2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Disappointing Player

2011 Packers Yearbook: Most disappointing player

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Adam: Tramon Williams went from one of the most promising CBs in the NFL to givng up record numbers in passing yards. A shoulder injury and little support from the pass rush didn’t help Williams, but he still gets my vote for most disappointing.

Al: For me it has to be Mike Neal.  Based on his play early in 2010, I fully expected him to really come on and be a handful for offensive lineman to contain. Of course, he never got the chance and when he did come back, you could see he wasn’t the same guy. And now he’s suspended for four games. Ugh. I haven’t given up on him, though. I still want to see what he can do if healthy. Still holding out hope…

Chad: Perhaps the “underrated” tag fits better here, but I just can’t get over the disappointment of Mike Neal. The most unfortuante part is that this disappoint extends from his rookie year all the way into next season. His injuries, while pretty much out of his control, have been the biggest disappointment for Mike Neal and a large source of frustration to boot. But his latest four-game suspension for 2012 is his most recent disappointment. This kid could have been doomed from the beginning.

Kris:  AJ Hawk.  It looked like he finally turned the corner in the 2010 season, but 2011 was a disaster for the Ohio State alum. It was so bad that there is now legitimate debate about replacing him in the lineup with DJ Smith, an unkown who showed flashes in limited playing time.  For someone touted at the “sure thing” of the 2006 draft, Hawk is not close to meeting those expectations.

Michael: Jermichael Finley. As a huge fan of Finley, I was disappointed with his 2011 campaign. It wasn’t just the dropped balls, but the lack of consistent domination that he is capable of. He showed it off in the Arizona playoff game in ’09, in the Week 3 Bears game this season, but most times he was just another guy. It was hard to watch Finley be just another guy as other tight ends like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham had monster seasons.