams as great as the 1960s Packers were.  I’d say the same for 1970s Steelers and 1980s 49ers too.

Instead, I think we need to explore the WHY of the whole argument.  Why isn’t a player, whose hall of fame credentials are crystal clear, constantly left out year after year?

Well first off, it’s of no fault of Kramer’s.   Any Packer fan who has had the pleasure of meeting him (which I unfortunately NOT had the honor of doing yet) say he’s first class to everyone.  Takes time to reminisce about the good ole days and share stories of what Lombardi really was like as a coach.  I look forward to hearing some of these stories someday soon.



Green Bay Packers Fans: How to Support the Jerry Kramer for Hall of Fame Campaign

Jerry Kramer Belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jerry Kramer Belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jerry Kramer is the best football player on the planet not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And it’s not just my opinion, although I’ve written about Jery Kramer and the Hall of Fame before. Far more qualified observers than I, such as opposing players and NFL Films president and football historian Steve Sabol, have named Kramer as the best player not in the Hall. From my post above:

Jerry Kramer is a 10-time Hall of Fame finalist and thus, the only player named 10 times or more that has not been inducted. Many former teammates and competitors have come out and accused the voting writers of being jealous of Kramer’s success as an author. Joe Horrigan, Hall of Fame Vice President has said that 25% of the mail that the Hall receives on a daily basis is about Jerry Kramer. Steve Sabol, legendary President of NFL Films, named Kramer as his choice for the best player not in the Hall of Fame. Clearly, it seems that almost everyone except the Hall of Fame voters recognize that Jerry Kramer belongs. It’s beyond ironic that Kramer has earned so much fame, yet can’t get acknowledged by the Hall of Fame. The Seniors committee needs to nominate Kramer every year until all of the Hall of Fame voters come to their senses and this wrong is righted.

But I’m not here to make the case again – that’s been done sufficiently. What I’m here for today is to ask for a call to action. Jerry’s daughter, Alicia has been tireless in trying to raise awareness and have this wrong righted while her Dad is still on this planet to see it happen. A public outcry can change perceptions and influence decisions. perhaps it could work here.

There are multiple ways you can get involved that won’t require much time or effort.

Twitter People:  There’s an effort today to get this topic trending on twitter. Send a tweet out supporting this cause and use @JerryKramer4HOF.

You can sign this petition. (You can ignore the part about “paying”, you can bypass and sign the petition anyway.

Facebook People: Like his page on Facebook.

Visit the official website:

Contact the voters directly (they are listed here). But be polite.  Nasty, angry emails do more harm than good. Kill them with kindness.



Cheesehead Radio News 07-18-11 with Packers Legend Jerry Kramer

Weekly Green Bay Packers News from Twitter and other Sources by Al Bracco and Holly Phelps (As heard on Cheesehead Radio (7/18/11 ).

To listen to the show, click on the play button below. The Jerry Kramer interview begins around the eleven minute mark.

Listen to internet radio with Cheesehead Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Packer News 7/18/11

Al: This past week marked the return of Packers President Mark Murphy to the NFL negotiating table. It also has been full of optimistic news about the potential end to the lockout with the players to vote on Wednesday on a proposed settlement. It could be coincidence, or as CheeseheadTV’s Aaron Nagler suggests, Murphy’s presence might have made a difference.

Holly: Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio attempted this week to put together a list  of things the Packers need to do when football resumes. Unfortunately, the very first one was an epic fail. He listed Howard Green and C.J. Wilson as the candidates to replace Cullen Jenkins – completely ignoring the guy that will surely have the job, Mike Neal. Neal took it in stride on twitter and said he will use it as additional motivation.

Al: Jermichael Finley made an appearance last week along with Donald Driver at the fourth annual “Green and Gold training camp”, an event to promote active lifestyles for children. When interviewed by Brandon Storlie of the Wisconsin State Journal, Finley was his usual outspoken self, saying “We will be in Indianapolis”, a reference to the site of next year’s Super Bowl.  My question is, did he start the sentence with “I got one word:”

Holly: Well, FoxSportsWisconsin also caught up with the talkative Finley, who called the lockout a blessing in disguise for allowing his injury more time to heal. Finley also said that having to watch games from the sideline gave him a new understanding of the tight end position and helped him learn the defenses. Now, isn’t that what game tape is for?

Al: That’s the preferred way… With the return of Ryan Grant and the drafting of Alex Green, there has been a lot of discussion about the Packers’ suddenly crowded offensive backfield. Grant told Packer Report that if necessary, he would accept a backup role for the good of the team. That doesn’t mean it’s what anyone expects. Grant has been told he’s #1 on the depth chart to start and of course, he plans to stay there.



It’s Time to Right this Wrong – Jerry Kramer Belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame


Career Highlights:

Played 11 Seasons for the Green Bay Packers, 1958-1968

Played in 4 League Championship games and two Super Bowls

Earned 5 Championship rings.

5-Time All-Pro and 3 Pro Bowls


The Case for Jerry Kramer:

A fourth round draft pick in 1958, (selected after Jim Taylor and Ray Nitschke), Kramer earned a starting job immediately. As a rookie, the 6′ 3″, 250-lb Kramer quickly gained the reputation as a tenacious player that could hold his own against the best defensive tackles. In 1959, a fiery new coach came to town and soon recognized Kramer’s talent. Years later, Vince Lombardi would say of Kramer, “He didn’t know how good he was…”

Lombardi helped develop Jerry Kramer into an All-Pro NFL guard.  Kramer became the key blocker to the success of the famous Green Bay Packer sweep. Along with fellow guard Fuzzy Thurston, it was Kramer’s job to provide the inside “seal” Vince Lombardi famously talked about, keeping pursuing linebackers or defensive backs away from Jim Taylor and Paul Horning.

While Hall-of-Fame membership has eluded Jerry Kramer, fame itself has not. In the historic Ice Bowl game against the Dallas Cowboys, Kramer threw the most famous and recounted block in the history of the NFL, giving Bart Starr just enough room to score the winning TD. Kramer also appeared in one of the most famous Sports Illustrated covers ever, the classic photograph of Kramer carrying Vince Lombardi off the field after the Packers’ Super Bowl II victory.

Kramer was famous for his physical ailments, injuries and multiple operations. Kramer underwent 22 surgeries in 11 seasons, his many  scars earning him the nickname “Zipper”. Despite all of these obstacles, Kramer made it onto the field to play in 129 regular season games in his 11 years. As Bart Starr once said, “When Jerry wasn’t on his deathbed, he was making life miserable for defensive tackles.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Kramer also filled in as the Packers’ placekicker for two seasons. His three field goals helped the Packers win the 1962 championship game against the New York Giants, 16-7. He tallied 65 points in 1962 and was the team’s leading scorer the following season with 91 points.