Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football

Note: Relax, no need to go check your calendar – it’s not Sunday. Just a little scheduling snafu. Look for a bonus edition tomorrow, though…  

I’m going straight to the Packers news and commentary this week. No time for a long intro rant or rave. There is snow to shovel. More and more snow to shovel. 

By the time this winter is over, my back is going to snap in half from shoveling and Dr. Pat McKenzie will refuse to clear me in time for training camp.

Packers news, notes and links

  • Tyler Dunne at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talked to a bunch of folks about Sam Shields. Is Shields worth a mega-contract? You might not find a faster corner in the league. But Shields also has missed games every season with various injuries. And he has a little ways to go before truly being one of the league’s top corners instead of having the potential to be one of the league’s top corners. As with any free-agent decision, it all comes down to value. I’d like to see Shields re-signed, but if he walks, the Packers still have Tramon Williams, a returning Casey Hayward, Micah Hyde and Davon House at cornerback.
  • Mike Mccarthy sounded optimistic in an interview at the NFL Scouting Combine that Jermichael Finley would play again. Finley had the same two vertebrae fused that ended Nick Collins career. I’m rooting for Finley to make it back, but I still have doubts that, if he does return, it’ll be with the Packers. Either way, I’m curious what kind of offer he gets in free agency if he is cleared.
  • Ted Thompson also spoke at the combine. As usual, he said nothing.
  • I agree with John Rehor over at Packerstalk.com: Let’s calm down about Ted Thompson preparing to go all nutso in free agency. I don’t see it happening. I do think Thompson will sign a few guys. There has been value in some under-the-radar veterans in recent years that don’t completely blow up a team’s payroll. Thompson has missed the boat on some of these guys and won’t want to miss it again. At least I hope he won’t…
  • As always, when you’re at Packerstalk.com, check out the latest podcasts from this week.


All Packers Talk Returns: Post-draft Pontifications

2013 NFL Draft

2013 NFL Draft

The ALLGBP.com team is back and busy breaking down the latest Packers happenings in our ALL PAckers Talk Podcast.

Your hosts review the Packers 2013 draft, including the surprising fall of  Eddie Lacy into their arms in round 2.  You’ll learn more about this year’s undrafted free agents and which ones have the best prospects of making this year’s roster.  We debate if Charles Woodson could possibly be headed back to Green Bay and what’s really behind the team moving Bryan Bulaga and Josh Sitton to the left side of the offensive line.

Which of the Packers’ NFC North foes had the best draft?  Will Green Bay have enough left in the bank to keep some of the expiring contracts after this season?  Listen in as they break it all down!

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Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

Surviving Sundays With No Packers Football

When is it time to get worried about the Packers recent history in the first round of the NFL draft?

  • Bryan Bulaga (2010): Missed four games in 2011 with a knee injury and seven games in 2012 with a season-ending hip injury.
  • Derek Sherrod (2011): Broke his leg toward the end of a ho-hum rookie season and missed all of 2012.
  • Nick Perry (2012): Broke a bone in his wrist and missed the final 10 regular season games and the playoffs.


Of those three, Bulaga appears to be a good to great player if he can stay on the field. The jury is still out on the other two.

If you’re looking for a silver lining with these three, you could probably say that these are not re-occurring and nagging types of injuries. It’s not like these three are always hobbling around with a strained hamstring, sore back or migraine headaches. If these injuries heal as they should, the chances are good each player’s development could get back on track.

Or maybe the serious nature of these injuries has set each player back so far that they will never reach their potential.

Either way, I’m sick of the tough luck (or maybe the fragility) of the Packers recent first-round picks. Here’s hoping things turn around this April and Ted Thompson finds another Clay Matthews or B.J. Raji who is productive and stays on the field.

Packers News, Notes and Links

  • Bob McGinn had some great stuff in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel this week. He got Mike McCarthy for a one-on-one and covered issues such as the Packers toughness, the salary cap and the Packers draft outlook. I like how McCarthy took some ownership for the Packers defense in the story on toughness. He needs to do more of that this season.
  • Evan Western at Acme Packing Company goes over Jermichael Finley’s comments about not being willing to take a pay cut. I’m on Finley’s side here. He shouldn’t have to take a pay cut. And he shouldn’t be vilified for taking that position.
  • Jacob Westendorf, the newest scribe at Packerstalk.com, also chimes in on Finley. Packerstalk.com podcasts this week include a breakdown of the corners and safeties, the Out of the Pocket Podcast with Richard, Kelly and Colleen, and a personal favorite of mine, the ‘Ol Bag of Donuts podcast on Charles Woodson, free agents and other stuff.