Packers vs. Browns – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: CLE 35 GB 10

Packers running back Alex Green vs. Browns

Packers running back Alex Green vs. Browns

Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns:

My unfitered game day blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.


Inactive for Packers today:

It’s a long list:

WR Greg Jennings, WR Diondre Borel and TE Jermichael Finley, LB Desmond Bishop, WR Shaky Smithson, RB Du’ane Bennett, RB Brandon Saine, FB John Kuhn, FB Jon Hoese, CB Sam Shields,  CB Davon House, OLB Frank Zombo, G Ray Dominguez,  DT Johnny Jones, T Marshall Newhouse, T Derek Sherrod, TE Andrew Quarless,

Notes: Tonight is the 63 installment of the Midwest Shrine game. Big night for Alex Green, Casey Hayward and DJ Smith.


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


Lambeau Field: Great to be home – no place like Lambeau Field. Big night for some of our younger players – they’re excited about playing here tonight.

 New Stadium Additions: Anxious to scope out the conditions. Great work for us; 15-20mph winds expected. I’m very interested to see what info our coaches gather.

Cedric Benson:  I look for Cedric to come in and compete for a starting position. He looks to be in great shape. He’s an excellent inside runner, he’s a 220 lb running back .  He defintitely falls forward.

Reggie Wells: Reggie gives u flexibility, has played all 5 positions. He’s older obviously, so brings a lot of valuable experience to a young offensive line group

DJ Smith: I think DJ is definitely one of our more instinctive players. We look for him to fill some big shoes.

Casey Hayward: Casey did some good things against San Diego. Big night for him and all the young cornerbacks.

Browns starters playing longer: Our starters will play at most 20-25 plays, important for us to evaluate the middle part of the roster. That’s great if they play their starters longer – will help our evaluation.

Curenski Gilleylen: Flexible player, has played many positioon. impressed byb his menatal ability – picked up our offense at multiple positions

Hope for tonight: Looking for a big step forward tonight. Discipline, communication, tempo – we’ve been addressing it all week.

Injuries:  I’m not not concerned. Since my first day here, I talk to the team all the time about accountability and availabilty. We have 72 players tonight – they all have to be ready to go.



Browns 27 Packers 17 – First Impressions of Preseason Game 1

Green Bay running back Ryan Grant vs. Cleveland BrownsBefore a way-less than capacity crown in Cleveland, the Green BayPackers saw their first real action of the 2011 season against Mike Holmgren’s Cleveland Browns:


Rodgers calls tails and wins the toss. Randall Cobb is back to return the kick and does a nice job extending the return for another 5-8 yds when it looked like nothing was there.

On the Brown’s first drive, Cleveland showed they knew exactly who to attack, going after Jarret Bush and Pat Lee. Lee with his man all the way but never turns to see the ball. It was Ahmad Carroll-like.

Packers kickoff team lines up in a three point stance to start. Intended to give them more explosion (quicker start with only a 5 yd run-up) and less chance of anyone cheating and going offsides.

Marshall Newhouse gets totally abused at right tackle. But what is he doing there? I don’t remember one report of his lining up there in practice, and he was a 3 year starter at LT in college. I guess they’re throwing him in there like they did with Bulaga?

Seems like when Matt Flynn is in trouble, he either doesn’t see or is afraid to throw downfield. Always goes to the closest guy.

Spencer Havner is a touchdown magnet. Footballs in the end zone are just drawn to him.

The Packers are doing a lot of juggling on the O-line in the first half. Lang and Sherrod aleternate at LG, then Lang goes to LT with Sherrod at LG. Then they swap.  All the while Newhouse is over at RT.

Matt Flynn hangs in there under some heavy pressure to lead a nice two-minute drive at the end of the first half.

DJ Williams looks like a wide receiver running routes downfield.

Blocking is a whole other issue for Williams. Browns overload the right side with four player. DJ Williams in the backfield to help. He chooses to block a rusher that is already being blocked. never looks outside. The sack of Harrell resulting in the TD is on Williams.

Cobb’s been getting interfered with all night. Finally got a call.

Graham Harrell off to a very shaky start – does not look comfortable handling pressure at all.

I’m liking how my guy Tori Gurley looks. Hope he gets more chances.