2011 Packers Yearbook: Most likely to become a Packers coach

2011 Packers Yearbook: Most likely to become a Packers coach

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Adam: Jarrett Bush. I could see Bush as a future special teams coach. On the field, Bush is obnoxious, passionate and a little goofy — the perfect recipe for a future in coaching special teams.

Al: If he was still around, I would pick Mark Tauscher. I always think offensive line when it comes to who would make a good coach,  and of the current packers group, Jeff Saturday is the logical choice. But I don’t feel like being logical today, so I’m thinking out of the box here and saying Nick Collins. Collins may soon find out his playing career is over, yet is probably not ready to let go of the game. there’s only one solution: become a coach.

Chad: Call me crazy, but I think A.J. Hawk could fit the bill. The Packers don’t seem to want to get rid of him, and he’s been more of a cerebral player than a physical one. Maybe they’ll offer him a coaching position as an alternative to cutting him in the future . . .

Kris: Can we count Mark Tauscher? Mike McCarthy kept him around the team in 2010 after he was placed on IR and the players in locker room obviously respect him.  If not him, then Clifton.  His knowledge of the offensive line would make him an ideal coach.

Michael: Donald Driver. I have no idea if Driver would even consider coaching once his playing days are over, but there is something to be said about a player that carved an unlikely path to NFL success. Driver has the intelligence, personality and an ability to connect to others that would be beneficial for a coach to possess.

Thomas: I’m going to go with another offensive linemen and pick Jeff Saturday.  My reasoning is that the Colts offered to keep Saturday with some sort of agreement to work in the front office in the future, and that says to me that he wants to stay in football once he’s playing career is over.  Saturday has probably seen it all and was a focal point of probably the most complicated offense in the NFL for 13 years with Peyton Manning so I’m sure he understands how to teach other linemen to do the same.