2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Frustrating Player

2011 Packers Yearbook: Most Frustrating Player

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Adam: Tramon Williams. It was very frustrating watching Williams go from a top-tier CB to a complete mess. Hopefully a better pass rush and a fully-healed shoulder gets him back on track in 2012.

Al: So many candidates… I’ll stay away from the obvious choice (cough… Finley… cough…) and go with Charlie Peprah. The Packers won a Super Bowl with Charlie Peprah at safety. Last season, he was a disaster. Made mistake after mistake and gave up one big play after another. Obviously, without Nick Collins around for guidance, he was just lost back there…

Chad: Jermichael Finley, hands down. (Pun intended.) This year we saw the drops bug move from James Jones to Finley, and boy was it frustrating to watch. Finley is a dominant player and such a threat to defenses that seeing him consistently drop passes was gut-wrenching. Here’s hoping this problem goes away with a fresh year and a fresh contract.

Kris:  Finley. The kid has all the potential to be a revolutionary player at the tight end position, which made his drops even more maddening.  If the guy’s head is in the right place, he can be dominant but after only about two and quarter seasons, we have yet to see if Finley can mentally handle the pro game.

Michael: James Starks. Following his surprising play down the stretch in 2010 and into the playoffs, Starks appeared to be on his way to becoming the Packers primary running back. Instead, Starks was injured most of the year and when healthy, failed to consistently run the ball well. With Ryan Grant likely gone via free agency, Starks will need to improve his vision and his ability to stay on the field throughout the season.

Thomas: D.J. Williams.  What happened to that guy?  During training camp he looked smooth and controlled in the offense and then when the regular season rolled around, he fell off the map.  When Williams was drafted, I figured he would get looks at slot reciever/away from the formation tight end and in the backfield as a pseudo-fullback with lots of flares and curls to catch linebackers and defensive linemen, but in the end Williams barely was active let alone on the field.  Hopefully a full offseason and a years worth of experience will help Williams entrench himself in the lineup and he can start to contribute earnestly.