Packers News: Nick Perry fined $15k for hit on Luck

Nick Perry hits Andrew Luck in the chest, gets flagged and fined

Nick Perry hits Andrew Luck in the chest, gets fined

In the latest edition of players getting fined for playing football, Packers linebacker Nick Perry was fined $15,000 for his hit on Colts quarterback Andrew Luck this past Sunday.

According to Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Perry plans to appeal the fine.

On the play, the official referred to Luck as a “defenseless player,” which is usually a term reserved for a receiver attempting to make a catch with no way of shielding himself from an coming collision. Luck, however, was standing in the pocket with five competent offensive linemen in front of him.

So in essence, labeling Luck a “defenseless player” is perhaps the biggest slight one could possibly give to an offensive line. Watch the play again, and see exactly what Perry was flagged, and fined, for.

Luck clearly didn’t see the Perry coming, and as a result, he was smacked by a 270-pound freight train. Perry does something that players nowadays are taught not to do, which is leading with the helmet. However, Perry hit Luck directly in the acceptable, yet constantly shrinking region to hit quarterbacks–square in the chest. The ball popped lose, and Packers linebacker D.J. Smith recovered.

The nine-yard sack was Perry’s second of the season, but a 15-yard penalty negated the turnover altogether. But if there’s a bright side to the story, it’s that Perry finally flashed his massive potential.


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Packers at 2-3: Looking ahead at the rest of the season

Rodgers and the offense have time to right their wrongs.

Rodgers and the offense have time to right their wrongs.

Looking at the schedule before the season, I thought the Packers would be 5-0 at this point. Instead, the team sits at 2-3 with a tough matchup next week against the undefeated Houston Texans.

Through five games, the offense has yet to score 30 points in a single game, while the defense has been up-and-mostly down. Sure, there have been some bright spots, but the outlook for the rest of the season looks cloudy at 2-3.

And immediately following the Packers’ unexpected loss to the Colts on Sunday, much of Packer Nation reached for the panic button. There’s certainly reason for frustration after blowing a 21-3 halftime lead, but the Packers have time to right their wrongs.

The season is still young, Packers fans. Back off that cliff, don’t jump just yet.

1) There were plenty of positives from the first half vs. Indianapolis.

It’s a distant memory after an atrocious performance in the second half, but the Packers’ first half against the Colts was their best 30 minutes of football of the season. Overall, the team looked a lot like the 2011 team that went 15-1.

Aaron Rodgers was sharp, the receivers (for the most part) caught the ball, and the defense held the Colts to just three points.

The offense consistently sliced through the Colts defense, with John Kuhn, James Jones and Randall Cobb each finding the endzone. And defensive end Mike Neal made his presence felt early, sacking Andrew Luck in his return from a four-game suspension.

Watch the first 30 minutes of the game, and your stance on the current state of the Packers will be pretty optimistic. Just make sure you don’t watch the second half.

2) An (unexpected) win next week at Houston would mask this loss.

Before the season, I predicted the Packers to go 13-3. One of the three games I predicted them to lose was week six at Houston. The Texans boast one of the strongest defenses in the NFL, as well as perhaps the most balanced offense in football.

Surely, the Texans will be favored next week on Sunday Night. But if the Packers are able to pull off the upset, it could very well be the turning point of the season.



Packers Collapse? Blame Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers

Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers

McCarthy & Rodgers talk it over

I can’t really fault those who want to blame Dom Capers and the Packers defense for this loss. They did allow rookie QB Andrew Luck to repeatedly find veteran WR Reggie Wayne, for back-breaking receptions despite a secondary flooded with defensive backs.

But the real blame for the Packers’ loss to the Colts lies at the feet of Mike McCarthy and/or Aaron Rodgers. Our own Adam Czech specifically points the finger at the Packers last drive of the first half, but let me take it a little bit further.

After the Packers went up 21-3 in the second quarter, suddenly the offense changed. To see how, let’s look at their next three posessions:

2nd Quarter: Green Bay Packers at 1:17
1-10-GB 43 (1:17) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass short right to J.Kuhn pushed ob at GB 49 for 6 yards (J.Freeman).
2-4-GB 49 (1:12) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass incomplete short right to J.Nelson.
3-4-GB 49 (1:07) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass incomplete short right to J.Finley (S.Brown).
4-4-GB 49 (1:04) T.Masthay punts 36 yards to IND 15, Center-B.Goode, fair catch by T.Hilton.


3rd Quarter: Green Bay Packers at 15:00
1-10-GB 20 (15:00) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass incomplete short left.
(PENALTY on GB-T.Crabtree, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at GB 20 – No Play.)
1-20-GB 10 (14:51) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers scrambles up the middle to GB 22 for 12 yards (T.Zbikowski).
2-8-GB 22 (14:11) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass short right to J.Finley to GB 28 for 6 yards (J.Powers).
3-2-GB 28 (13:24) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers pass short right intended for Ja.Jones INTERCEPTED by J.Powers at GB 39.


