A Running List of Green Bay Packers Final Cuts

The Green Bay Packers have made their first moves to cut down their roster to the 53 man mark to open the regular season.

The following players have been released so far according to various reports and sources.  Any reported cuts will not show up here, however, if not reported by a verified member of the media following the Green Bay Packers:

S Anthony Levine

C Sampson Genus

WR Tori Gurley

WR Diondre Borel

TE Brandon Bostick

FB Nic Cooper

C/G Tommie Draheim

G Reggie Wells

WR Curenski Gilleylen

T Andrew Datko

OL Shea Allard

WR Dale Moss

WR Shaky Smithson (injury settlement)

DE Lawrence Guy

CB Otis Merrill

OL Greg Van Roten

RB Marc Tyler

DE Daniel Muir

QB BJ Coleman

OT Derek Sherrod (PUP)

LB Vic So ‘oto (IR)

Currently these represent 18 of the 22 cuts Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers have to make by 9PM EST today to trim their roster down to 53. As soon as the other cuts are knowm you can be sure we’ll have them here. So be sure to stay on AllGreenBayPackers.com to keep updated as the Packers make their final roster moves before the regular season begins.


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Green Bay Packers Roster Cuts: Tori Gurley Released, Packers to Keep Just 5 WRs

According to Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Green Bay Packers have informed rookie receiver Tori Gurley that he has been released. After cutting fellow roster hopeful Chastin West earlier this morning, the Packers will almost certainly keep just five receivers to open the 2011 season.

Many believed that the Packers could keep as many as six receivers, especially after the emergence of both West and Gurley this preseason.

West was praised on several occasions by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and his 134-yard performance against the Cardinals helped put his name on the 53-man radar. While unlikely, he could clear waivers and wind up back on the Packers practice squad for the second straight season.

Gurley (6-4, 230 lbs.) continued to get better through training camp. He blocked a handful of punts on special teams and has the kind of big frame that you can’t teach in a receiver. He might get claimed on waivers, too, but the Packers would love to have him back on the practice squad.

Here are some other recent releases:

NT Jay Ross: Spent time on the Packers practice squad in the past but was never really a challenger for a roster spot in camp. Ross would have needed to beat out Howard Green to make the 53.

DE Lawrence Guy: The Packers want to bring Guy back then put him on IR. He’s a developmental guy along the defensive line who probably needed a year to get his feet underneath him.

FB Jon Hoese: If the Packers decide to cut Quinn Johnson and go with one active fullback, Hoese is a solid candidate to return on the practice squad.

S Anthony Bratton: Thought he had a chance at the beginning of camp to steal a roster spot at safety. His performance just never brought that opportunity to light.


Zach Kruse is a 23-year-old sports journalist with a passion for the Green Bay Packers. He currently lives in Wisconsin and is working on his journalism degree, while also covering prep sports for The Dunn Co. News.

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Thoughts on the Dozen Green Bay Players Sent Packing

Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson

Ted Thompson on the prowl...

It happens every Summer when Training Camp rolls around in Green Bay, at least under the TED THOMPSON’S regime. Some familiar veteran names show up as ‘cuts’ from the PACKERS roster as the team gets under way preparing for the upcoming season both financially & athletically. It may be less frustrating to deal with this year than most because the team has the Lombardi Trophy on display within the bowels of Lambeau. But once again a rather long list of vet players will no longer wear the Green-and-Gold.

Let me remind you who is MIA as the team prepares for its first Pre-Season game.

NICK BARNETT/ILB     BILLS    Too much $ already being paid to HAWK/BISHOP inside.

ATARI BIGBY/S    Once he got his big contract he’s been fighting HARRELL for hot tub time too often.

BRANDON CHILLAR/LB    Was coming back to team until he hurt his leg (again) in offseason.

DARYN COLLEDGE/LG  CARDINALS    Never completely satisfied coaches with inconsistent play. Too expensive.

KOREY HALL/FB/ST   SAINTS       Pure Special Teamers get too expensive after a few years.

JUSTIN HARRELL/DE     The king of the training room was never available.

BRANDON JACKSON/RB    BROWNS     Solid 3rd Down RB, but wanted, and got, more $ than that role is worth.

CULLEN JENKINS/DE     EAGLES    Great attitude, average athlete who greatly benefitted under CAPERS schemes.

DERRICK MARTIN/S      Marginal player who helped during injury rash last year… no upside.

BRADY POPPINGA/LB    RAMS   Too old, too expensive for ST and back-up OLB with no speed.

JASON SPITZ/OG    JAGUARS    Looked like the real deal until back injury made him a risky investment.

MARK TAUSCHER/RT     Could still play, if he wanted, but BULAGA & SHERROD are in town.

ANTHONY SMITH/S    TITANS    See Derrick Martin

I also believe JAMES JONES would have been on the list without a verbal shout-out from AARON RODGERS  to bring back one of his favorite targets.

For those of you mathematically challenged, that’s a baker’s dozen vets no longer around to do their thing in a PACKERS uniform. It’s not as though they were all chopped liver. Even though most will not all start in their new NFL homes it is clear that other teams perceived value in most of the PACKERS cast-offs.