Mike McCarthy: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Mike McCarthy

There’s no question anymore: Mike McCarthy is one of the best coaches in the NFL today.

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy is like a member of your family. You love the guy to death, but every once in a while he makes you want to slam your head into a wall.

That said, I’m not here to talk about the bad in regards to McCarthy.  Every coach has their flaws and McCarthy is no different.   Instead, I’m here to do something for him that is rarely done outside the state of Wisconsin and/or the Packer fan base.

I’m giving McCarthy some credit.  He’s one the best coaches in the NFL and no one talks about him on a national scope.  He (along with general manager Ted Thompson) has helped build one of, if not the best, model franchises in the National Football League.  The last three seasons he has won a Super Bowl with a badly depleted roster, won his first 13 games in the following season and this year has another injury riddled team in position to win another Super Bowl.

Yet when it comes to coach of the year discussions this year, McCarthy’s name is conspicuously absent.  The Packers arguably took a harder hit with the injuries this year than in 2010 because of all the stars that have gone down over the course of the season, but the Packers are in position to get a first round bye.   2012 could very well be the best coaching job McCarthy has done since his arrival in 2006.

Why has McCarthy been overlooked so much on the national scale? There are a couple theories.

One is that McCarthy has gone the Bill Belichick route and that his success has become so consistent and so routine, that it’s become expected and almost unappreciated.

I’m not the biggest Belichick fan on the planet but he has done a wonderful long term job with that franchise given how much turnover they constantly face. He’s got a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback in Tom Brady, like McCarthy has in Rodgers.  It’s a distinct possibility that McCarthy’s success has become so expected it’s getting overlooked.

Another reason could be McCarthy’s personality.  Much has been made about his “soundbites” in his press conferences (“pawsitive,” “pad level,” “polluted mindset” among others) but he’s not a screamer and a yeller that is going to become an overnight YouTube sensation.