Oh the Things Some Packers Fans Say…

Crazy Packers FansI like a good laugh as much as anyone. A hearty guffaw, a restrained chuckle, a snarky snicker – I like them all.

Usually, I like to laugh at things that are, you know… funny.

But there’s also this – reading things people say in all seriousness that are so ridiculous, all you can do is shake your head and smile at their ignorance.  (sorry, I don’t like calling anyone ignorant, but in this case, a better word escapes me).

If you visit a lot of Packers websites where people leave comments, you’ve surely encountered your share of knuckleheads. On some sites, they are the exception. I’ll bravely put this site in that category – after all, it took over four years before we had to ban our first idiot (Sorry Scott, but you were acting like a real dick – now hurry and go give a thumbs down to everything you see on this site).

On other sites, the mental institution escapees are rampant.

One such site is JsOnline.com, the web site of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The level of knuckleheadedness (if that’s not a word, I’m claiming it) is legendary. So legendary, in fact, that some smart person at the paper even created a twitter account (@JSComments) that just tweets the ridiculous rantings of these rectal ramblers.

If you’re on twitter, just follow that account and you’ll be treated to a stream of mind-blowing lunacy. For those non-twitterians among you (what’s wrong with you, by the way?), here’s a selection for your (and my) reading pleasure:

Comments on JSOnline.com:

It will be frustrating to see Bishop sack Rodgers 10 times in the first half during the first game.

Packers have no chance of another SB in this decade because fat boy and his woeful coaching staff are not fit to field a team & gameplan

Russell Wilson is no NFL QB. Its like the ending to the Rose Bowl, Wilson just flounders and cannot deliver due to his diminutive size.

Rodgers? Fragile. Landed on the IR without being touched. A concussion waiting to happen. Not exactly G.O.A.T (Favre) tough.

Thompson’s goal is NOT to win the Super Bowl with the Packers; instead, his goal is to win the #1 overall pick.

Take away the Super Bowl victories and they haven’t won any Super Bowls! (yes, someone really wrote that)



Packers: Scott Wells “Appears Headed” to Free Agency

Scott Wells is likely to hit free agency, which opens Tuesday.

Barring any late change of heart or mind, Green Bay Packers center Scott Wells will get to the start of free agency without a new contract from the Packers.

According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Wells “appears headed for free agency barring a last-minute deal.” The sides are still far apart on what the value of Wells’ new contract should be.

In my opinion, the two sides are playing a game of chicken, with the Packers going low and Wells going high and waiting to see which side breaks first. My guess is that the Packers are going to have to give in some, but whether it’s enough to sign Wells, I don’t know. Wells remembers that the Packers gave up on him two years ago only to see him beat out Jason Spitz for the starting job and become one of the most valuable players on the offensive line.

It appears that Wells is wanting a contract that puts him on par with the top centers in the NFL, somewhere in the $7-8 million a year range. The Packers are almost certain not to give him that kind of money, especially considering Wells will be 32 at the end of 2012-13 season and is a touch undersized for the position.

Given that wide impasse in yearly negotiations, the Packers are likely to let Wells scour the open market. Once there, it’s possible Wells will find out a harsher truth about his real value and the Packers will be able to negotiate a more cap-friendly deal for the veteran center.

GM Ted Thompson has seen this same scenario unfold with left tackle Chad Clifton and receiver James Jones, both of which got to free agency but re-signed with the Packers once they got a better grasp at what free agency valued them at.

Clifton flirted with the Washington Redskins back in 2010 but shortly returned on a three-year deal with the Packers. Jones was widely assumed to be finding a team that would make him a more targeted receiver last offseason but found no satisfying offers. He also returned on a three-year deal.

Despite that fact, Wells still has leverage in the talks because he’s coming off a Pro Bowl season and back-to-back years when many considered him one of the NFL’s top centers.



From the Mouth of Jermichael Finley: Packers Should Score Every Time

NFL general managers, coaches and the majority of players give the most boring interviews in all of sports. Because football is run by multi-billionaires and is the most mainstream sport in America, the league and its teams spend a lot of money trying to control their message and ruffle as few feathers as possible when communicating through the media.

That’s why I love Jermichael Finley. Green Bay’s fourth-year TE apparently was absent when Packers PR staff provided media training to players and covered such topics as Cliches 101 and How to Say the Same Boring Stuff Over and Over Again.

Finley just says whatever is on his mind, and it’s great. For some reason, certain fans get upset when players are honest. I get that there’s a fine line between being honest and being dumb, but I don’t understand why some fans would prefer a player to just shut up instead of actually telling us what’s on his mind (even if whatever is on his mind might be dumb).

Actually, it probably has nothing to do with being honest or dumb. It’s more about being genuine. I think Finley is genuine, and that’s a good thing.

Here are some of Finely’s best quotes from the last couple of weeks along with my thoughts on each one:

Finley spoke to Ricardo Arguello of the Appleton Post Crescent on July 23 about returning after the lockout:

“”The longer the lockout, the better conditioning and shape I’ll come back in. My thing is to come back and show the Packers I’m ready to go….(The lockout) has actually helped me, to tell you the truth.”

I like that Finley feels he still has to show the Packers he’s ready to go. We all know Finley is talented (and Finley knows he’s talented), but he’s never played a full 16 games in his career. It’s good to know he’s not expecting to come back and be featured in the offense without proving he’s healthy and can play at a high level.

Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee spoke to Finley about numerous topics on July 15, one of which concerned Finley lining up as a receiver:

“Standing up, I think that’s the best position for me,” he said. Asked if the coaches are comfortable with that, Finley replied, “They’re going to be comfortable with it.”