3rd Quarter: Green Bay Packers at 11:06
1-10-GB 20 (11:06) A.Rodgers pass incomplete short left to Ja.Jones.
2-10-GB 20 (11:03) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers sacked at GB 15 for -5 yards (C.Redding).
3-15-GB 15 (10:28) (Shotgun) A.Rodgers scrambles left end to GB 17 for 2 yards. A.Rodgers pass incomplete short left to J.Finley.
(PENALTY on GB-A.Rodgers, Illegal Forward Pass, 5 yards, enforced at GB 17.)
4-18-GB 12 (10:16) T.Masthay punts 58 yards to IND 30, Center-B.Goode, fair catch by T.Hilton

Notice something missing from all three of these possessions? Yes, a running play.

Up until that point, (and not counting an Aaron Rodgers scramble), the Packers had run the ball 12 times in the first half and passed 14 times. For the Packers, that’s about as balanced as it gets. And guess what, it was working.  The Packers scored three touchdowns using this approach.



Packers vs. Colts – Game Day First Impressions, Unfiltered: IND 30 GB 27

Packers - Colts - Nick Perry - Andrew Luck

Nick Perry greets Andrew Luck

Green Bay Packers vs. Indianapolis Colts:

My unfitered game day recap and blog post of comments, observations and first impressions.

Inactive for Packers today:

  • WR Jarrett Boykin
  • S Sean Richardson
  • CB Davon House
  • RB James Starks
  • LB Terrell Manning
  • DE Mike Daniels
  • WR Greg Jennings
Inactive for Colts today:
  • QB Chandler Harrish
  • CB Justin King
  • CB Vontae Davis (starter)
  • RB Mewelde Moore
  • LB Pat Angerer (starter)
  • OG Seth Olsen
  • OG Joe Reitz (starter)

Game Notes:

Packers players are wearing ChuckStrong t-shirts in show of support for Colts coach Chick Pagano and leukemia research. Shirts can be purchased at Colts.com.

Colts secondary decimated by injuries. If Rogers doesn’t have at least 3TD’s something is very wrong.



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Long week: We ha

Won 10 of last 12 on road: A tribute to our schedule.  We keep our schedule exactly the same for road games, obviously other than the travel. The routine is good, players sometimes are glad to get away and the distractions at home.

Success in domes: Speaks to Aaron and communication of the whole offense. To be able to go on the road and perform well in loud situations, a tribute to our preperation. We go back in the spring and start preparing for crowd noise. It’s a day 1 teaching.

Jennings week to week? I think that would be accurate. Most important is for him to stay in rehab and not come out too early, whicch he probably did last time.

Jennings importance: Jenning has Pro Bowl next to his name. He gives us the chance to be a great offense.

Andrew Luck: They haven’t had to scale anything back for him. He’s running everything, including the full 2-minute offense.

Colts emotion: Anytime you come off a bye week, the energey will be high. They will surely play with high emotion in honor of coach Pagano.

Mike Neal: How could we not play him? We couldn’t block him in practice. My main concern was just that he was healthy, and he passed with flying colors. Expect to see him out there, especially in the sub packages providing some inside pass rush.




Packers vs. Colts: Observations from Green Bay’s 24-21 win over Indianapolis

A few observations from the Packers 24-21 win over the Colts:

Speeding things up

The offense again got off to a slow start before resorting to the no-huddle. It seems they lack the rhythm and tempo when they slow it down and stay traditional. Once Mike McCarthy sped things up, the offense began to flow the way everyone expects. On their first hurry-up series, Aaron Rodgers hit Jermichael Finley to cap off a 10 play, 81-yard drive.

I can’t imagine the Packers not using the no-huddle in regular season games, especially if they come out of the gates slow like they historically have. It’s been a good switch up so far.

McCarthy’s finish

I love the way McCarthy went about the final two minutes. He allowed Graham Harrell to run the two-minute drill, which he didn’t have to do. He just as easily could have played that series like normal and let the clock run out. Instead, Harrell put the ball in the end zone on a fourth down throw that reminded me of Rodgers’ strike to Jordy Nelson in the closing seconds of the Packers first game against the Falcons last season. Down two points, McCarthy also could have kicked the PAT and went home. He instead gave his players a chance to win the game. The Packers converted the two points and tied the game.

Following the tying score, McCarthy could have then settled for overtime and kicked off normally. The onside call was genius, however, and it was performed perfectly. M.D. Jennings had the easiest catch of an onside kick I’ve seen. Harrell then marched the team into field goal range and Mason Crosby nailed the game-winner.

I bet his players will love him for it. Maybe not the starters, who likely just wanted to just get out of Indianapolis. But for some of those third-stringers, that could be realistically be the fondest memory they’ll have of their NFL career. I just loved everything about what McCarthy did at the end of the game.

Harrell redeems himself

You have to credit Harrell, who looked pretty bad at times in the second half, for his performance to end the game. He could have just as easily packed it in after a few inaccurate throws and an interception. He got it done when it mattered, and that means something. I still wouldn’t have confidence in him as the No. 2 at this point, but the Packers have a guy they can work with in Harrell.