Packers vs. Colts – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: IND 30 GB 27

Packers - Colts - Nick Perry - Andrew Luck

Nick Perry greets Andrew Luck

Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

  • WR Jarrett Boykin
  • S Sean Richardson
  • CB Davon House
  • RB James Starks
  • LB Terrell Manning
  • DE Mike Daniels
  • WR Greg Jennings
Inactive for Colts today:
  • QB Chandler Harrish
  • CB Justin King
  • CB Vontae Davis (starter)
  • RB Mewelde Moore
  • LB Pat Angerer (starter)
  • OG Seth Olsen
  • OG Joe Reitz (starter)

Game Notes:

Packers players are wearing ChuckStrong t-shirts in show of support for Colts coach Chick Pagano and leukemia research. Shirts can be purchased at Colts.com.

Colts secondary decimated by injuries. If Rogers doesn’t have at least 3TD’s something is very wrong.



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Long week: We ha

Won 10 of last 12 on road: A tribute to our schedule.  We keep our schedule exactly the same for road games, obviously other than the travel. The routine is good, players sometimes are glad to get away and the distractions at home.

Success in domes: Speaks to Aaron and communication of the whole offense. To be able to go on the road and perform well in loud situations, a tribute to our preperation. We go back in the spring and start preparing for crowd noise. It’s a day 1 teaching.

Jennings week to week? I think that would be accurate. Most important is for him to stay in rehab and not come out too early, whicch he probably did last time.

Jennings importance: Jenning has Pro Bowl next to his name. He gives us the chance to be a great offense.

Andrew Luck: They haven’t had to scale anything back for him. He’s running everything, including the full 2-minute offense.

Colts emotion: Anytime you come off a bye week, the energey will be high. They will surely play with high emotion in honor of coach Pagano.

Mike Neal: How could we not play him? We couldn’t block him in practice. My main concern was just that he was healthy, and he passed with flying colors. Expect to see him out there, especially in the sub packages providing some inside pass rush.




Packers 24 Colts 21 – First Impressions of 2011 Preseason Game 3

The Packers played the Colts last night in this 3rd game of the 2011 preseason. I actually joined the game at halftime, so I watched the second half live and then the first half on the DVR. Here are my first unfiltered impressions.:


1st half

Joseph Addai: 26 yds in his first two carries, both to Clay matthews’ side. Is this a carry over from the Pittsburgh strategy in the Super Bowl and something we’ll see a lot of this year?

By the way, on both of those runs, the Colts used an offensive tackle to kick out on Matthews and let Addai cut inside. Some bad decisions by players behind Matthews, like Morgan Burnett, who took an outside position even though Matthews was already out there. He should have seen that and taken an inside angle.

And then on 3rd down, Matthews shows what makes him so valuable – goes around the Colts’ right tackle like he’s standing still.  Matthews gets the sack and waves off the predator celebration – not in preseason…

It’s amazing how often you’ll see BJ Raji in on the tackle on a screen pass. What a motor for a 335lb guy….

So nice to see that Aaron Rodgers has seen the light and slides when he takes off on a scamper.

DJ Smith with a big hit on kickoff coverage. What a great draft pick that was, Ted.  The kid is fearless and already looks very much at home in the NFL.

One of the things I was most excited about this season was the return of Morgan Burnett. So far, I have not been disappointed.  A future Pro Bowler…

My jinx skills work once again. I had hardly finished typing the sentence above when Burnett blows a coverage, resulting in an easy 57 yard touchdown pass for the Colts. Oh well…

Either Jordy Nelson has finally become what I first envisioned for him (that possession-receiver security blanket for Rodgers), or he’s being showcased.  James Jones invisible so far…

Missed field goal. The look on Mike McCarthy’s face said it all. no further comment.

Jarret Bush makes yet another mediocre quarterback look like Joe Montana. What? Bush gets turned and loses track of a ball over his head? Never seen that before…