Packers 34, Bills 7 – First Impressions – NFL Week Two 2010

First impressions and game time commentary on the Green Bay Packers defeat of the Buffalo Bills…

On the first series, it was obvious MM was not going to repeat the mistakes of last week. We saw much more balanced play calling…

The Packers showed the Psycho early. Jenkins the only DL. The result was the big Matthews sack. Later on, it would produce the Chillar interception.

In addition to making sacks, Clay Matthews may be the genesis for a new stat: “caused sacks” – when you don’t get any official credit for the sack,  but you’re completely the reason it happened.

As the first half progressed, I’m glad to see a commitment to the run continue. Against this Bills defense, that will result in some nice drives in the second half.

I was glad to see Dimitri Nance get an early look. I think he’ll be able to help the Packers down the line. I’m sticking with my feeling that Bjax is just not all that. But he’ll have to do for now…

Nice lift from Brandon Jackson on that Lambeau leap. He’s got ups.  Aaron Rodgers: lets just say he’s going to get killed by his teammates for that one.

The Bills have a nice three-headed monster at running back.

Pat Lee: Besides being a huge disappointment at CB, you don’t know enough to not down the ball after you’ve been out of bounds on a punt? Dumb, dumb, dumb.

When will Mike McCarthy learn that useless challenges always come back to bite you? Didn’t everyone in the building know that James Jones was out of bounds? Packers could have had the ball back with about a minute left in the first half and 2 timeouts. Instead, with just one timeout, MM decides to just let the clock run down. Now, it didn’t matter in this game, but bad challenges and poor clock management could be costly down the road.

Can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am overall by the coverage units on special teams… Yes, you’re going to give up some yards to a guy like C.J Spiller, but as long as you contain and avoid the huge returns, I’m happy.

I’m sticking with what I have previously written and also expressed on Cheesehead Radio: Bryan Bulaga right now is a better player than Colledge, Clifton or Tauscher. I’d live with the occasional rookie mistakes and just play him – somewhere… anywhere.



Packers 27, Eagles 20 – First Impressions – Week One 2010

In the very first series, we see Clay Matthews line up inside, and come on a delayed blitz.  That’s something they’ve been working on in practice, according to Greg Bedard.

Evidently, Aaron Rodgers’ facemask is considered “in play” by NFL referees.

Tramon Williams played one of his better games and did a nice job in coverage, but he needs to catch at least one of those two potential INTs.

Good news, bad news: Rodgers looks a little more nimble at avoiding rushers in the pocket – obviously, he’s had a lot practice. At the same time, he seemed to be watching the rushers too much, which affected his accuracy.

Mark Tauscher looked like Barbre / Giacomini (your choice) out there. I have to think he was hurting in some way. He just was not moving well…

When Clay Matthews took down Kevin Kolb from behind, as Kolb lay on the ground, I kept saying “get up”, “get up.” You see,  MichaelVick as a runner scared me a lot more than Kolb as a passer (at least based on what I had seen so far). When I tweeted that sentiment, most responses were, “please, we want Vick, he’ll screw things up.” I just shook my head.   And then he proceeds to… well you saw it. Like a bad movie we’ve all seen before. Fortunately, the ending was a little different this time.

The touchdown pass from Rodgers to Jennings looked so easy, I thought it was OTAs, 7 on 7.

The Packers obviously borrowed some other team’s special teams units for this game. Seriously, when it comes to special teams, I’m most concerned about two things, coverage units and kicking field goals. Close to perfect in both categories this game…

As I tweeted early on in the game, all Jordy Nelson has to do on KRs is CATCH the ball, run North/South, and not FUMBLE. I’m more than satisfied with him returning kicks if he does those things. If the Packers happen to block well for him and he has some nice returns, that’s just gravy.

I’m expecting an Alex Tallisch Mason Crosby-related jab at me any second now…