No Huddle Radio: Packers Season on the Ropes

Marques, Kris and Cory from ALLGBP.com convene to hash out what to make of  the Packers losing their third straight game on Sunday.

Tune in as the guys dissect the loss to the Giants and discuss how the Packers can find their way out of their current predicament. Is there hope or are they down for the count?

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Packers vs. Giants – Playoffs Game Day: Unfiltered First Impressions. NYG 37 GB 20

Jermichael Finley - Packers vs. Giants playoffs.The NY Giants roll into Green Bay today, brimming with confidence they have what it takes to beat the Packers. If you listen to the NY media, Giants fans and even some players, it’s practically a done deal. The Packers, however, have other plans for New York.

Still reeling a bit from the tragic death of Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin’s son, Green Bay will be an emotional bunch today. Philbin will be back in the coaches’ box, assuming his usual game day responsibilities. On the other side of the ball, Dom Capers had some no-holds-barred film sessions with the Packers defense this week, and reportedly, nobody escaped unscathed. Let’s hope they rise to the occasion today.

Packers’ inactives:

QB Harrell, CB House, OLB Francois, T Taylor, TE Williams, NT Green, LB So’oto

Francois is the only one scratched due to injury. Some surprises at the bottom of that list. most people on Twitter are shocked at Green being inactive, with the vaunted Giants running game coming to town. Green, however, has done very little of impact over the last half of the season. He is a huge body, but hasn’t been productive. He was handled faitly easily by the Giants OL in their last meeting. This must also mean Capers is planning on running plenty of nickel today or possibly even psycho.

So’ oto is the big disappointment to me. If the Giants are in an obvious passing situation and you’re planning to bring pressure from ROLB, So ‘oto would be the guy I want in that situation (over Walden, Jones or Zombo).

The Packers have 8 offensive lineman dressed today. They normally only have seven. Rob Demovsky wondered if that means the packers were worried about Chad Clifton. I think if that were the case, they would have kept Herb Taylor active.



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Philbin situation: I don’t have the words to express how the week went. The Philbin familyghas shown a great amount of strength and is a fantastic example to all of us.

Philbin coaching:  He’ll have exactly the same duties. We met and discussed it yesterday – I told him to sleep on it. I wanted it to be his decision…  Great to have him back.

NY attitude: Giants think they are going to be more physical than us. That remains to be seen



Three Dont’s for a Comfortable Packers Win over the Giants

Tramon WilliamsThe Green Bay Packers could have had an easy game against the New York Giants when they played in week 13. But their own mishaps turned what should have been a comfy win in enemy territory into a nail-biter requiring Aaron Rodgers to come to their rescue.

I happened to be at that game in person. There were three things that struck me about the Packers’ play that day. Ater watching the replay on NFL Network last night for the first time, It just reinforced what I had seen in the stadium.

The Packers hurt themselves in three main ways in that game. I’m confident that if they can “clean it up”, the Packers will be hosting the Saints or the 49ers in the NFC Championship game at Lambeau. Here are my THREE DONT’S:


1) Don’t give up the big play.

Officially, “big plays” are defined as plays of 25 yards or more.  The Packers secondary went the extra mile against the Giants, giving up 3 pass plays of over 40 yards in their first meeting. All three led to scores, a total of 17 points handed to the Giants.  This falls very nicely into something I read today in the Wall Street Journal’s sports pages (yes they cover sports – from a purely analytical view).

The Journal reports (according to Stats, LLC), since 2008, teams with at least three more big plays than their opponents have won 80.2% of those games. Teams with just one more big play than their opponent won 60.5% of those games. The Packers had 2 big plays (one less than the Giants) in that game, both passes down the sideline to Jordy Nelson.  So the Packers actually bucked the big play odds by winning that game.

My point here is make the Giants earn it. Force them to drive the field in smaller chunks, make them run more plays where something can go wrong. Which leads me into #2:


2) Don’t drop interceptions.

I watched the replay of the game last night. Without particularly looking for it, I saw at least 4 plays where the Packers dropped sure interceptions.  In three cases, the ball bounced off a player’s hands.



Packers Film Study: Fearing for Aaron Rodgers’ Well Being vs. the NY Giants

While doing some film study of the Packers – Patriots game, one thing became painfully clear. The Green Bay Packers’ offensive line has a devil of a time picking up blitzes. Even simple, straight on, undisguised blitzes seem to confuse them and result in missed assignments.

This does not bode well for Aaron Rodgers. Coming off of his second concussion of this year, you would like for him to go through this game as hit-free as possible . But here come the New York Giants, a team that likes to punish quarterbacks. Even if they don’t get the sack, they will hit you and hit you hard. The last thing the Packers can afford is for Aaron Rodgers to be subjected to such abuse.

Going back to the Patriots game, the most obvious example of poor pass protection was the last-minute missed assignment by Bryan Bulaga that resulted in a heartbreaking sack of Matt Flynn, just as was attempting to lead the Packers on a game-winning drive.

What you may not realize, is that the Patriots used the same basic blitz six times in that game. It was correctly picked up only once.  And I’m not even going to discuss other blitzes by the Patriots that gave the Packers fits. Let’s just take a look at these six examples of a very basic blitz that I am referring to.:

Patriots Blitz vs. Clifton – Colledge; Exhibit A:

On this play, you’ll see Daryn Colledge stay inside, leaving Chad Clifton to deal with two players to block. Clifton makes a rookie mistake and leaves the inside rusher to go block the outside rusher. As for Colledge, I almost have to give him a pass on this one.

If you watch the Patriots linebacker in the middle of the field (Mayo) he does give a bit of a fake blitz, enough to hold Colledge, who I believe Wells has instructed to look out for that blitzer. Of course, the Packers make the age-old mistake of worrying more about the lesser threat rather than the closer threat at hand.

As for Matt Flynn, his only chance would have been to immediately get the ball out to James Jones, who has run into the spot vacated by the blitzers. Once he misses that chance, there is nothing else for him, as the other Packers receivers all appear to be running routes into the end zone.