Packers Safety Morgan Burnett: More Valuable Than We Think?

Morgan Burnett

Burnett offers a lot of promise for a young Packers secondary (Photo from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

In looking at the Pro Football Focus grades for Green Bay Packers safety Morgan Burnett’s 2012 season, something stood out to me.  The longest pass that he was charged with this past season was 27 yards.  It’s never good to give up long pass plays and a 27 yarder is nothing to be proud of.  I also realize that it may have been one of the two tocuhdowns that Burnett was charged with.  I didn’t dig that far, but I’m looking at this from a “face value” perspective.

It made me wonder if Burnett is more valuable to the Packers defense than most would think.  Let’s look at this little nugget a bit further.

Of all NFL safeties who played at least 1,000 snaps in 2012, only TJ Ward of the Cleveland Browns’ 22 yard longest pass allowed was shorter than Burnett’s.  Pittsburgh’s Ryan Clark played 909 snaps and his longest pass allowed was just 18 yards.

Again, there are a lot of factors that go into these stats such as defensive scheme, the other defensive backs around a player, the team’s pass rush and time opposing quarterbacks had in the pocket, etc.  So with that in mind, let’s simply look at the fact that the Packers faced Detroit’s Calvin Johnson twice and Chicago’s Brandon Marshall twice.  No small task and one that certainly requires safety help.

Johnson was the league’s best wide receiver in terms of yards in 2012.  The argument can be made that defenses were more able to double and triple Johnson because there was no clear #2 receiver opposite him.  That’s true, but Johnson is the type of receiver who can still take over and get his yards anyway.  To game plan and cover him takes 60 minutes of being aware of where he is at all times.  One of the touchdowns that Burnett was charged with came against Johnson.  It should have been an interception.  Burnett let the ball slip through his hands but he was in perfect position to pick it off at the goal line.

The Packers also faced Chicago’s Brandon Marshall twice and while Burnett didn’t do it alone, he was key in nearly shutting Marshall down in week two.  While there were no deep balls to defend in that game, Burnett should be credited for not allowing any to develop also.  In the second matchup, Marshall’s longest catch was just 15 yards.